Human Resource Management

Features of Human Resource Management

Features of Human Resource Management

Features of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the process of managing people in an organization in a systematic and organized manner. It is regarded as a subsystem of the organization. The human resource offers a distinct approach to managing human resources in today’s competitive and changing environment. The main goal of HR management maximizes the productivity by enhancing the efficiency of employees in an organization. The primary concern of it is how to deal with people in the organization.

It is an emerging discipline, which possesses the following features:

  • HR Management is a Management of an Individual

Human resource management is concerned with the people dimension of management. Hence it manages different people such as worker/labor, supervisors, managers, departmental heads and other related top managers too. Therefore, human resource management is defined as the management of human resource and their commitment towards work.

  • Human Resource Management is a Continuous Process

Human resource management is not a shot affair, rather it is an ongoing process of managing people and their competencies. It is continued until the dissolution of an organization. All the processes involved in HRM should run continuously.

  • HR Management is a Dynamic Function

The principles and practices of HRM should not be rigid. Rather they should be dynamic. It means HRM is a dynamic function whereby the procedures and practices are influenced by the environmental factors. Employees should gain an updated knowledge and ability to work in the changing environment.

  • Human Resource Management is a Universal Function

HRm is a universal function in the sense that it is applicable in all types of organizations. The principles and practices are applied irrespective of size, nature, scope, and purpose of the organization.

  • HR Management is a Strategic Approach

HRM is taken as strategic approach for organizational development. All the activities of management are arranged in such a way that they are interconnected with an efficient and effective utilization of human resources according to change in organizational strategy.