The Gulf Stream Is At Its Weakest For More Than A Thousand Years

The Gulf Stream Is At Its Weakest For More Than A Thousand Years

The tidal currents that make northern Europe habitable indicate weaker, sedimentary and ice cores than in previous millennia. The search increases the likelihood of the current further weakening, with catastrophic effects for the UK and Ireland and bad news for many other places.

For thousands of years, the Atlantic Meridian Overturning Circulation (AMOC), better known as the Gulf Stream System, has controlled the climate of northern Europe. Previously, the AMOC’s closure about 12,000 years ago considered a major suspect in creating the Younger Dries event, where the world recently returned to the Ice Age into. Marine scientists have debated how the recent weakness compares to past movements, and whether it is a random drop or the onset of a frightening trend. Stephen Rahmstorf, a professor at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, has gathered multiple proofs for the strength of AMOC since 400 AD.

“The Gulf Stream system acts like a giant conveyor belt, carrying warm surface water from the equator to the north, and sending cold, low-saline deep water down to the south. It moves about 20 million cubic meters of water per second, about a hundred” During the flow,” Rahmstorf said in a statement. Direct measurement of the power of the system is a recent phenomenon, but we know that it has decreased by 15 percent since the middle of the 20th century. Nevertheless, proxy data obtained from sea sediments, ice cores, corals and even tree rings may indicate its strength in earlier eras.

Each individual proxy has enough time or variation to create a lot of uncertainty. Putting them all together, though, Rahmstorf and co-author Nature Geoscience make the story clear: The Gulf Stream has not weakened in at least 1,600 years.  The AMOC drove the submerged salt water of the North Atlantic. The process of light freshwater is disrupted. It feared that excess rainfall or melting of snow from the surrounding areas would suffice for intervention, halting the whole process.

Northern Europe has a climate unresolved. Nowhere else in the world are there any suitable conditions for human survival from the equatorial region. When Jack Cartier discovered the Labrador, he found it so faded that he called it; “The land that God gave to Cain” to punish Abel for killing him. Yet the latitudes he was exploring were the only answer to his native British. It will take centuries before oceanographers work, creating the Gulf Gulf Stream, preserving Britain and Scandinavia as well as the birthplace of Cartier from Gulf winters. If the AMOC shuts down, Europe will freeze, a process that has increased 1000 times, laying the groundwork for a disaster film for The Day After Tomorrow. Meanwhile, the current pile of water heading north will accelerate sea level rise on the American East Coast and accelerate the sinking of Florida.

With the release of modeling showing the rate of freshwater fluctuations in the North Atlantic this week, Rahmstorf’s investigations could do much to turn off AMOCT as a volume. If correct, it would also increase our risk, as the vibration of heat-induced melting of Greenland’s ice – as seen in 2019 – is enough to act as a very unwanted trigger.