Satellite Television Channel-Not An Unmixed Blessing

Satellite Television Channel-Not An Unmixed Blessing

Satellite TV Channels are the most widespread modes of entertainment in the present world. These channels have great contribution to our knowledge and education. They also have great recreational value. But I think satellite television channels are not an unmixed blessing for us.

It is a fact that satellite TV Channels have some positive aspects. The satellite channels provide people with round the-clock-news service and keep them informed of the latest affairs happening around the globe. Various Channels like Discovery, National Geographic, and History, etc. telecast reports on new discoveries, animal world, weather, agriculture, world heritage, etc. Some channels show reports and analysis of financial activities around the world while some other telecast cultural programs, movies, dramas, live sports, etc.

But many channels show obscene and vulgar films, violence, indecent music videos, etc. The teenaged viewers of these programs might easily be misled. They may be morally degraded. Again, when they see sensational murder and violence in films, they may turn violent and aggressive and even may be inclined to practice what they see on satellite television. It is a reality that the lifestyle of many people is badly changed by the direct influence of satellite culture. Some people may simply get addicted to satellite TV channels and can waste their time and energy. Some people consider that satellite TV channels are the cultural aggression of the west in developing countries.

We cannot but admit that satellite. TV channels are the boons of modern science and technology. But they have mixed effects on society. A user who is wise and intelligent can be highly benefitted from the programs whereas a general viewer can be badly influenced. So we have to be careful while watching the satellite TV channels.