Proposal on Human Resource activities of Standard Charted Bank

Proposal on Human Resource activities of Standard Charted Bank


Human Resource activities of Standard Charted Bank

1.0 Background


Background of the organization:

Standard Chartered is the world’s leading emerging markets bank. It employs 30,000 people in more than 500 offices and more than 50 countries in the Asia Pacific Region, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. The Bank serves both consumer and wholesale banking customers. Its consumer bank provides credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, deposit-taking activity and wealth management services to individuals and medium-sized businesses. Its wholesale bank provides services to multinational, regional and domestic corporate and institutional clients in trade finance, cash management, custody, lending, foreign exchange, interest rate management and debt capital markets. With nearly 150 years in the emerging markets, the bank has unmatched knowledge and understanding of its customers in its markets.
Standard Chartered needed a way to move its commercial banking services onto the Internet. It has traditionally supplied large customers with proprietary workstations and virtual private networks. With the rise of the Internet, Standard Chartered wanted to free customers to use any PC equipped with a Web browser and smart card reader to conduct their banking business. This approach would lower ownership costs for customers, expand their options and reduce costs for the bank as well. Perhaps most importantly, moving these banking services to the Internet also would introduce customers early to the emerging world of secure B2B Internet commerce.



Purpose of the Study: The very first objective of this study is to meet the requirement of this Human Resource Management course by completing the report. Secondly, to know the HR activities of the organization.



2.0 Objective


2.1 Broad Objective: The broad objective is to focus or highlight on the HR activities so that we will be able to know how and with what the HR department of an organization works.


2.2 Specific Objective:  The specific objectives are to know the recruitment policy, selection process, selection devices, whether they treat the human resources well and the remuneration packages the organizations offer.
3.0 Scope


Boundary of the report:  The scope of this report will be based on the whole Human Resource department which will further be used by the readers for future details. This will also cover some of the management activities like how the management is dependent on HR department and Vice Versa.



4.0 Methodology: 


We will visit the organization and have a face-to-face interview where we are going to ask them questions related to HR activities, we are also going to browse their website and buy their annual magazines so that we will be able to get enough information regarding our queries. Some of our data will be primary which we will collect directly from the organization’s people by giving them questionnaire and some data we will gather from secondary sources.


4.1 Study Approach:


Survey research:  Our report will be based on survey research where we will visit the organization with the well prepared questionnaire related to HR activities.


4.2 Research Instrument: Our study instrument will be based on questionnaire. In the questionnaire we will have one open-end question that will be completely unstructured, we will have some closed end questions that will be multiple type and we will have one likert scale (strongly agree to strongly disagree with a 5 point scale).

4.3 Mechanical Instrument:


The very first thing we will use is computer where we will do all the works, we will use paper for doing rough works, and we will also use pen, pencils and erasers.



4.3 Sampling plan:


4.3.1 Sampling Size:

The sample size will be around 30-50 whom we shall distribute the questionnaire to answer the required questions.


4.3.2 Sampling Procedures:

The sampling procedures will be of random sampling nature where we will select the people randomly and ask them to give the answers of our questionnaire.

4.4 Contact Method:

Contact method will be personal interview and that will be an arranged interview.


5.0 Activity Schedule:


We will visit the organization, work with their HR department and collect the data based on HR activities   and also study their working environment and get the answers of our questionnaire and then we’ll submit our report. This will take us some time and we will able to submit the final report before a week of our semester final examination.

6.0 Expected Study Outlines:


  • Executive Summary
  • Acknowledgement
  • Table of Contents
  • Background
  • Scope
  • Methodology
  • Limitations
  • Report Body
  • Conclusion
  • Letter of Transmittal
  • Ending Summary
  • Reference