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Training Institute for Chemical Industries

Training Institute for Chemical Industries


Training institute for chemical industries (TICI) is the central training institute of Bangladesh chemical industries corporation (BCIC). It is a multi discipline training institute which was established with the technical and financial assistance of the government of Netherlands. The objective was to promote industrial productivity by developing technical knowledge, skill and efficiency of manpower working in industries and technical organizations. New recruits are also offered long courses on different fields of industrial technology.

The institute was established in two phase. Phase-1 was implemented in 1989-90 by M/S Stamicarbon by (DSM) and phase-2 was implemented in 1993-96 by M/S Gemco Industrial Development by of The Netherlands.

TICI at a Glance:




There are 34 well equipped shops and labs under 5 technical departments of the institution mentioned below:

Operation, Safety and Process Technology Department

  • Large unit operation lab
  • Small unit operation lab
  • Measuring and control lab
  • Process simulation lab
  • Safety lab
  • lab
  • Boiler and compressor lab

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department:

  • Basic instrumentation and control lab
  • Automatic process control lab
  • Data processing and computation lab
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis lab
  • Advanced instrumentation lab
  • DCS pilot plant
  • Instrument repair and maintenance shop

Mechanical Engineering Department:

  • Mechanical demonstration lab
  • Mechanical drawing and metrology lab
  • Welding and fabrication shop
  • Rotating machinery shop
  • Power transmission and alignment shop
  • Mechanical process plant
  • Material testing lab
  • Machine shop
  • Metal processing and heat treatment shop

Electrical and electronic engineering department:

  • Electrical demonstration lab
  • Electrical machines and power system lab
  • Power electronics and drive control lab
  • Electronics lab
  • Electrical measurement and testing lab
  • Power generation and distribution lab
  • Electrical winding and maintenance shop

Analytical chemistry and environmental science department.

  • Qualitative and titrimetry lab
  • Chromatography lab
  • Spectrometry lab
  • Environmental science and pollution control lab

Operation, safety and process technology department

There are seven Shops and Labs in this department:

  • Small unit operation Lab.
  • Large unit operation Lab.
  • Measuring and Control Lab.
  • Process simulator Lab.
  • Safety Lab.
  • Physics Lab.
  • Boiler and Compressor house
  • Large Unit Operation Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with the following pilot plants/process units having fully automatic factory model control and monitoring instrumentation:

Water treatment pilot plant.

Absorption/Neutralization pilot plant.

Evaporation and Crystallization pilot plant.

Distillation pilot plant (Refining process).

Extraction pilot plant (Refining process).

Absorption pilot plant for packed tower operation.

Pump arrangement.

Ion exchange pilot plant.

Solid handling pilot plant.

Small Unit Operation Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with lab scale assembly of various process units, namely-

Flow behavior study assembly.

Heat exchange assembly.

Solid drying assembly.

Distillation assembly.

Dissolution and Crystallization set-up.

In this laboratory, the trainees acquire knowledge about effect of various process parameters on industrial process.

Measuring and Control Laboratory:

This lab is equipped with different automatic control loops, measuring and control instruments. Such as-

Automatic level control loop.

Flow control loop.

Temperature control loop.

Industrial model transmitters and controllers of different types including exploded view assembly.

The trainees can study various process control loop arrangements, control mode and system response with the help of control loops/pneumatic process simulators. Exploded assembly of different controllers, transmitters and control elements help trainees to study working principle of various measuring and control components.

Process Simulation Laboratory:

Process control technique of industries is practiced by Graphic Interactive Dynamic Simulator (GIDS). Computerized GID Simulator with factory model control panel facilitates process operation practice to get actual feelings of real life industrial process operation.

There are provisions to introduce problems in the process system through computer terminals. By introducing process problems, the technique of resuming normal operating condition of the plants are also praised with the help of GID Simulator.

Logical basis of standard operating procedure (SOP) of process plants are also analyzed with the help of GID Simulator. The trainees receive plant operation training through GID Simulator before getting real experience by prating pilot plant operation in Large Unit Operation Lab.

Safety Lab:

The safety lab is furnished with demonstration models and equipment to demonstrate and carry out experiment of safety aspects. Such as-

Fire hazards.

Explosion hazards.

Static electricity hazards.

Personal protection.

Fire fighting.

Properties of materials.

Toxic hazards.

Hazards in confined space.

The lab also houses equipment for demonstration of flash point, explosion limit, and simulation of fire and explosion hazards, detection and measurement of toxic gases, ionizing radiation and noise level.

Physics Laboratory:

Self contained physics laboratory is furnished with modern equipment to study and practice applied physics used in industries.

Boiler and Compressor House:

Boiler house is equipped with complete automatic gas fired boiler, boiler feed water storage tank, instrument and process air compressor.

Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department:

There are seven Shops and Laboratories in this department. They are-

Basic instrumentation and control lab

Automatic process control lab

Data processing and computation lab

Vibration monitoring and analysis lab

Advanced instrumentation lab

DCS pilot plant

Instrument repair and maintenance shop

They are described briefly-

Basic instrumentation and control lab:

In this lab, trainees are introduces to principles and methods of modern instrumental measurement and control. Facilities of this lab includes-

Exploded model practice board of industrial transmitter, transducer, controller, control valve, positioned etc. To study working principle of various pneumatic and electronic control components.

Mobile process wagon for study behavior of various discrete control components.

Calibration of control components.

Trouble-shooting and Repair of control instruments.

Automatic process control lab:

Facilities of this lab include automatic control system training modules for different process parameters, various practical set-ups for study of control mode and system response of industrial process, sequential logic instrumentation study set-up etc.

Data processing and computation lab:

This lab is equipped with a large number of personal computers with wide variety of software for word processing, scientific computation and basic design operations. Different supporting modem incorporates wide flexibility for diversified nature of work at the institute.

Vibration monitoring and analysis lab:

 This lab is equipped with highly sophisticated vibration monitoring and analysis equipment for online trouble shooting of rotating machines. Some of the major equipment is described below-

Calibrating on-line multichannel vibration monitor:

Multichannel vibration monitoring panel incorporates online vibrations and rotor axial position monitoring devices. The system also include rpm and bearing temperature monitoring facilities along with alarm annunciation and automatic shut down mechanism for protection of rotating machine.

Rotor kit:

 This is a specially designed rotor bearing system to simulate a lab scale machine train up to 10000 rpm. Nature of machinery malfunction due to mass unbalance of rotor, misalignment of coupling, fluid dynamic instability of rotor bearing system, structural vibration and internal rub, mechanical resonance etc, can be studied with the help of rotor kit.

Automated diagnostic for rotating equipment(ADRE):

 This is a fully computerized data acquisition and diagnostic system. Which facilitates simultaneous 10 channel data collection? Processing and plotting in different format for subsequent analysis for machine problem.


 It is used for accurate determination of machine speed and to freeze motion for online visual inspection of fast moving machine parts.

A large number of backup equipment like dual channel storage oscilloscope, X-Y1 Y2 plotter, wobulator, optical pickup kit, non contact proximity probe, velocity seismoprobe, hand held tunable filter vibration meter, Auto sweep kit etc. Are also used for on-line trouble shooting of high speed rotating machines.

Vibration monitoring and analysis is an interdiscipline technology. TICI maintains a group of highly experience engineers to conduct training in this field and to extend specialized technical services to different organizations throughout the country. TICI has a complete range of equipment to carry out following job related to high speed rotating machines:

  •   Online trouble-shooting of rotating machine
  •   Dynamic mass balancing of rotor.
  •   Check and establish critical speed of the machine
  •   Determination of fluid dynamic stability of rotor bearing system
  •   Evaluation of machine performance to ensure normal operating condition




  • Advanced instrumentation lab:

     This lab is equipped with

Programmable logic controller

Electro-mechanical servo-mechanism

Digital electronics and microprocessors

Which are used in modern industrial measurement control.

  • Distributed Control System (DCS) pilot plant:

                            DCS pilot plant is a fully computerized system incorporating practical facilities on computerized process control, conventional control, status annunciation, automatic sequential process operation and automatic startup or shut down logic interlock widely used in industries.

2.    Mechanical Engineering Department:

 There are nine Shops and Laboratories. They are-

  • Mechanical demonstration lab
  • Mechanical drawing and metrology lab
  • Welding and fabrication shop
  • Rotating machinery shop
  • Power transmission and alignment shop
  • Mechanical process plant
  • Material testing lab
  • Machine shop
  • Metal processing and heat treatment shop
  • Mechanical demonstration lab:

Construction and working principle of rotating machines are practiced with working model and cut way model of pump, turbine, compressor etc. This lab is also equipped with valve and pipe fittings, different types of bearing and still system, different power transmission study modules and hydraulic experimental set-up.

  • Mechanical drawing and metrology lab:

This lab is equipped with table model drawing board and different types of drawing instrument

  • Welding and fabrication shop:

This shop is equipped with welding facilities which are commonly used now days. Such as- electric arc welding, tungsten inert gas welding, metal inert gas welding, spot welding, gas cutting, gas welding, brazing equipment etc. Toxic films are released to upper atmosphere by central exhaust system.

Facilities of fabrication shop include various welding sets, gas cutting sets, high speed cutter, power saw, shearing machine, plasma cutter etc. This shop is also furnished with various types of drilling machines, vending and rolling machines, pipe venders e

  • Rotating machinery shop

This shop is equipped with various industrial type pumps, compressors, and gear boxes for assembly/disassembly practice. Overhead cantilever crane facilitates practice on handling of heavy delicate machine parts.


  1. Centrifugal.
  2. Reciprocating.
  3. Screw.
  4. Vane and Diaphragm type pumps.


  1. Back pressure type steam turbine.
  2. Condensing type steam turbine.


  1. Centrifugal compressor.
  2. Reciprocating compressor.
  3. Screw compressor.

Power transmission and alignment shop:

Different types of mechanical power transmission set-up and alignment benches of this shop facilitate details study on mechanical power transmission and alignment practices. This laboratory is equipped with seven different types of power transmission study benches fitted with driving and driven units which includes rigid and flexible type straight coupling, bevel gear coupling, straight gear coupling, fluid coupling and mechanical power transmission devices the belt and chains.

Mechanical process plant:

This is a single stream heat exchange plants in corpora ting centrifugal pump, reciprocating pump, gear pump, vane pump, diaphragm pump, vessels and heat exchangers, different types of pipes and pipe fittings.

Material testing lab:

                                                              Equipped with-

Non destructive testing facilitates(NDT)-

  • Ultrasonic flaw detector.
  • Eddy current flaw detector.
  • Magnetic particle flaw detector.

Physical properties testing facilitates-

  •  Dye penetration test setup.
    • Brinell and Rockwell hardness testing machine.
    • Tensile and Compression strength testing machine.

Machine shop:

Machine shop is equipped with highly sophisticated machine tools such as Plano miller machine, Universal milling machine, Lathe machine, Vertical shaper, Horizontal shaper, Radial drill, Pillar drill, Bench drill, Plate rolling machine, High speed cutting machine, Plate bending machine, Power saw, Hydraulic press etc. An overhead crane of 5tons capacity facilitates easy handling of heavy equipment and materials.

Shop type dynamic balancing machine of this shop is extensively used for correction of dynamic mass unbalance of rotor of high speed rotating machine.

Valve testing and repair bay-

Valve testing and repair bay includes facilitates for practice on repair and testing of different types of valves used in modern industries. The following nature of jobs are carried out in this bay-

  • Assembly/disassembly of all types of valves.
  • Changing seal and gland packing.
  • Pressure testing of valve seats and gates.
  • Checking relief pressure of safety valves.

Metal processing and heat treatment shop:

 This shop is equipped with a heat treatment furnace and melting furnace with various types of crucibles and hot molten metal handling devices enabling.

  • Heat treatment of machine parts.
  • Melting of non-ferrous materials and casting of    machine parts.


There are 7 labs and shops in this department

Electrical demonstration lab: This lab houses one lecture theatre surrounded by various training aids including cut-way models of different types of motors, transformers, saturable core reactor, circuit breakers, magnetic contactors, relays, timers, switches, resistors, capacitors, inductors, cable display board etc.

Electrical machines and power system laboratory: Training facilities of this lab includes:

  • AC motors and control devices
  • DC motors and control devices
  • Test benches for study of no-load and full-load characteristics of motors
  • Electrical 3Ωdistribution transformer and protective devices
  • Assembly/disassembly practice bench of different types of motors
  • Electro-magnetic brake system
  • Power distribution switch gear components and their testing facilities
  • Online capacitor bank for power factor correction
  • Industrial and domestic wiring circuit boards for open and conduit wiring practice using wide range of circuit components
  • Circuit boards of some common electric devices
  • Electrical safety demonstration boards

Power electronics and drive control lab:

This lab is equipped with wide range of latest model training equipment:

  • Drive control electronics using phase fired thyristor circuit
  • Control circuit using MOSFET semiconductors
  • Frequency inverter type AC motor speed control
  • Static inverter uninterrupted power supply
  • Electric generator and distribution transformer with facilities for parallel operation and synchronization of generated power to common grid
  • Training modules for study of motor, generator and transformer working principle, construction and operating characteristics

Electronics laboratory: This lab is equipped with modern training modules for hands-on practice on basis and advanced electronic circuit. The facilities include DC power regulation training set-up, pulse and switching circuits study set up, operational amplifiers, electronic oscillators, wide band and tuned frequency amplifiers etc

Electrical measuring and testing lab: Electrical measuring and testing lab is equipped with:

    • Relay testing set
    • High voltage cable testing set
    • Transformer oil testing set
    • Electrical fault simulator
    • Phase sequence meter, frequency counter, power factor meter, RLC Bridge, wattmeter, KVA meter, Function generator, oscilloscope, insulation tester etc.

Power generation and distribution shop: This shop houses one 2000 KVA diesel generator, star delta distributor network, UPS using motor generator set, Rechargeable battery rack and battery charger etc


There are 4 well equipped labs under this department.

Qualitative and titrimetry lab: This lab is equipped with various chemical apparatus and analysis equipment of latest technology which facilitate quick and high precision chemical analysis. Some of the major apparatus of this lab are:

  • High performance video auto-titrator, Karl Fischer auto-titrator, Coulometric titrator
  • Digital burette, piston burette, auto zero burette, micro burette
  • pH meter, conductivity meter, turbidity meter
  • Bomb calorimeter, precision calorimeter, Gas meter, mano meter
  • Visco meter, flash point detector, refractometer
  • Extraction apparatus, vacuum evaporator
  • Kjeldahl apparatus with Digestion unit, scrubber unit and macro & micro  distillation unit
  • Basic lab equipment like precision analytical balance, autoclave, incubator, oven, high temperature muffle furnace, heating and cooling baths etc

Chromatography laboratory: This lab houses following highly sophisticated chemical analysis equipment of precision chromatographic analysis of gas and other organic sample:

  • Gas chromatograph with capillary, packed column and flame ionization detector
  • CNSH chromatographic elemental analyzer with thermal conductivity and electron capture detector
  • High performance liquid chromatograph with uv detector
  • Exploded training model gas chromatograph

Spectrometry lab: This lab is equipped with the following spectrophotometer:

  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer having provision for absorption, emission and fluorescence mode of operation with arsenic and mercury analysis facilities
  • Infrared spectrophotometer with long path gas sampler, liquid and solid sampler
  • UV/visible ray spectrophotometers with scanning facilities
  • Flame photometer


  •   A big canteen to accommodate about 100 people for dining. It assures quality food.
  •   The authority arranges games and sports yearly like volleyball tournament and swimming competition.
  •  The trainees are gives residential facilities.




This training institute is a dynamic one in the field of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering and technology. Wide variety of experiment can be done here with the real time experience.

We are really grateful to the authority and our teachers for giving us the chance of experiencing this collection of pilot plants.