Peloton’s Android App Hints at Long-Rumored Rowing Machine

Peloton’s Android App Hints at Long-Rumored Rowing Machine

Operating an APK teardown of the latest version of the Peloton Android app, 9to5Google has found evidence that the company is preparing the software to support a rowing machine in the near future. The outlet found various code snippets that referred to a device called “Caesar” and “Mazu”. 

The latter is a reference to a Chinese sea goddess. Like the company’s stationary bikes, it looks like the rowing machine will include a “natural ride” feature that will showcase waterways around the world. And if you just want to row, this would also be an option. Another set of snippets mentions four positions of a proper rowing technique.

“This is the location of your stroke drive,” the app explains. “Sit straight in the rover with your arms straight and your back straight. Your knees should be just above the ankles.” Digging deeper into the updated software, 9to5 also found code that the app will track metrics like your average and maximum stroke rate. A rowing machine is something that Peloton has been rumored to be working on for some time, with the device mentioned in a recent to-do list.

We’ve reached out to Peloton for confirmation, but we’ll note here what we’re saying with all the APK teardowns: The code pointing to a new hardware release doesn’t mean a company will follow suit or a launch is imminent. 

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