Winter Season in Bangladesh

Winter Season in Bangladesh

Winter Season in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small beautiful country. It has many natural beauties. The winter is one of the six seasons of Bangladesh. It is the season of fog, mists, and chill. This season in the country cold air follows, sometimes temperature level decreasing up to 3°C to 4°C and a generally average temperature of here in winter is 10°C to 20°C. The Bengali months of Paus and Magh comprise this season.

Winter season is a very nice, enjoyable season, it is also a very dry season in Bangladesh. Winter comes with the morning dews which sparkle like pearls in the rays of the morning sun. Winter is the season of fog and mists. The sun rises late unveiling the mist. In Spring season total rainfall is low other than all season. Day time is shorter than night. This season every morning you see foggy weather, sunlight cannot get the early morning. It comes with many seasonal flowers like jasmine, marigold, rose, and sunflower, which blooms with all their beauty, brightness, and fragrance.

The cool date juice is a pleasant drink in the season. Cakes made of newly harvested paddy and date molasses are really delicious.

In the Winter season every morning/evening most people make various types of pitha (cakes). Sometimes People arrange pitha party like a small festival. The winter comes with its biting cold wind. Nature looks dull and gloomy. By the touch of the icy winter, the leaves of the trees die out. In the city, there are many small Pitha shops beside the street and people go there for eating. The test is amusing and you can eat it.

In this season, days are short and nights are long. During nights and mornings, the whole of nature remains covered with fog and mist. Sometimes, this fog is so dense the steamers and launches cannot ply through the rivers for fear of an accident. Dewdrops are there on the grass sparkle by the rays of the sun. winter also sets in with fresh green vegetables like ‘cabbages’, cauliflowers’, tomatoes’, beans’, gourds’, and so no. plum is also available in this season plenty which is the favorite fruit of the children.

Winter is the season for activities. Sports and games like ‘athletics, ‘badminton’s’ cricket’, volleyball’ are played in this season. Picnics, weddings, cultural functions, and fairs are held in this season. As there is no rain, this season is full of fun, thrill, and excitement. Winter comes after harvesting. So, it is a period of abundance. All types of vegetables and fishes are available this season. People make delicious native cakes. The general health of the people remains satisfactory as they get plenty of vegetables and fishes which have great food value. It is very pleasant to bask in the sun during winter morning afternoon. People sometimes shiver in the cold when the weather becomes chilly with the strong northern wind.

Winter season is the king season. People feel comfortable because of the temperature decreasing. There poor suffer greatly from want of warm clothes in our country. This season some problems also facing especially health-related problems about old men and children. People in the villages remain busy in harvesting. They are busy separating the corn from the stalks and the women in husking the paddy. In winter people here go to different beautiful places and arranges some festival for entertainment. This is a season of different festivals and marriages and other local functions held during this period.