The Speech On World Health Day

The Speech On World Health Day

A very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to Honorable Sir/Madam, respected teachers, parents, seniors, and my dear friends/students, Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Thank you all for taking out time and being present at this seminar session. Today, we are here to celebrate a most important day, ‘World Health Day’.

Everybody probably heard about the famous quote that is Health is Wealth. Every informed and conscious person knows that the focus in their lives should be healthy. The development of good habits contributes to a healthier lifestyle. We observe World Health Day in order to improve health worldwide. This day, under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as other associated organizations, is a global day of health awareness celebrated every year on 7th April. The agenda for celebrating this day is based on different requirements each year. The different types of activities relating to these unique themes are coordinated by the WHO at the international and national levels. With profound commitment, focus on such special issues is taken care of annually. Each year, this day is celebrated to raise awareness among the entire population of health conditions and health issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded in Geneva in 1948. The World Health Assembly was held for the first time on 7 April, and it was determined that 7 April should be observed as World Health Day. On this day, different activities are organized by those with a specific theme. This day was necessarily proclaimed by the WHO as World Health Day in order to ensure that people are aware of health problems and concerns. As individuals, we owe this duty to ourselves by embracing healthier behaviors and healthy practices to ensure that we enjoy a healthy life.

Both of us should concentrate on adhering to a safe and good lifestyle. We should follow a balanced lifestyle and healthy living habits and support them. People don’t take their health and related problems too seriously nowadays, because they know how easy it is to see a doctor and take a single dose of medication and get back to full health. They should know that our level of immunity deep down deteriorates this drug and makes it more vulnerable to certain diseases. A very important thing to be preserved while is natural health and wellness. In order to achieve the aim of wellbeing for all, the involvement of every human being is important from the 21st century onwards. It also contributes to having access to a proper healthcare facility for every human being that is readily accessible for every person in society.

We all know that a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and has the capacity to stimulate and develop a healthy mind. Because of this mismatch and declining eating patterns, people are divorced from a safe, natural existence and live a mechanical lifestyle where everything has been replaced by jobs and even excessive workloads. People don’t really have time to look after their health, exercise, and engage in healthy eating habits in the day-to-day routine. Worldwide, including all participating countries and numerous NGOs and organizations, the government celebrates this day. This day reminds individuals of the numerous major health conditions faced by individuals around the world. A variety of activities are coordinated by the World Health Organization addressing the major health problems. In developing countries, the WHO works enormously to remove many health problems, such as chickenpox, polio, smallpox, TB, leprosy, etc.

We sometimes neglect our wellbeing, assuming it’s not going to be an issue. But mild signs can also contribute, if not treated, to a serious health condition afterward. We need to remember that wealth is well-being. A healthy body with a healthy mind is important for our growth and improvement. And worse, people are living under excessive mental strain due to overarching expectations and the relentless battle to realize those ambitions. Thwarted attempts to make them feel depressed and succumb to chronic psychiatric disorders are their failure to adjust to the highly competitive world. The need to draw people’s attention to World Health Day has become of utmost importance as this has become a global epidemic that every nation is grappling with.

With healthy people, a country can also grow. Unhealthy groups of individuals are unable to contribute much to the economy. To celebrate the founding of WHO, World Health Day is organized and is also viewed as an occasion by the organization to draw the attention of people from all over the world year after year to this important problem of global health. The WHO organizes numerous global, national as well as local activities focused on a specific theme. It is acknowledged by numerous governmental and non-governmental entities that are involved in public health issues. So, on this World Health Day, I would ask all of you to pay attention both to your health and to your family’s health. By taking some time out in a day to workout and following excellent and balanced diets and eating habits, improve your health. You still prefer home-cooked food, even though you are drawn to junk food. Maintain the quantity of carbohydrates, protein, and fat you eat. It is crucial to consume adequate quantities of vitamins and minerals.

On this day, organizations such as the Global Health Council, with full support from the media, also coordinate numerous events. The fundamental aim and agenda behind the celebration of World Health Day is to raise public awareness of different causes, to provide a thorough knowledge of how to prevent different diseases, to encourage health authorities around the world to make their own efforts to create a healthier environment in their country, and many more. Health, however, is such an environment that is to be taken care of now and then and is not strictly committed to being tackled annually on a single day; but many individuals out there still struggle with their health as not one on their priority list.

I hope we’ll all follow some positive practices related to our wellbeing this World Health Day. Having a daily habit of exercise is the most productive way to preserve our wellbeing. Exercise allows a person with natural inherited stuff to build himself strongly within. Such basic things that enable us to ensure good health are: healthy eating habits, proper timely sleep, regular exercise routine, ample water intake, safe urinary habits, frequent washing habits, etc.

This is all I have to say today.

Hope you all have a great time.

Thank you all.