Playing electronic games is a waste of time – an Open Speech

Playing electronic games is a waste of time – an Open Speech

Playing electronic games is a waste of time – an Open Speech

Electronic games include video games and computer games that are played on special devices like the well-known Playstation or a computer. Games like Angry Birds and highly detailed simulations such as Modern Warfare are very popular with youngsters. Some of these games are so entertaining that even adults play for hours on end. Hence, many people view electronic games negatively and claim that they are a waste of time. However, I think that electronic games are not a complete waste of time.

Firstly, electronic games actually help develop some important skills from fine motor skills to critical thinking skills. Have you seen how good children are at manipulating the controls on their keyboards and game consoles? Research has shown that playing these games improves hand-eye coordination. On top of that, many of the electronic games are mentally challenging. They require quick thinking to resolve problems, and clever strategizing to win against other players or the computer itself. Playing these games therefore has intellectual benefits.

Secondly, playing the right kind of computer and video games can be educational. It improves the players’ skills and knowledge in various subjects. Playing a game that is based on historical events leads to the player learning dates and names without even realizing it. There are many simulation games involving role-playing that allow the player to gain some valuable experience in handling real life and work situations. For example, there are games where the player runs a restaurant or a hospital. This sort of activity helps enrich knowledge and skills. Hence, playing electronic games is certainly not a waste of time.

Thirdly, everyone needs some form of entertainment for relaxation. Playing electronic games is just another form of recreation which helps the players relieve stress. It is similar to playing a board game or cooking. The time spent is rewarded with a sense of well-being. In fact, it is a cheap and convenient way to keep oneself entertained. Players can choose to play on their own or play with friends. They can play in their own homes so no extra cost for transportation or rental of space or equipment is necessary.

On the other hand, it cannot be denied that electronic games can be addictive leading to players spending too much time playing and neglecting their work, studies, and relationships. Too much time spent on anything is not good. There are some games that teach negative values such as violence and dishonesty. Playing such games would be a waste of time. Players need to choose games that have educational value so that the time they spend on those games benefits them.

In conclusion, playing electronic games has many benefits and so, cannot be regarded as a waste of time. However, to benefit from playing such games, one must be disciplined and not spend too much time on this pastime as well as pick games that have educational value.