This AI Will Brutally Judge Your Art in a Hilarious Internet Competition

This AI Will Brutally Judge Your Art in a Hilarious Internet Competition

While many of us are not blessed by modern Picasso’s abstract skills, we can recreate no more sunlight countryside than keep the sky blue and green for the soil. We know that our drawings will not appeal to connectors, but what about an AI? In a fun competition that has recently exploded in popularity, Paint. WHF challenges you to draw your best work of art in multiple themed sections before you judge Master Canvas by an AI.  The rankings are then posted for each category, and it has gotten pretty hilarious.

Images are a bit different from your everyday art gallery with thought-provoking topics like ‘Draw a corn that capitalism likes’ and ‘Draw a giant panda made of dried seaweed’.  Developed by roboflow and boost, AI trolls through submissions and gives everyone a rank based on your work feedback. 

As clever as it is, some have noted the judge needed some lessons in fine art when it first began.  Commentators on Reddy noted that AI is generally in favor of simple characters and lines as opposed to anything creative. “Lol. I drew an upside-down dinosaur which was actually rated lower than ‘just a line’” said u/serLundry.

Many joked that it was not just a line; it was a symbol of wider meaning, a linking theme between the past and all industries. You can make up your mind.  Since then, manufacturers have demanded the modification of algorithms for a more traditional approach to the industry, and leaderboards have been filled with more inspired work.  For now, AI is perfect for fun, but developers are now working on an application programming interface (API) and learned that the AI ​​model will probably see more applications in the near future.

This is not the first time AI has spread in the industry. Back in 2017, some researchers wanted to use AI to create works of art different from man-made pieces, albeit in a somewhat abstract and deviant style.  By showing thousands of pieces of artwork to the algorithm to teach it different styles, AI quickly learned to create its own pieces from scratch.

Interestingly, when critics were asked to rate the pieces of the industry they produced, they simply couldn’t tell which AI was and which was human, and so AI was able to get higher ratings than its competitors. So, computers are better than animals in creative thinking. So go ahead, see how our AI overlords rate your work!