The “Historians” That Believe we are currently living in the Year 1724

The “Historians” That Believe we are currently living in the Year 1724

According to the Phantom Time Hypothesis, we have just passed the male year 1723. Since you were saying “let’s hope 2021 is better” you were saying “let’s go to 1724” according to those you believe. In the 1990s, several Germans historically proposed a fundamental idea: the middle Ages did not exist, and we are actually living in the eighteenth century. Let us go through their incredible fun claims to get started before they go to “Ahem” “Qualification”.

In 1582, Pope Gregory XII introduced the Gregorian calendar. Earlier, in 48 BC, Julius Caesar’s proposed Roman world and most of Europe used the Julian calendar. To try to add the calendar to the solar year (the earth takes time to revolve around the sun), the Julian calendar had a leap year every four years, adding an extra day.

The problem has been that since the actual solar year is 365,24219 days, the Julian calendar gains a fast (and swear fast, I mean incredibly slow) one day every 128 years. To account for this, when the Gregorian calendar introduced, Pope Gregory’s date should have moved within 13 days – after his calculation, he simply moved it by 10.  Here we have two possibilities: no pope misunderstood mathematics, or did not appear 300 years ago between then and now, and large parts of history (including Charlemagne) created for foul-smelling purposes. Both will account for three days, but obviously, more fun later.

Nimitz proposed that the Third Holy Roman Emperor wanted to live “in 1000 AD” because it fitted his understanding of the Christian millennium “, but was born hundreds of years ago. , A backlog of about 300 years can be filled by Chronicler.  This version of the event made Otto Charlemagne “he wanted to be a model hero himself”, a few centuries ago, others embellished Charlemagne’s story, others added to their own created history during this time.

It all sounds funny. Who does not want to suddenly find themselves in 1724 and enjoy what they then chose to do, like [check notes] like a cocoon dying? This, of course, is fierce competition.  As well as being able to deny this by looking at history around the world (the Tang Dynasty of China, etc., coincides with the Middle Ages without the need to spend any time) and the fact that the conspiracy required a completely unrealistic amount and cooperation and cover-up. The astronomical phenomena of humanity have an incredibly good record and they themselves can deny the theory.

The Roman philosopher and naturalist Pliny the Elder recorded an eclipse in his writings, which occurred in 59 AD. Through our own observations, we also keep a planetary product that day – based on our own dates, not after 300 years have passed.  What’s more, Chinese records show every appearance on Halley’s Comet from 240 BC, passes during the “ghost” period, all of which can verified by our own astronomical calculations today. Sorry, spooky time fans, the year is 2021 and no pope was bad at math.