The speech On Save Trees And Save Planet Earth

The speech On Save Trees And Save Planet Earth

A very Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to Honorable Principal Sir/Madam, respected teachers, seniors, and my dear friends, Warm Greetings to Everyone!

Dear All, We all know how important trees are to our world and to us since they play a major role in protecting our planet Earth, but we can’t do much for our mother Earth if there aren’t enough trees around. And it’s directly proportional to saving trees to preserving our planet Earth. And all countries are working hard to save planet Earth, else any one of us worldwide will suffer the consequences. A red alert has already been set by the IUCN, i.e. International Union for Conservation of Nature.

We hardly have any time to rest, look around, and enjoy the beauty of nature all around in this technology-dominated era. In this scientific era, the more we advance, the more regressive we become in our attitude towards maintaining our planet Earth. We understand the advantages of growing more trees and how their mere existence transforms our surrounding lives from a bleak, dreary view to a heartwarming image of blooming flowers and lush green leaves. Our souls are raised up by the very sight of great, tall trees and blossoming flowers, and our soul is soothed.

Here, I offer some significant reasons why trees are relevant to us and how they help us protect the forms of life on earth:

First of all, trees provide us with oxygen, which is the most significant justification for avoiding the loss of trees.

Secondly, nature is the greatest way to cure our aching soul, our spirit is raised by just gazing at trees and flowers, and we feel a great sense of delight from inside.

Thirdly, plants often absorb heat from the environment so much that they help keep it cool and ventilated while they are grown around our home.

The fourth explanation I would give is that patients are basically a boon to them. Many studies have found that patients who live in close proximity to nature take less pain relief medications and heal more easily, so they are released from the hospital faster than those patients who live in the center of the four walls. When they notice trees during their commute and from the windows of their offices, people become more efficient.

We are not doing much to stop it, despite hearing a lot from the media about how deforestation is badly impacting our climate. It is because we seldom learn of the advantages of growing more trees. Trees help to clean the soil, air, and water, making our lush green and livable surroundings. We would become much healthier if we live next to trees, and our lives will become easier. Carbon is one of the elements contained in abundance on our planet, and when so much of it is emitted into our atmosphere, the sun’s heat becomes trapped and the world gets colder. Global warming takes its own natural path and this occurs in our Earth’s geological environment time and time again.

Human life in the absence of trees cannot be imagined on earth. Deforestation is one of the mechanisms in our atmosphere that has raised the number of emissions. We appear to release a large amount of carbon into our environment as we cut down trees and burn trees to clean up the ground. This carbon speeds up the phase of global warming steadily. Third, but not least, trees provide us with a wide range of fruit and vegetables. In fact, some of them are often used in the preparation of drugs; there are also various wood by-products available on the market, such as toothpaste, drugs, paper, etc. For newspaper companies, publishing houses, etc., pieces of trees are used as important raw materials.

If we plant more and more trees around our environment, however, or anywhere we find an empty piece of land, we will probably compensate for the loss of our forests and at least to some degree free our climate from the carbon sink clutches. So trees not only help preserve the mother earth but also assist in many other ways that cannot be thoroughly mentioned. Ultimately, I would ask you all to grow more and more trees and help create a green, lush climate.

Hope you all have a great time.

Thank you all.