Optimizing for Contextual Ads

Optimizing for Contextual Ads

Optimizing for Contextual Advertisers choose relevant keywords and then bid on them. Searchers enter queries, and if the advertiser has chosen that keyword, then the ad is shown. The matching is based upon an advertiser wishing to buy traffic based upon what a searcher is looking for at that moment in time.

Optimizing for Contextual Ads

Presentation Transcript:

1. Optimization vs Overkill

•Build authority and monetize backfill content
•Don’t float ads left at top in content area
•Site has to sell itself
–If too aggressive the ads cost you links
–Perception of quality during SE reviews
–Navigation needs to be useful
2. Short Tail Sites:
  • A few spots up in the organic rankings can make a big difference in earnings
  • Invest into SEO
  • Make site easy to link at: Site design; Wait to monetize and Supporting featured content
3. Long Tail Sites:
  • Keep core pages (home / blog) clean: Blog readers don’t click many ads
  • Use ad channels to determine where the $ is
  • Site structure:
  1. Link equity push at top earning sections
  2. Less link equity at lower earning sections
  3. Deep link internally on popular articles
  4. Remove ads from exceptionally poor performers
4.  On Page Optimization Tools:
  • Analytics are your friend: Can see variety of phrases and common modifiers; Ranking accidents
  • Ensure to mix up keyword usage
  • Longer pages match many keywords
  • Use a variety of terms


5. Advanced Tips:

• Ad Filtering:
–Members can turn ads off
–Date based ad inclusion / ad positioning
• Link building::
–Buy a few links pointing at the best earning pages
–Syndicate content and deep link to best pages.
Own the best keywords:
  • Create a second page to get a double listing
  • Create authoritative documents, or
  • Spin out sites
Create your own products