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Purpose of Training and Development

Purpose of Training and Development

Training is defined by Wayne Cascio as “training consists of planed programs undertaken to improve employee knowledge, skills, attitude, and social behavior so that the performance of the organization improves considerably.”

The purpose of training and development can be explained as follows.

Improving quality of work force :

Training and development help companies to improve the  quality of work done by their employees. Training programs  concentrate on specific areas. There by improving the quality of  work in that area.

Enhance employee growth :-

Every employee who takes development program becomes better at his job. Training provides perfection and required practice,  therefore employee’s area able to develop them professionally.

Prevents obsolescence :-

Through training and development the employee is up to date with new technology and the fear of being thrown out of the     job is reduced.

Assisting new comer :-

Training and development programs greatly help new  employees to get accustomed to new methods of working, new     technology, the work culture of the company etc.

Bridging the gap between planning and implementation :-

Plans made by companies expect people to achieve certain  targets within certain time limit with certain quality for this employee performance has to be accurate and perfect. Training  helps in achieving accuracy and perfection.

Health and safety measures :-

Training and development program clearly identifies and teaches employees about the different risk involved in their job, the different problems that can arise and how to prevent such    problems. This helps to improve the health and safety measures in  the company.

Purpose of Training and Development

Article written by : Asad Saimon