Tolerance is a noble virtue. It is a quality that enables one to tolerate the presence of others. It is wanted everywhere. It can help everyone to settle all matters of dispute amicably. It is the virtue that helps us put up with those who have different ways and opinions, and outlooks in life. It also enables us to judge the other sides of things with patience, without losing temper. Intolerance is quite opposite to it. Thousand of men and women were burnt for the difference in religion.  In order to get rid of all kinds of discord or disharmony, tolerance can play a supreme role in our social and national life. Intolerance comes from bigotry, narrowness, prejudice, and blind self-concept.

Tolerance is not only an abstract virtue but also considerable influence in the current affairs of life. If sentiments of love do not exist, then the spirit of sacrifice cannot be formed. Fanaticism in religion, race, politics, culture and everything breeds intolerance and leads to fights and riots. Man, being a social being, has to live in a spirit of harmony and co-operation with others in society. The only remedy for all these troubles is the practice of tolerance. Intolerance has done a lot of harm to mankind.

Tolerance does not mean to come up against any fundamental principle. Our best self goes down if we tolerate evil.  Without tolerance and harmony, the lasting peace of societies cannot be maintained, and loyalty for each other cannot be established. But tolerance does not mean to bear up moral degradation, public nuisance acts, anti-social activities, moral corruption, wrong-doing, exploitation, and deception. Lack of tolerance leads to fighting, violence, and finally, it destroys the peace and security of society.

A tolerant person does not tolerate political and financial dishonesty. But in our personal life and daily dealings, we shall have to belong bearing. When people fail in their arguments they become intolerant, and then they use force and aggression to support their point of view. Tolerance does not mean to encourage a weak-kneed attitude to life. It has a limit and beyond that, it may become a social crime. It is essential to pull together with all in society.

The world is full of diversity, and that is the beauty of our universe. Each distinctive overlook has its own background. A cultured person takes this into account, makes allowance for them and is ready to make concessions and compromise. It can be shown in many ways, on different occasions and at different times. Without this broad-mindedness, energy may get wasted in the futile argument. It does not mean that only one person or party shows tolerance and the others do not. But as education has spread the spirit of reason has tended to prevail and the vice of intolerance has fairly diminished. With the passage of time, we are becoming more ready to recognize the possibility of views than our own. It must be shown from both sides on issues, in order for it to be effective. We also look upon tolerance as a mark of education and superior culture of ethics of the polite society. All great men were tolerant.

Tolerance may not always be appreciated, but it is understood. Unfortunately, anarchism and intolerance seem to be on the upgrade of late. Our aim should be to tackle them with a strong hand and then, of permissible, bring them to the conference table. We know that more tolerant means a fool or a block-headed person. Tolerance does not mean to bear with any violence, injustice, unlawful acts with patience or silence. It aims or points at keeping politeness before having a clearance of anything. It should be understood that patience is a virtue and patient people always get what they have patiently waited for.