Paragraph On Student Politics

Paragraph On Student Politics

Students of any country are the true treasure of it and the future of the country depends upon these young people. It is they, who have to represent the country as leaders, make country by becoming engineers, treat its people by becoming doctors and render all the head and shoulder services in various capacities. These students are the sources of vital energy which can transform the face of the country. But if this energy is used in the otherwise ways, it can cause destruction and anarchy.

On the other hand, politics means the art of government. It is the concern of the administrators. Student politics means the art of students in administration or in the conduct of the government. The students must participate in the healthy political debates and be the part of the political system which is good for the health of democracy, but they must shy of the petty politics which always comes into existence for petty gains and cause unrest in the country.

Students and politics must complement each other. Students should also take part in the politics of the country so that they become aware of the government, state and their affairs. Such political participation by the students would ensure more awareness and better governance. Political participation by students is of utmost importance in the present day.

In Indo-Pak sub-continent today; politicians have multiplied vigorously. In a true democracy, everyone has to learn the art of science of politics. For this purpose, it is good that students are encouraged to set up unions, to participate in ‘parliaments’ and do such other things which are good in away. These activities are legitimate and they offset their purely bookish life.