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Performance Evaluation of trust Bank as a Financial institution (Part-3)

Performance Evaluation of trust Bank as a Financial institution (Part-3)


In the Trust Bank Limited, I have the opportunity to watch the banking system and the way of delivering the services to the clients in different departments. I also got some extra experiences by visiting and interviewing personnel and staffs of other branches of TBL. The services and the efforts of the executives and staffs engage in their jobs were competitive to other banks and with the efforts this bank can able to attract the clients and create a trust towards this bank. Even though I have got some noticeable findings both positive and negative for The Trust bank Limited. I made some recommendations also which are completely to my personal view.

The findings I can able to gather are given below under strengths, weaknesses.


  •  Positive support by the sponsors in various forms deposit growth, asset booking, and recovery and cost savings.
  •      Public has the confidence about the stability of this bank.
  •      The sponsor of this bank is a welfare organization (Army welfare Trust).
  •      This bank has got the strengths to built-up capital base when required.
  •      It got the potential for financial strength of a commercial bank like a nationalized bank.
  •      The specialized executives are well trained and experienced.
  •      Newly setup branches are quite attractive and specious with adequate manpower.


  •      TBL doesn’t have full time cheque issuer for the clients rather; the account opening officers has to do it. It causes delay to give cheque book to the respective clients just quickly.
  •      Dependence on fewer regular clients that can be a threat to the bank.
  •      The Trust Bank Limited hasn’t able to setup proper network system among the branches.
  •      TBL is not providing the credit card facility that is quite available in the banking arena.
  •      This bank cannot introduce the ATM card facility yet, it is important in the new era of banking service.
  •      The software used for the bank; in some area it got some problems.
  •      The products of this bank are not sufficient as to the other rival banks which attract the mass people to this bank.
  •      The advertising and promotional activities of this bank are very little that cause little awareness among the people about the bank.
  •      Most of the branches of TBL located in the cantonments (Presently only 3 branches are out of cantonment).

Opportunities of TBL

  •   Public confidence as a financial stable Bank, backed by the Bangladesh Army.
  •   Control and monitoring of the borrowers can be handled in a more consolidated manner. Less opportunity of bad debts
  •   Since we have got a secured market, so the risk factors in respect of introduction of new products are on the lower side.
  •   Support from sister organizations.
  •   More commercial branches.


A well-educated, skilled and enterprising workforce with wide experience in banking is a precondition for the continued growth and progress of any bank. Sustaining growth and leadership require trustworthy and dedicated workforce. As well as some other important things is to be attached with the current business facilities of the bank. The recommendation I have presented in this report is from my personal point of view with my very little experience. The recommendations are given below:

  •  Introducing New Products

In this competitive business arena, it is very important to make the clients come inside the bank, it requires attractive products. Those products could be vital instruments to increase the people come inside the bank and it will increase the business.

  •  Establishment of Network System

There is no doubt about the proper and effective network systems among the branches to increase the communication ability of the top order and among the branches as well to serve the clients promptly and to be competitive.

  •  Establish ATM Card Facility

ATM card is a very fascinating aspect of modern banking. As a modern commercial bank the Trust bank has to introduce ATM card as quickly as possible. It will help the bank to serve their clients with comfort and quickly. As well it will attract more people awareness about this bank.

  •  Improve Corporate Relationship

The trust bank has been depending on their existing clients. The corporate attachment with the companies of Trust bank is not that much significant that’s why this bank has to go forward aggressively to penetrate into the market of corporate relationships.

  •  Set More Foreign Trade Expertise

Trust Bank Limited as have seen that there is lack of foreign trade expertise. Though this department of this bank contributes a significant amount to the annual profit and as well to the national GDP this bank provide the second largest amount of foreign currency.

  •  Installation of Advanced Banking Software

To deliver prompt service and avoid error in the daily calculation this bank should install error free and advance software.

  •  Set Up New Branches outside Cantonment

Though the process of setting up new branches outside cantonment is going on, this bank management should take into account the busy highways – those are gateway to Dhaka. If the branches get an establishment besides the highways they will get business as well as it will be an advertisement of the bank.

  •  More Advertisement & Promotional Activities Are Required

The promotional activities of this bank are too little. It is the world of full competition and exposure. So it is very important to match with the pass of the other bank’s advertising and promotional activities to increase the public awareness about this bank.

  •  Introduce Islamic Banking Branches

Now-a-days Islamic banking is a new phenomenon for the banking business. People of Bangladesh have tremendous influence on Islamic issues. So to increase the market share and for better business and to be competitive, this bank can setup some Islamic banking branches in the country.

With these above mentioned recommendations I just like to add some other suggestions that are about the foreign trade department.

  • Setup of foreign trade branch in the commercial places.
  • Strengthening the electric banking services.
  • Equip the processing unit with workforce and technology.
  • Continuation of launching new products and services to meet the diversified needs of the clients.