The LA Jetpack Joyrider Spotted Last Year May Be a Person-Shaped Drone

The LA Jetpack Joyrider Spotted Last Year May Be a Person-Shaped Drone

If you can think back to last summer, you might think that the jet pack tide rider was touched above Los Angeles Airport, flying over 900 meters (3,000 feet) in the air without any care in the world. Probably every government agency started an investigation – even the FBI – but to no avail. No one understood who they were or why they were there and the mystery remains. Well, in the end it may be resolved, and the answer may not be what you expect.

In documents obtained through the Black Vault Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) – declared military information and a regular partner of UFOs – a pilot told the FBI in August through discussions between Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials and air traffic regulators that he was “known as a jet pack guy”, Got it, a dummy drone looked exactly like the one he saw on YouTube. In a video from a radio-controlled Healy meeting in Wolfhagen, Germany, a pilot shows them building an RC drone to run an RK. The monkey is dressed in camouflage clothing and can fly drones out of the ground at a decent speed with a rotor engine on each shoulder. The thing is, the drone looks great with what the control tower and the pilots said in their original vision and vision videos above the LA. See for yourself below.

Although the case is certainly not open and closed, drones currently stand as the most viable option. Operated current jetpacks can reach an altitude of 1,830 meters (6,000 feet), but a sustained steep aircraft like the one reported by a person can never get close to it. According to The War Zone, Jetpack Aviation’s chief test pilot David Mayman does not believe there is a “Jetpack” operator who could climb 3,000 feet and maintain it. In addition, a video released in September 2020 shows a ‘jetpack pilot’ flying around Southgate, CA. Comparing it to our current jetpack pilots, we need to have a jet in our arm for durability, and it looks different.

Videos showing jetpacker showing off the mysterious flying man in August 2020 – which would make them technically a UFO – were said to have flown 3,000 feet above the lakes by pilots. Just a month later, they were spotted again, this time running their game north-west of the airport, 6,000 feet northwest. The FAA reported the incident but rarely came up with an investigation. Then, in December 2020, Slingpilotacademy posted a video on Instagram of a flying object similar to the one above the water south of LA. The object was flying at an insane speed and remained too far away from the pilot to get a clear vision.

The mystery has been unraveled even after the Internet’s imagination and the intense scrutiny of government agencies was caught. So, take a look at the evidence for yourself – is it a drone, or an adrenaline-fueled joyride desperate for the thrill of chasing it?