Paragraph On Cleanliness

“Cleanliness” is one of the most important cleaning habits for the human being in order to live a healthy and happy life. It is truly said that ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’. It is a good habit as it keeps our body; mind and everything clean around us. We should practice it regularly from early life. The real meaning of cleanliness is to keep our body, mind, soul, home, surrounding areas, clothes, environment, etc clean. It is the habitual act which keeps us away from dirt and diseases as well as helps us to maintain good health including personal and environmental hygiene. Cleanliness makes us fit and smart with a cheerful mind. It gives us lots of confidence, progress, and improvement in all the spheres of life. By the following cleanliness, we move gradually towards the divinity.

Cleanliness is very essential for our life as it benefits us in many ways. It not only keeps us healthy but also improves our confidence level in various fields. Just keeping our bodies and limbs clean, we can be free of many kinds of diseases. We should take care of the cleanliness while making food, eating food, taking a bath, cleaning dishes, cleaning home and other surrounding areas. Cleaning our bodies regularly make our complexion brighter which enhances our confidence level. We feel happy, fit and smart if we wear clean clothes. It gives us a peaceful and cheerful mind which brings us closer to the divinity. We should maintain cleanliness everywhere whether at home, office, school or other places. We should always take part in the activities related to the cleaning habit for better understanding.

People who maintain cleanliness in their life always remain happy and healthy as well as they are liked most by all. No one likes to live or talk with dirty people as they always suffer infectious diseases. Their dirty habits are the source of spreading germs of diseases. Peace of mind and purity of soul can come only from the cleanliness of the body. It is said that a neat and clean body with a peaceful mind and pure soul becomes the abode of god. We can maintain cleanliness in many ways such as throwing wastes only into the dustbin, keeping roads clean, cleaning surrounding areas (roads, parks, railway stations, etc) on daily basis, keeping eatable things and potable water-covered, clean homes daily, washing hands before having food and after using toilet, and so many cleanliness activities. The topic of cleanliness is very important and generally discussed in the school to make it a habit of students. Cleanliness has got high importance in society. It was added as a topic to the student’s classes to let them know the value and importance of cleanliness in their life.

We must wear clean clothes daily in order to be safe from skin diseases. Having our body clean and dressed up in clean clothes gives us a nice feeling and lots of confidence. Being rich and clean are completely different things. We need very little things and care to be clean regularly. We need to develop the habit of cleanliness very carefully most probably from childhood. However, this habit can be developed at any age group if practiced regularly and carefully.