Report on Marketing Startegy of BDCOM Online Limited

Report on Marketing Startegy of BDCOM Online Limited


BDCOM Online Limited is a trusted name for Internet Service, e-commerce Service, IT Infrastructure Development and Industry Standard Software. From the beginning BDCOM envisaged ‘Total Excellence” as its principle for guiding light, around which revolves its entire spectrum of activities. With the unique vision, BDCOM is the forerunner in the value centric service Market place and an architect of high value end-to-end ICT solutions and software for both National and International market.

BDCOM was incorporated as a private limited company on 12th February 1997, under the Companies Act, 1994, and registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. Subsequently, the Company has converted into a public limited company in 2001 with a view to float its share to the public.

Business Background:

BDCOM Online Limited started as ISP in 1997. Initially its operations were limited to only Internet Services. Now BDCOM provides seamless fast Internet service with round-the-clock customer support distributing from different POPs around the country and many other services like Custom software development and Automatic Vehicle Tracking Services. BDCOM started its Desktop product in P2P communication software and later included Unicode based Multi-lingual applications as its major target. It has a highly experienced team working on Transliteration, Phonetic and UNICODE based Bangla System in Windows Platform. On the other hand, BDCOM is one of the prominent Software developers for Corporate Solution, especially in Enterprise Resource Planning software. It provides one-stop-solution for Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, ISP’s, Finance and Multinational Agencies.



Bangladesh Online Limited, a Beximco company, is the leading Internet Service Provider in the country. Since its launch from August 1998, BOL has been able to set an example of excellence with its subscribers with the help of updated technology and dedicated support service.

Business Background:

Bangladesh Online Limited, a Beximco company, is the leading Internet Service Provider in the country. Since its launch from August 1998, BOL has been able to set an example of excellence with its subscribers with the help of updated technology and dedicated support service.

We are dedicated to provide our customers with fast and easy access to the Internet. BOL is committed to constantly improve and upgrade its services to the highest international standard. Part of BOL’s success can be attributed to the management’s commitment that every customer should be 100% satisfied with BOL’s service quality.

BOL is the leader in providing internet services, software & systems integration services. We ensure that our customers are successful by understanding and being responsive to their needs, as well as working collaboratively with them to provide one-stop faster, cost-competitive and scalable services that create competitive advantages in the world of electronic communication.



InTech Online, founded February 2000, is an Internet solutions company offering a comprehensive set of products and services to residential and commercial customers throughout the country. Founded on the belief that customer focus is the key to success in the marketplace, InTech continues to experience growth driven by our loyal client base. As such, InTech is continually searching for ways to provide outstanding service to its residential and business consumers. By exceeding client expectations, InTech strives to define a new standard of service for all of its customers.

During initial operating days, InTech will offer the most popular services including dial-up Internet access and web page hosting. Included among the additions are dedicated line connections, large managed dial-up services, VPN solutions, and Internet consulting.

Business Background:

Rapid implementation of new technologies, flexible approach to customer needs, unmatched level of service in delivery and support of our products.
Businesses large and small use our services because of our delivery of market leading products at a fair price. Through retention of highly skilled, motivated and caring staff, ongoing training and the integration of customer support systems, we consistently provide a high level of customer care.

InTech online Limited aims to make broadband accessible to homes and business across Dhaka. We see the problem of the “last mile delivery” as a challenge and continue to pursue better and more cost effective ways of delivering Internet services to our customers. We are in the business of connecting Dhaka.

Analysis of Debt ratio

Bangladesh Online shows favorable trend as the debt ratio by comparison with the other ISP’S. Agni systems show the fluctuating condition as debt ratio. Intech online is unchanged condition due to concerning other ISP’S. BDCOM shows worst trend.

7. Popular Uses of the Internet

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement of technology and the power of globalization. Societies are becoming more inter-connected. Study results also track the most popular uses of the Internet: “this year’s study shows that e-mail is the top task conducted online, followed by general surfing, reading News, shopping, and seeking entertainment News.”

Internet shopping is becoming popular amongst users in developed nations, as it is more efficient to ‘shop on the Internet’ than to go physically into the stores. The Internet provides a virtual environment where consumers’ demands are met with supplies. For example, research has shown that shopping on the Internet can result in lower search costs and better product selections. This is because the shopper has the ability to analyze prices from various stores without having to travel distances. The shopper can now shop online for goods that are for sale in a foreign nation, and rather than having to travel to the country to receive the goods, the consumer can order online and get it delivered efficiently. According to the Ernst and Young Survey (‘Internet Shopping’ 1998), prospective shoppers viewed price savings and selection as more important benefits than convenience, which was ranked third.

The Internet appeals to the younger generation not only because of entertainment purposes, but young academics have also agreed that the Internet creates convenience to research and university students.

In conclusion, popular uses of the Internet have largely contributed to the advancement of society. More people are now turning to this phenomenon in order to have an efficient lifestyle where the maximum number of tasks can be achieved everyday. Ultimately, the Internet is a tool that is effective when used appropriately and effectively and it is at the discretion of the individual.

8. Internet and Globalization

The positive and negative impacts of the internet on globalization.

There has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about globalization, which can be defined as “the intensification of economic, political, social and cultural relations across borders.” Evidence of globalization is seen in our daily lives. We are being influenced by the on rush of economic and ecological forces that demand integration and uniformity and that mesmerize the world with fast music, fast computers and fast food with MTV, Macintosh and McDonald’s, pressing nations into one commercially homogeneous global network: one Mc world tied together by technology, ecology, communication, and commerce.

The impact of internet on globalization has both positive and negative aspects. The positive impacts of the internet technology on globalization include the modernization and improvement in the business sector on a world wide basis.

As there is a positive impact of internet on globalization there can be seen a negative impact of internet on globalization as well. While the interdependence and the internet technological advancement have increased in some parts of the world, this is not true in the vast majority of the South. South refers to the developing world, the less developed countries, and the third world.Despite the rapid globalization of the internet, the less developed countries cannot benefit as much as those of the developed countries in economic as well as in political institutions.

The globalization of internet technology in the less developed countries typically is a one way proposition: the people do not control any of the information; they only receive it. It is also true that worldwide the ability to control or generate broadcasts rests in the hands of the tiny minority. This shows that in these countries the internet technology generally does not have a neutral application. The placement of the internet technology in developing countries often causes social costs, as well as costs in the form of urbanization, employment displacement, and the “digital divide.”

As a result of our investment mandate, we take a long term investment view and located AGNI over a year ago. After research and due diligence, we made a substantial commitment in both time and money to provide AGNI with the capital to purchase Motorola Wireless Equipment for its “last mile solution” to assist it in providing the best internet access to its customers.




7.1.1 Findings regarding Net Working Capital:

Agni Systems shows the most favorable networking capital trend compare to all of the other ISP’S. Year 2008 proved to be the best as it shows the highest working capital. The better net working capital trend improved their liquidity conditions. Bangladesh Online also shows favorable trend and it shows better liquidity condition but compare to Agni Systems Ltd. it is not as much good. BDCOM Ltd shows fluctuated networking capital but also shows deviation year by year, the ISP can somehow manage to meet short term obligation. In 2007 BDCOM shows worse networking capital condition. Negative working capital is the trend shows the poor management regarding current assets and current liabilities.

7.1.2 Findings regarding Current Ratio:

Amongst the 4 ISP’S, no ISP has good current ratio trend. Agni Systems Ltd has also favorable trend but compare to Bangladesh Online it is lower. Agni, BDCOM and Intech online has fluctuating trend .Bangladesh Online shows decreasing trend which is worst among the 4 ISP’S.

7.1.3 Findings regarding Debt Ratio:

The increasing trend of debt ratio shows negative sign. Here Agni Systems shows the fluctuating trend which are not like the improval condition. The trend of Bangladesh Online Ltd. Shows a favourable trend compare to Agni System Ltd, BDCOM Online Ltd. But there is no change of debt ratio of the intech online ltd.

7.1.4. As a great findings Agni Systems Limited got the big corporate clients in our country like:

US Embassy Dhaka
Australia High Commission
Pakistan High Commission
Spanish Embassy
Standard Chartered Bank
NYK Line (Bangladesh) Ltd
CMA-CGM (Bangladesh) Shipping Ltd
INTASL Shipping Ltd.
ACI Limited
Hotel Westin International
Dhaka Sheraton Hotel
Coca-Cola Far East Ltd
Coats Bangladesh
World Food Programme

7.1.5 From the overall observation it will concerns the Agni Systems Ltd. Is one of the pioneer ISP in Bangladesh through their dedicated service, quality, and punctuating with the valuable clients.

7.1.6 As a whole Agni Systems Ltd. doing very well in the corporate sectors in our country.


By concerning about whole of the report some important findings and recommendations regarding the financial ratio of some ISP’S are given bellow:

The following Recommendation is given below

Increase our Network.
Introduce all the value added service which we have mentioned.
Have another circuit from UK./USA/Canada/Switzerland.
Market value must be increase with the demand of the customers
Also maintain quality service for the customers
Trend of Debt ratio of must be increase of the Agni Systems Limited.
To increase the current ratio trend ISP should have increase their current asset item at a higher rate than the increase in current liabilities item or reduce their current liabilities item at a higher rate than the reduce of current asset items.

9.0 Conclusion

The Agni Systems Limited is a very popular internet service organization in our country. It starts it operation from, 1995. So within this short time this ISP already get the popularity in the people. When Agni starts its operation, their first target customer was the dial up users, but with the demand of general people this ISP is also doing business with the corporate clients.

Agni will require more investment in terms of equity or debt to finance growth and also hope to become the biggest ISP in Bangladesh and consequently we will need more fund for infrastructure development and acquiring content rights.

Success in the ISP business largely depends on products offered by the organization. The more products with various attractive features and efficient services of the ISP the more will be the profit and there lies the success of the ISP. Agni Systems Ltd is one of the most potential internet service provider in the internet sector. It offers various products of internet bandwidth to meet various demands of the people So it is not an easy job to find out the drawbacks of this ISP. The service provided by the young energetic officials of the Agni Systems Limited is very satisfactory. During my project in this organization I have found its Net working capital be very efficient; therefore this current ratio and debt ratio plays a major role in the overall profitability of the Agni Systems Limited and to the ISP as a whole.