Organizational Behavior

Report on Performance Appraisal System of S.A. Printing Limited

Report on Performance Appraisal System of S.A. Printing Limited

The main objectives of this report are to understand the process of performance appraisal of S.A Printing and Accessories Ltd. and its condition. Other analyses are to understand the commercial activities and to know about the exporting of S.A Printing and Accessories Ltd. here also analyze Human Resource Practices and Performance Appraisal System of this company. And finally, find out the shortcoming of existing Performance Appraisal Procedure.


Human Resource Management is part of the organization that is concerned with the “people” dimension. HRM can be viewed in one of two ways. First, HRM is a staff or support in the organization. Its role is to provide assistance in HRM matters to line employees, or those directly involved in producing organization’s goods and services. HRM is a function of every manager’s job. Whether or not one work in a “formal” HRM department, the facts remain that to effectively manage employees requires all managers to handle the activities.

Human Resource Planning helps determine the number and type of people an organization needs. The performance follows Human Resources Planning and goes hand in hand with the performance selection process by which organizations evaluate the suitability of the prospective Candidates for the job. Job analysis and job design specify the tasks and duties of jobs and the qualifications expected from prospective job holders. The next logical step is to select the right number of people the right type to fill the jobs. Performance Appraisal System involves.

Performance Appraisal System is the process of finding and attracting capable employee of picking individuals with requisite qualifications and competence to fill responsibility in the organization.

An organization large or small, profit or service oriented, whether it is, the ultimate aim is to achieve organizational goal. This achievement can only be possible through skillful and effective management of manpower. Performance Appraisal System is a key component in the acquisition of human resources. Without a reliable and erective selection mechanism, a business can never flourish, especially in the present world of market economy, which is fiercely competitive. Usually after successful completion of performance, selection.

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. is a Garments Accessories Manufacturing Company. Every year a lot of recruiting goes on in its Head Office and promoted. S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has an enriched and skilled Human Resource Division. HRD through definite and systematic performance appraisal System and selection procedure selects & trains up its manpower for achieving its ultimate goal. This study is important because we may find out what are the methods S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. can adopt for Performance Appraisal System and some recommendations for their better effect in future.

Objectives of the Study

The main objectives of this study are to understand the process of performance appraisal of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. and its impact. To achieve the main objective this study highlights some specific objectives that can be the following manner:

  • To understand the commercial activities of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.
  • To know the condition of exporting of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.
  • To analyze The Human Resource Practices and Performance Appraisal System of  S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.
  • To assess and evaluate the existing Performance Appraisal procedure of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.
  • To find out the shortcoming of existing Performance Appraisal procedure of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.

The methodology of Performance Appraisal

Methodology refers to the systematic method consisting of enunciating the problem, formulating a hypothesis, and collecting the facts or data, analyzing the facts and reaching certain conclusions either in the form of solutions towards the concerned problem or in certain generalizations for some theoretical formulation. It includes the process of gathering, recording and analyzing critical and relevant facts about any problem in any branch of human activity. It refers to critical searches into study and investigation of problem/ proposed a course of action/hypothesis or a theory.

Data Processing

The data processing involved two important steps. The first step was to categorize and the second step to allocate individual answers to them. The set of coding frames covering all the information was abstracted from the questionnaires. The purpose of coding was to classify the answers to a question into meaningful categories, so as to bring out their essential pattern. Once the data is edited and coded, they would be put together in some kinds of one-way and two-way tables and some other forms after the statistical analysis is made.

Report Writing

The data were analyzed and prepared a descriptive report. The reports emphasized on all the related aspects in the perspective of the objectives of the Internship Report so that a clear picture by important indicators is presented with possible suggestions. The report was finalized after reviewing of the supervisor.

Finally, the assessment can be concluded followed by a recommendation made by the authority.

S.A Printing & Accessories Limited.

Short History

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. was established in the year of 2000. It is one of the leading 100% export oriented high-quality garments accessories manufacturer and suppliers in Bangladesh. Company’s main aim is to produce world class standard accessories items to meet the requirements of our valued clients of Manufacturing units, Buying Houses, Foreign Buyers have liaison office in Bangladesh. The motto of the organization is to offer most competitive price to our clients, maintain quality and ensure on time delivery. It is the trusted supplier of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. known and reputed buying houses both local and foreign, factories, foreign buyers.

Corporate Head Office

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has its corporate office in the exclusive office premises at the heart of capital city, Gulshan-1, Dhaka. The corporate Head office is S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. organized and equipped for coping up with the digital world.


Location & Area of the Factory: The Factory is located at Plot#98, Chaidana, Sain Board, Gazipur, Bangladesh. This location is just 35 km far from the capital city having 4 lanes wide road to go there. The communication is very easy. The project will be new located at Sampur, Hemayetpur, Savar,Dhaka on a plot of land measuring 3.65 Bigha.

The proposed project size has got all infrastructure facilities, like labor, power, gas, communication, etc. and considered suitable for the project.

Expansion Scope: For further expansion the factory area contains huge unused space. S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has planned to expand the factory in other product line like Button, Needle etc.

Technological support in the Factory: For having uninterrupted power supply the factory has its own substation. S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. also has a Network Tower to be connected globally with wireless Internet connection.


S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has achieved some globally recognized certification. These are-

  • Oeko-Tex Certification
  • Bureau barites Certification


Some major clients of Star Associates Ltd are following

  • Shade Business Line      (Knite Composite-India)
  • Match Perfect                (Knite Composite -UK)
  • Reedisha knitex ltd.      Knite Composite (Gap, Mother care, H& M)
  • S.M. Group                  ( Knite Composite – America )
  • Tex Ebo                       (Knite, Woven- Europe)
  • Euro center                  (Knite Composite –Europe)
  • Toyo group                  (Knite Composite – Europe, America)
  • Li & fung                     (Knite Composite – Europe, America
  • DBL group                   (Knite, Woven – America, Europe)
  • Comtex                                    (Knite Composite – Europe, America)
  • Dishari                         (Knite Composite – Europe, America)
  • Dressman                     (Knite Composite – Europe, America)
  • Crystal apparels                       (Woven – America)
  • Elegant fashion                        (Woven – Primark, Europe)
  • Naz Bangladesh                       ( Knite Composite – Europe, America)
  • Orient group                (Knite, Woven – Europe, America)
  • Mitali Fashion              (Knite Composite, America)
  • Euro Tex                      (Knite, Woven – Europe, America)
  • Novel Hurican             (Knite, Woven – Europe, America)
  • Nassa                           (Knite, Woven – Walmant –America, Europe)

Product Lines

# All kind of Zipper – Metal Zipper, Nylon Zipper, Vislon Zipper, Etc.

All kind of Slider Body – Metal Auto / None lock slider, Nylon Auto /None lock slider, Vislon Auto /None Lock Slider.

All kinds of Slider Puller– Regular puller, Thumb puller, Bell puller, Stick puller, Wire puller, Tear drop puller, Square drop puller,

All kind of  Labels – Woven label, Jakard label, etc.

Project Purpose and Design:

The proposed project envisages setting up of a 100% export oriented Garments Accessories (Label, Zipper, Elastic, Sewing-thread, Hanger, Polly-Bag and Gum Tape) manufacturing unit in the name of S.A Printing& Accessories  Limited.  The project will be located at Shampur, Hamayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.  The main machinery is proposed to be imported from abroad.  Besides some local machinery also needed.  Machinery has been selected based on its specific reputation favoring buyer`s choice.  The technology involved in manufacturing export quality Garments accessories is not so complicated.  The implementation of the project is expected to be completed and will begin its commercial operation within 12 months from the date of opening of Letter of Credit for imported machinery.

Product-Mix and Production Capacity :

The annual production capacity of the unit on the basis of Two Shift operations (16 hours) 8 hours each shift, per day and 300 working days in a year is given below:-

Zipper (Various size and types) 9,00,000 Dozen
Elastic (1”in Roll of 144 yards 1,92,000 Roll
Label (Various size and types)24,90,491 Dozen
Hanger (Various size and types)  2,25,280 Dozen
Sewing-Thread (In cones of 400 yds16,00,000 Cones
Polly-Bag (Various size and types)      10,78,000 Kg
Gum-Tape         1,60,000 Kg

The product mix is flexible and it will be determined as per profitability and market demand. The unit will only have the capacity to produce relatively a small part of the total demand.  However, the above product has been chosen   following market trend.

Strengths of S.A Printing& Accessories  Limited.

Technological support in the Factory

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has its own Gas Generator for having uninterrupted power supply in the factory. It also has a Network Tower to be connected globally with wireless Internet connection.

ERP Solutions

To cope with the fastest growing technological advanced world and to communicate globally within second for serving the customer, S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd has ERP Solutions.

Globally recognized Certification

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has achieved some globally recognized certification. These are-

  1. Oeko-Tex Certification: S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has already achieved worldwide recognized certification name Oeko-Tex Certification. The slogan is ‘CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES – Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100’.
  2. Bureau Barites Certification: S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has achieved the Bureau Barites certification.

Complying with Local Labor Law

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. is committed to comply the local labor law (Bangladesh Labor Law 2006) hundred percent in all areas like employment, employee rights, employee benefits, safety security etc.

Certification complying the rules regulations of Compliance globally recognized

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has a global business network which is expanding rapidly. In this connection S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. is always committed to ensure the compliance-related rules & regulation for smooth operations of the business as S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. as to keep the employee rights along with the rights of the society.

Quality Management System

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. believes on Quality. It always tries to maintain the standard of quality at the highest possible extent. It tries to ensure quality from the raw materials to finished goods. It maintains quality in each and every steps of the production process & have experts in quality.

Expert Human Resources

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. professional management team is qualified, experienced, dynamic and competent. S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. has renowned experts in different areas like production, market development, HR & OD from home and abroad.

Employee Rights

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. always tries to keep the employee rights at highest possible extent. They value the employees as partner of the organization.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. believes on Corporate Social Responsibility, they always try to do something for the development of the nation as S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.

Definition of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a management function that assists managers to recruit, select, train and develop members of an organization for achieving the goal effectively.

Many authors and specialists define HRM in many ways:

Dale Yoder has defined; Human Resource Management is the provision of leadership and direction of people in their working or employment relationship.

Ricky W. Griffin has defined; Human Resource Management is the set of organizational activities directed at attracting, developing and maintaining an effective work force.

According to Gray Dessler, The policies and practices one needs to carry out the ‘People’ or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding and appraising.

Prof. Ataur Rahman has defined Human Resource Management as a set of activities which include acquisition, development, motivation maintenance and utilization of manpower for the purpose of effective and timely achievement of organizational goals.

Finally, Human Resource Management is the set of activities reaching to procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a group of people for the proper functioning of organization activities and achievement of goals.

Characteristics of Human Resource Management

There are several features of Human Resources Management. These characteristics pinpoint the nature of human resource management starting from acquisition to utilization of human sources which are briefly discussed below:

  • Development of well – conceived policy: The first feature of Human Resources Management is to develop a well-accepted policy for the organization. The purpose is to practice Human Resource Management activities in a better way.
  • Development of harmonious or cordial relations: Development of harmonious relation is aimed to achieve goal, for the fulfillment of the functions. All barriers to cordial relations should be removed.
  • Establishing a chain of command: Human Resource Management must establish a chain of command without which discipline cannot be maintained. These include unity of command, unity of direction and scalar chain.
  • Awareness of own nature of services: This is the fourth characteristics of Human Resources Management. By creating awareness promotion policy can be established; training policy can be implemented and other policy can be made well understood.
  • Must be good communicating and effective leader: Human Resource Management must communicate and give proper guidance to the employees. Thus company policies and decisions can be properly interpreted and practiced.

Finally, with these features and characteristics discussed above can pinpoint about the nature of Human Resource Management.

Importance of Human Resource Management  

There are some points of importance of Human Resource Management in the industrial organization. Importance of Human Resource Management can be explained with these points. If all these things are properly managed, we can say that there is an importance of Human Resource Management. However, these points are briefly discussed below:

  • Policy formulation: Importance of Human Resource Management can be understood if it can formulate human resource policies properly. It is the wisdom of Human Resource Managers.
  • Policy Execution: Efficient Human Resource Management executes all human resource policies in accordance with goals and objectives for the achievement of which these were formulated.
  • Review of employee needs: Human Resources Management reviews employees needs hopes and aspirations time to time an regularly.
  • Utilization of human resources: It’s a very tough function. Efficient human resource management can successfully utilize efforts and sincerities of employees. And thus, organization objectives can be achieved and all functions can be properly performed.
  • Social welfare development: Employees are social beings. There have various needs and demands and deserve to be mitigated. Social welfare can enhance the involvement of employees which had to the satisfaction of top management.
  • Effective trade unionism: Trade unionism industrial disputes, conflict and all other hazards can be handled appropriately and peacefully by efficient Human Resource Management.
  • Overall development of organization: Ultimate, the overall development of an organization can be contributed by effective Human Resource Management because employees are properly utilized and managed by Human Resource Management.

Objectives of Human Resource Management 

Following of objectives are important which can be discussed in short. With the fulfillment of these objectives Human Resource Management can become successful:

  •  To help the organization reach its goals
  • To develop efficiency and skills of employees
  •  To ensure effective utilization and maximum development of human resources
  •  To achieve and maintain high morale among employees
  • To ensure respect for human beings. To identify and satisfy the needs of individuals
  • To ensure reconciliation of individual goals with those of the organization
  • To provide the organization with well-trained and well-motivated employees
  • To increase to the fullest the employee’s job satisfaction and self-actualization
  • To enhance employee’s capabilities to perform the present job
  • To develop overall personality of each employee in its multidimensional aspect
  • Co-ordination among different sections of the organization
  • To develop working conditions In the organization
  • To be ethically and socially responsive to the needs of society
  • To inculcate the sense of team spirit, team work and inter-team collaboration

Nature of Human Resource Management 

Human Resource Management is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each are met. The various features of HRM include:

  • It is pervasive in nature as it is present in all enterprises
  • Its focus is on results rather than on rules
  • It tries to help employees develop their potential fully
  • It encourages employees to give their best to the organization
  • It is all about people at work, both as individuals and groups
  • It tries to put people on assigned jobs in order to produce good results
  • It helps an organization meet its goals in the future by providing for competent and well-motivated employees
  • It tries to build and maintain cordial relations between people working at various levels in the organization
  • It is a multidisciplinary activity, utilizing knowledge and inputs drawn from psychology, economics, etc

Principles of Human Resource Management 

A principle is a basic statement of truth explaining cause and effect relationship between two or more variables every subject is guided by its principles.

  • Complete individual: Deal with people as complete individuals consider employee as a whole person.
  • Worthwhile: Make people feel worthwhile and related. People are the most valuable asset of the organization.
  • Social Capital: People ought to be considered as social capital capable of development.
  • Growth opportunity: Provides opportunities for growth within the organization.
  • Group interest: Group interest predominance over individual interests.
  • Personal program: S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd the personnel program. It must be sold. This follows because employees will learn by themselves or others if management does not teach them

Scope of Human Resource Management 

The scope of HRM is, indeed, very vast and wide. It includes all activities starting from manpower planning till employee leaves the organization. According, the scope of HRM consists of acquisition, development, maintenance/retention, and control of human resources in the organization.


The operative, also called, service functions are those which are relevant to specific department. These functions vary from department to department to department depending on the nature of the department viewed from this standpoint, to ensuring right people to right jobs at right times. These functions include procurement, development, compensation, and maintenance functions of HRM.

Procurement: It involves procuring the right kind of people in appropriate number to be placed in the organization. It consists of activities such as manpower planning, recruitment, selecting, and performance appraisal and induction orientation of new employees.

Development: Activities meant to improve the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and values of employees so as to enable them to perform their jobs in a better manner in future. Functions may comprise training to employees, executive training to develop managers, organization development to strike a better fit between organizational climate/culture and employee.

Compensation: Compensation function involves determination of wages and salaries matching with contribution made by employees to organizational goals. It consists of activities such as job evaluation, wage and salary administration bonus, incentives.

Maintenance: It is concerned with protecting and promoting employees while at work. For this purpose, various benefits such as housing, medical, educational, transport facilities, etc to the employees. Several social security measures such as provided fund, pension, gratuity, insurance, etc. are also arranged.

It is important to note that the managerial and operative functions of HRM are performed in conjunction with each other in an organization, be large or small organization.

Performance Appraisal Process of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd.

Definition of Performance Appraisal:

Performance Appraisal is a part of staffing processes, like recruitment, selection, placement, & indoctrination. It is a process of evaluation an employee’s performance of a job in term of its requirements.

Heyel observe, “It is the process of evaluation the performance & qualification of the employees in terms of requirements of the job for which he is employed, for purpose of administration including placement, selection for promotion, providing financial reward  and other actions which require differential treatment among the members of a group as distinguished from actions affecting all members equally.”

In short, Performance Appraisal is a process of evaluating an employee’s past and current performances relative to the persons performance standards in terms requirements of the job for purpose of placement of selection of promotion & providing financial rewards.

Types of Performance Appraisal Methods:

There are so many methods which are include in comparative method but the most important and most popular are

  • Straight ranking method
  • Grading method
  • Graphing rating method
  • Forced choice description method
  • Forced distribution methods
  • Check list method
  • Critical incident method
  • Free from easy method

1. Straight ranking method

It is the oldest and simplest method of performance appraisal, by which the man and his performance are considered as an entity by the rater. No attempted is to made to fractionalize the rate; the whole man compared with the whole man; that is the ranking of a man in a work group is done against that of another. The relative position of each man is tasted in terms of his numerical rank.

2. Grading method-

Under this system, the rater consider certain feature and marks them accordingly to the scale, train categories of worth are first established and carefully defined. The selected feature may be analytical ability, cooperativeness, dependability, self-expression, job knowledge, leadership, etc they may be

A-out standing     B-very good   C-average   D-fair E-poor

These are used in the selection of candidates by the public service commission

3. Graphic Rating Method 

This is the most commonly used method of performance appraisal. Under it a printed form one for each person to be rated. The factors which are including in this method are employee characteristics and employee contribution. In employee characteristics are included are leadership, attitude, enthusiasm, locality creative ability, analytical ability, co-ordination. In the employee contribution are include the quantity and quality of work, the responsibility assumed, specific goal achieved, regularity of attendance. These traits then evaluated on continuous scale where in the rather place a mark somewhere along a continuum

4. Forced choice description method

it attempts to correct a rater tendency to give consistently high or low rating to all the employees under this method the rating elements are several sets of pair phrases or adjective relating to job proficiency and personal qualification the following statement are illustrative of the type of statement that are used. Organize the work well Lacks the ability to make people feel at ease. Has a cool even temperament Is punctual and careful. Is a hard worker and co-operative.

5. Forced distribution method

This system is used to eliminate or minimize rater’s bias so that all the personnel may not be placed at the higher end or lower end of the scale. It requires the rater to apprise an employee according to a predetermined distribution scale under this system it is performance and promo ability. For this purpose a five point performance scale is used without any descriptive statement. Employees are placed between the two extreme good or bad job performances. For ex 10% given to outstanding, 20% given to good and 40% given to satisfactory.

6. Checklist method

Under this method the rater does not evaluate employee performance; he supplies report about it and the final rating is done by personnel department. A series of question are presented concerning an employee to his behavior. The rater then checks to indicate if the answer to a question about an employee is positive or negative. The value of each question may be weighed equally or certain question may be weighed more heavily than others.


Is the employee really interested in job?                               Yes/no

Is he regular on his job?                                                         Yes/no

Is he equipment maintain in order?                                          Yes/no

Does he ever make mistake?                                                   Yes/no

Does he follow instruction properly?                                           Yes/no

Free essay method

Under this method the supervisor makes a free form, open ended appraisal of an employee in his own words and put down its impression about the employee. He takes note of these factors

  • Relation with fellow supervisor
  • General organization and planning ability
  • Job knowledge and potential
  • Employee characteristics and attitude
  • Production, quality, and cost control
  • Physical condition and
  • Development needs

8. Critical incident method

The essence of this system is that it attempts to measure workers performance in terms of certain events and episode that occur in the performance rates job. These events are known as critical incident method. The supervisor keeps a written record of the event that can easily recalled and used at the time of performance appraisal.

Performance Appraisal Process of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited.

Steps of Performance Appraisal: There are several steps regarding the performance appraisal process. One of the standard appraisal processes is shown below:

However, customize appraisal system is used in the job sector depending on HR policy of the com. For example, educational intuitions evaluate their employee’s performance involving the consent of the students sometimes. In other service sectors dealing with customers or reaching the requisite target can be the dominating factor for appraising/grading employees. However, in the challenging jobs like sales and marketing or developing projects, the standard of appraisal can be different from the other employees of the organization. In the form of the report namely Annual Confidential Report (ACR) the employee comes to know about his performance in the respective job followed by increment, promotion, bonus or permanent appointment offer in the company.

At the end of the appraisal the employees can get the following feedback about his performance.

Improvement Needed

Or can be graded as       A+, A, B, C

Action plans of performance Appraisal: At first the HR department makes an action plan  On the basis of this plan, they perform their activities. Methods are made on the basis of some indicators and these important tasks are done by a committee in which top-level management plays an important role. Now let us see the action plan of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited.


Action Plan of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited:

01Meeting with a view to review

Business status and fix-up

Senior Management


02Discussion Meeting with Section in charges for better understanding about new form and distribution of the sameSVP, EVP
03Appraisal Completion by In-chargesIn-charges
04Appraisal Completion by the Department HeadsDepartment Heads
05Appraisal Completion by the Appraisal CommitteeSVP, EVP, AMD
06Approval by the MD/ DMDMD, DMD
07Handed Over to Accounts Department for necessary implementation.HRD

Performance appraisal categories of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited.

Performances are appraised by S.A Printing & Accessories Limited. in different categories. There may not be over all appraisal formats. Job descriptions and specifications are not same for everybody.  The tasks of a cargo driver as well as the tasks of a manager are different. So their performance management systems will be different. In S.A Printing & Accessories Limited. performances are measured for the following categories:

  1. Performance review for corporate level,
  2. Performance review for salaried workers,
  3. Performance review for rating management skills.

About these three categories are discussed in details below

Performance review for corporate level:

Definition of Ratings:

Exceptional (5): Consistently meets and often exceeds all relevant performance standards. Provides leadership, fosters teamwork, is highly productive, innovative, and responsive and generates top quality work. Active in industry related professional and/or community groups.

Exceeds Expectations (4): Exceeds expectations means consistently meets and sometimes exceeds all relevant performance standards. Show initiative and versatility, works collaboratively, has strong technical and interpersonal Skills or has achieved significant improvement in these areas.

Meets Expectations (3):  Meets all relevant performance standards. Seldom exceeds or falls short of desired results. Lacks appropriate level of skills or is inexperienced/ still learning the scope of the job.

Below Expectations (2): Sometimes meets the performance standards. Seldom exceeds and often falls short of desired results. Performance has declined significantly, or employee has not sustained adequate improvement, as required, since the last performance review.

Needs Improvement (1): Consistently falls short of performance standards.

Criteria and performance elements

Quality of work:

  • Demonstrates competence in required job skills and knowledge.
  • Attendance, punctuality, time management.
  • Accuracy, clarity, consistency and thoroughness of work.
  • Gives feedback for continuous improvement of work product.
  • Understanding and mastery of process, methods, systems and procedures.
  • Measures business decisions with client and shareholder satisfaction in mind
  • Exhibits good interpersonal skills

Performance review for salaried workers:

For the salaried workers the following things are considered as the key performance indicators Job knowledge: It includes the knowledge of products, policies and procedures; or knowledge of techniques, skills, equipment, procedures, and materials. Here rating system is varied from 1 to 9. Here grading system is:

Expert in job, has thorough grasp of all phases of job9
Very well informed, seldom requires assistance and instruction8-7
Satisfactory job knowledge, understands and performs most phases of

Job well, occasionally requires assistance or instruction

Limited knowledge of job, further training required, frequently requires

Assistance or instruction.

Lack of knowledge to perform job properly1

Quality of work:

Here the considering issues are:

  • Freedoms from errors and mistakes
  • Accuracy
  • Quality of work in general

Excessive errors and mistakes, very poor quality = 1 (rate)

Highest quality possible, final job virtually perfect = 9

 Quantity of work: Here the performance is measured on the basis of work output of the employee. If an employee does more than expected level, s/he gets high rate (9). If an employee does extremely low output, s/he gets lowest rate (1).

 High volume producer, always does more than expected or required9
 Produces more than most, above average8-7
Handles a satisfactory volume of work, occasionally does more than is required6-5-4
Barely acceptable, low output, below average.3-2
Extremely low output, not acceptable1

Reliability: The extent to which the employee can be depended upon to be available for work, do it properly, and complete it on time. The degree to which the employee’s are reliable, trustworthy, and persistent. Here

  • highly persistent, always gets the job done on time is rated = 9 (highest)
  • Usually unreliable, does not accept responsibility, gives up easily is rated =1(lowest)
  • Usually gets the job done on time, works well under pressure is rated = (4-6).

Initiative and Creativity:

Here the appraiser committee searches the worker’s ability to plan work and to go ahead with a task without being told every detail, and the ability to make constructive suggestions.

Di plays unusual drive and perseverance, anticipates needed

actions, frequently suggests better ways of doing things

 A self starter, proceeds on own with little or no direction, progressive,

makes some suggestions for improvement

 Very good performance, shows initiative in completing tasks6-5-4
Does not proceed on own, waits for direction, routine worker3-2
Lack in initiative, less than satisfactory performance1

Judgment: Here the management looks about the judgment power of the workers, the extent to which the employee makes decisions which are sound. Ability to base decisions on fact rather than emotion. Here rating system is:

  • Uses exceptionally good judgment when analyzing facts and solving problems= 9 (highest)
  • Uses poor judgment when dealing with people and situations = 1 (lowest)
  • Handles most situations very well and makes sound decisions under normal circumstances = 4-6 (moderate)

Cooperation: Cooperation is one of the major ingredients for the achievement of the target goals. So the management gives the rate to appraise the performance of the workers. Actually they find the willingness to work harmoniously with others in getting a job done. Readiness to respond positively to instructions and procedures.

Extremely cooperative, stimulates teamwork and good attitude in others9
 Goes out of the way to cooperate and get along8-7
Cooperative gets along well with others.6-5-4
Indifferent, makes little effort to cooperate or is disruptive to the overall Group or department3-2
Negative and hard to get along with1

Attendance:Attendance is the important factor to perform well. Low absenteeism can ensure the high productivity of the workers. So management is very conscious about the faithfulness in coming to work daily and conforming to scheduled work hours.

Always regular and prompt, perfect attendance, absent only in rare emergency9
Very prompt and regular in attendance, above average, pre-planned absences.8-7
Usually present and on time, normally pre-planned absences6-5-4
Lax in attendance and/or reporting on time, improvement needed to meet required standards3-2
Often absent without sufficient reason and/or frequently reports to work late or leaves early1

The following issues are considered only for supervisory personnel: 

Planning and organizing:  Effective planning and organizing are the pre conditions for the goal achievement of the organizations. The ability to analyze work, goal setting, developing action plan, time utilization, requirement of supervision etc are considered to measure the performance of supervisory personnel

 Exceptionally good planning and organizing skills, conscientious9
 Above average planning and organizing, usually carries out assignments conscientiously8-7
Average planning and organizing, occasionally requires assistance6-5-4
Room for improvement, frequently requires assistance3-2
Unacceptable directing and controlling skills1

Directing and controlling:  Directing and controlling power is also measured. It is very important that how well a supervisor can direct and control his/her employees. Here the considering issues are:

  • The ability to create a motivating climate
  • Achievement of teamwork,
  • Training and development
  • Taking the corrective actions.

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. follows the following rating system:

Exceptional leader, others look up to this employee9
 Above average, usually but not always motivational8-7
Average, sometimes needs to be reminded to leadership role6-5-4
Needs to improve motivational and team work skills3-2
Unacceptable directing and controlling skills1

 Decision-making: The appraisal committee of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited, in case of supervisory personnel, appraises the ability to make decisions and the quality and timeliness of those decisions.

S.A Printing & Accessories Limited follows the following rating system:

Exceptional decision making abilities, decisions are made in timely manner9
 Above average decision making abilities, usually makes sound and timely decisions8-7
Average, sometimes requires assistance in making decisions6-5-4
Needs to improve decision making and/ or timeliness of  decisions3-2
Unacceptable decisions and/ or timeliness1

 Performance levels:

Distinguished (9): Truly outstanding performance that results in extraordinary and exceptional accomplishments with significant contributions to objectives of the department, division, group or company

Commendable (8-7) Consistently generates results above those expected of the position. Contributes in a superior manner to innovations both technical and functional.

Fully satisfactory (6-5-4) Good performance with incumbent fulfilling all position requirements and many on occasion generates results above those expected of the position.

Needs improvement (3-2): Performance levels room for improvement. This performance level may be the result of new or inexperienced incumbent on the job or an incumbent not responding favorably to instruction.

Marginal (1): Lowest performance level which is clearly less than acceptable, and which is obviously well below minimum position requirements. Situation requires immediate review and action. Possible separation or reassignment is in order without significant and performance improvement.

Performance Appraisal policy of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited

To achieve the organizational goal effectively S.A Printing & Accessories Limited Top Management has develop a “Performance Appraisal Policy”. In accordance with the Performance Appraisal Policy there have some guidelines. The guidelines of the policy are as follows:

  • Ensure the right people in the right place.
  • Combination of skills and resources is a must.
  • Policy is based on ACR.
  • No discrimination against the Employees on the basis of sex, color, region, race, age, national origin or any other factor.
  • Company’s policy is always loyal to the Local law.
  • That functional heads determines suitable qualification for any post.
  • Absolute confidentiality in HR Performance Appraisal Policy must maintain.

 Attracting Performance Report:

S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. always circulate the report by notice board &web site. The newspapers that are widely circulated get preference for accomplishing this tasks

Performance Appraisal for rating management skills:

Performance rating:

Exceptional: Employee consistently exceeds performance objectives with virtually no detected   preventable / controllable errors.  S/he makes significant contributions well beyond normal job responsibilities. Individual requires little direction or supervision.

Exceeds objectives: Employee exceeds performance objectives on a regular basis. Employee is making a valuable contribution to the company. Errors are infrequent and typically detected and corrected by employee.

Expected performance: Employee consistently meets but does not exceed performance objectives. Employee is fully competent and is satisfactorily performing job.

Marginal / needs improvement: Employee does not adequately accomplish objectives nor fulfill all responsibilities; must improve performance within a designated time period. Or, the employee is new to the position and tasks presently assigned are adequately performed as expected.

Unsatisfactory: Unacceptable performance, below exceptions. Employee does not accomplish most or all position objectives.

Analysis and Findings:

The findings in the performance appraisal procedure of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. that are justified in my view are:

  • I observed that there is lake of understanding between the top level personnel and floor level workforces, weakening the chain of command.
  • Performance Appraisal process of S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. is mostly fair and transparent.
  • Company are offered different promotional activities compared with other but not sufficient.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. uses both Internal and external  channels.
  • The concerned Department Head raise the requisition of promotion through the prescribed promotion Requisition Form with required information and after that forward it to the Human Resources Department. The Human Resources Department than complete its formality and return it to the concern department. Last of all the concern department submit the Promotion Requisition Form to the Managing Director for approval.
  • No discrimination against the applicant on the basis of sex, color, region, race, age, national origin or any other factor.
  • The company always tries to find out the best people for recruiting.
  • It does arrange orientation program for the employees..
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s management follows a standard procedure in the process.
  • The Management always tries it best to find the best and suitable person for employment.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. does type of the tests are as follows Knowledge tests, Performance tests, Psychological tests, Attitude and honesty tests , Power point presentation.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. arrange  limitation amount of training for professional and personal development of the employees.


I think if S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. Take & implement the following recommendation carefully then its total management, operation as well as distribution system would be most effective efficient & able to show the better performance that will lead to improve the overall performance of the industry. The recommendation are :

  • Performance Appraisal should be done regularly & promotion should be based on the result of the performance.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s should be offered different promotional activities in every year.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s should be taken proper steps for unskilled manpower.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s should be  appointed permanent supervisor or floor in charge to flow the production.
  • More skilled labor should be used in the project to improve productivity.
  • If S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s should provide promotion every year on the basis of greater efficiency. As a result employee will be more assertive attentive & try to show better performance  for promotion.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s Policy of taking one permanent employee’s (only according to manager) security bond for only casher appointment might be extended for posts that are financially sensitive.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd’s should use job analysis every half year  as a result  & incentive to increase the effectiveness efficiency & performance of the personnel that also help to reduce absenteeism & turnover of them.
  • It also needs to carry cultural behavior test, achievement test, aptitude test etc.
  • In S.A Printing & Accessories Limited the job applicants’ age is limited from 25 yrs to 35 yrs who have the tendency to change their job frequently.
  • S.A Printing & Accessories Limited should arrange orientation program for all new employees. As a result new employees happen to know the organizational culture, values, mission, vision etc.
  • Though S.A Printing & Accessories Limited provides induction training before placing in job but I think they should provide some more training related with job.


This requires a sharp business focus from HR professionals and the delivery of high quality HR systems that are integrated into the organization strategy and operations. The study “Performance Appraisal Procedure of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited” under HR revealed that employees are the most valuable resources for the progress of the organization. For the development of these valuable resources there are many factors involved. In this regard “Performance Appraisal system” play the most important role. To increase the productivity of an organization effective & dynamic performance appraisal system, is essential. S.A Printing & Accessories Limited practices a progressive performance appraisal system. HR officers of S.A Printing & Accessories Limited are now expected to work beyond the boundaries of contracts and policies to contribute directly to the operation and success of the business’ have completed my industrial attachment from  S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. During my two months long industrial training at S.A Printing & Accessories Ltd. I got the impression that this factory is one of the modern export oriented industry of our country. So, they have about satisfied manpower. Besides they also use the good raw materials in their production . Due to this it has earned every good reputation in foreign market.