Sample Strategy Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Strategy Meeting Agenda Format

Sample Strategy Meeting Agenda Format

[Strategy meetings are usually discussing subjects of how the organization plans to change itself or implement some strategies which will be beneficial for the market in general or their staff. These are sample Strategy Meeting Agenda Format. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

Points to consider while drafting Strategy Meeting Agendas –

  • The date, day and location of the meeting must be mentioned on the agenda.
  • The reason why the meeting has been organized must be specified on the agenda.
  • The timeframe scheduled for the meeting should be provided.
  • The topics to be discussed should be listed in order of priority.

Sample Example of Strategy Meeting Agenda –

Agenda: Safeguarding Adult At Risk Strategy Meeting (Subject)

This meeting is regarding Mr./Mrs./Ms. on [date] at [time] and venue [name of the venue].

Welcome, introductions, and confidentiality statement as well as the purpose of the meeting.

The adult at risk summary of needs and disabilities living situation and care plan [the adult at risk or best placed professional].

Details of concerns and or any indications to be raised by the allocated worker or the individual who raised the referral.

  • View of the adult-at-risk.
  • View of the lead statutory worker.
  • View from the care provider.
  • View from the healthcare provider.
  • View from the police [CSU, Safire, control room].
  • View from the regulatory body [CQ C]
  • Risk assessment.
  • Communication and support needs of the adult at- risk during the process of the investigation.
  • Risk management and protection plan.
  • Sharing of information and feedback to others.
  • Any other issues?
  • Date of case conference.

Summary of decisions and action plan, feedback to others, information sharing.


Another format,

Example of Strategy Meeting Agenda –

Marketing With Class (Subject)

Strategic Marketing Meeting Agenda


[Time And Location Of the Meeting].

  • Purpose Of the Meeting
    for providing a brief overview of why the meeting has been scheduled provided by the organizer.
  • Discussing opportunities for growth in the industry sector, service area, firm revenue, and niche.
  • Toughest challenges faced and the competition in this area.
  • Short and long-term goals and the metrics for success.
  • Key performance indicators and the timeframe for measuring the same.

Marketing Needs.

  • Current marketing initiatives in place.
  • Feedback and insights on current initiatives such as likes, dislikes, work, won’t work, Etc.
  • Brainstorming ideas for future initiatives.

Next Steps.

  • Assign champion of the strategic initiative.
  • Evaluate, identify and draft action items.
  • Draft minutes from the meeting which must be approved by the champion [assign actionable items to individuals].
  • The date for the next meeting and deadlines for action items to be completed.

[Note: A strategy meeting agenda written properly will help important individuals of the organization have a meeting within the scheduled time and also achieve the objectives they have in mind.]