The best holiday trip you made – an Open Speech

The best holiday trip you made – an Open Speech

The best holiday trip I have ever been on is a trip to Fraser’s Hill in Selangor. It was the school holidays and my parents had booked a bungalow atop the hill just one and a half hours’ drive from K.L.

We started early in the morning by car. My brother, sister and I sat in the car with eager anticipation of the cool weather and jungle trekking. Our journey took us along the North-South Highway to Bukit Beruntung where we exited the toll booth and headed past Serendah till we arrived at Kuala Kubu for breakfast. It was a quaint little town that had many colonial buildings and an undulating landscape.

Further along the way, we passed a huge dam and stopped at the lakeside to take pictures. Along its banks were orang asli villages that dotted the hillsides. The journey up the hills was scenic and lush with tropical rainforest.

Finally, we reached the Gap where we were allowed to go up to Fraser’s according to an hourly timetable. Odd and even hours were designated for ascent and descent as the final few kilometers of road were too narrow for two-way traffic. When we reached the town centre, a quaint clock tower, rustic police station and cute golf course greeted us. We stopped for lunch at a stall serving Chinese food. Then, we got directions to the government bungalow from the locals. It was a 15-minute ride to the clean spacious bungalow that was equipped with kitchen facilities, dining hall and TV The carpets and the lounge set were spanking new. The garden had a playground and barbeque area.

It was eating, sleeping, playing cards or Monopoly all day ‘as it was raining. The mist enveloped the bungalow giving it a foreign atmosphere. We looked cool in our jackets as we walked along the road for dinner at some stalls near the mosque in town that night. It was a spooky half-hour back and we were excited using our powerful torches. The next day was spent at the waterfalls 15 kilometers away and jungle trekking near the town. We had lunch at a Hainanese restaurant before checking out at 1 p.m. The staff was very courteous and friendly.

We bid them and the cool natural surroundings goodbye as we made our way back to the polluted city.