Announcement Letter of Joining New Employee

Announcement Letter of Joining New Employee

Announcement Letter of Joining New Employee

[Here briefly describe on Sample Announcement Letter of Joining New Employee. A proper introduction includes an explanation of the new hire’s role at the company and details their background. Don’t forget to include the employee’s work contact information to make it easy for their new coworkers to welcome them to the team. This letter can be used by anyone who wants to announce that a new employee will be joining the company and in what role. You can make changes as per your requirements.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

All Staffs…

[Notice Board]

Company/Institute name…

Sub: Announcement of Joining New Employee

Dear All Staffs,

I gladly announce that [new employee name] will join us as [job title] effective [some date][New employee name] has more than [5/10] years of experience in [job field] and will definitely be a tremendous addition to our team. (Describe in your words). S/he has worked for more than [5/10] years (More/less) as a [job title/particular job area name] and is definitely a valuable addition to our team.

Let us all do our best to make [his/her] transition as smooth as possible and try to learn and benefit from [his/her] experience. We are required to do our best to help [him/her] adapt and get into production mode as soon as possible. (Describe your requirements).

Please support [his/her] transition into our team and make use of [his/her] expertise and experience, with your usual grace, hospitality, and cooperation.


Your Name…

Job Designation…

Company/Institute name…


Another Format,

[Notice Board]

Re: Please welcome [New Employee name]

Dear Staff;

Please join me in welcoming [New Employee name] to the (Company/organization name) family. [Employee name] has accepted the position of (Job Position) in the (department name), effective (Date). [Employee name] will be responsible for the (Describe on all about job responsibilities).

A little about Ryan: (Briefly describe on new employee’s job experiences).

He spent three/five years (more/less) there learning everything he could about (Job type). [Employee name] ’s experience in (Job field) will be invaluable in helping the Maintenance team meet its departmental goals and objectives. (Explain your expectations).

[Employee name] enjoys hunting and fishing and spending time with his nieces and nephews (he has eight total!). He also likes fixing up old cars and selling them on eBay in his spare time. (Describe some few words about the new employee).

[Employee name] will be working under (Higher authority name/Department head/Supervisor name). You can reach him at (Contact info and mail address). (Describe your requirements). Please take a moment to say hello when you have the chance.


Your name…

Garage Manager (Job Designation).