Sample Interview Acceptance Letter Format

Sample Interview Acceptance Letter Format

Sample Interview Acceptance Letter Format

[Receiving a call letter from a prestigious firm or office is a matter of great pride and honor for any person. An interview acceptance letter is a letter written by a prospective interviewee to a company that has agreed to see him or her for an interview. It’s a good idea to accept and confirm with an email or letter, even if you think it is not necessary after speaking to the Human Resource department head.]


Your name..,


Date: DD/MM/YY


Authority name…

Job Designation…

Company/Institute name…

Dear Mr./Ms._____,

I received a call from your Human Resources Department yesterday (Date), and I’m writing you this letter to inform you that I have at this moment officially accepted your offer for the post of (Job Position). (Describe in your own words).

It gives me great pleasure to have received this letter, and I at this time assure you of my presence at the interview to be held on the (Date). (Cordially explain your greetings). Your company is one of the most reputed likely ones in the country, and I believe I am enthusiastic and qualified enough to do your expectations justice.

Yours sincerely,

Your name…

(Name & Sign)


Another Format, 

Email Format: The following is an email format to be followed for an interview acceptance letter.

[This letter is one such person, who has received an interview call from a prestigious solicitor firm. He feels greatly honored for it.]

To: name11@email.com

From: name11@email.com

Subject: Interview Acceptance Letter

Dear Sir,

This is concerning the interview call letter received on (Which Date Interview Letter Was Received). I acknowledge the receipt of the same and confirm my presence for the interview on (Which Date You Would appear for the Interview). (Describe in your own words).

As it is one of the prestigious firms, appearing for the interview will be a matter of honor. (Cordially explain your greetings). I shall be present be at the given time and address, with all the related documents.

Thanking You.

Yours truly,

Name and Signature.