Application For Opening A Debating Club

Application For Opening A Debating Club



The Headmaster/Headmistress

ABC School/College. (Name of Institution)

Subject: Prayer for permission to opening/establishing a debating club.


With due Respect, We beg to state that ours is one of the oldest and biggest schools/colleges in the district. It is famous for its standard of education and extra-curricular. We enjoy almost all facilities in our school/college but there is no debating club here. A debating club is also a very useful part of education. No student can prosper (shine) in life only reading books. A debating club helps a student to develop the power of thinking as well as the power of reasoning wonderfully. It develops the ability to acquire knowledge and skills of speaking. It helps us distinguish between the right and wrong and refines our sensibility. It also helps us to prepare for the future leadership. In a word, a debating club awakens the latent talent of a student. The students of our school/college are very much interested in participating in any debating competitions. Now we badly need a debating club for us.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly permit us to open a debating club in our school/college and nominate a teacher as a guide and oblige there by.

We remain,


Yours obediently,

The students of class 00 (Number of class)

ABC School/College (Name of Institution)