Assignment on Marketing plan for Unique Testing Company

Assignment on Marketing plan for Unique Testing Company

Introduction of the report:

Every organization prepares many kinds of report and their target is different  also, but in here we prepare this report for identifying the best location for Unique Testing Company.

1.1 Topic:

Topic has been assigned “Marketing plan for Unique Testing Company”

1.2  Objective:

There are two types of objectives- main objective and specific objective.

1.2.1 Main objective:

            To make a marketing plan for Unique Testing Company.

1.2.2 Specific objective:

#  To open a new branch in Narayan Gong.

#  To motivate people to convert their cars into CNG.

#  To convince people for converting their cars by the organization at

least 20 in a month.

#  To generate money at least 200000 in a month.

1.3 Methodology:

There are many kinds of research such as qualitative and quantitative etc. In this report we depend on unstructured and structure questioners and by these questions we prepare qualitative and quantitative research.

In the data collection procedure to make effective, primary data are collected from the field through questioning the respondents in the different sides.

In case of designing the data collection, the researcher have designed a questionnaire and interviewed the respondent.

After conducted the interviewed, the collected data are processed in such a way that provided the information the research is designed to obtain the objective. The collected data are verified and examined that are in consistent with the trend of present CNG Testing Companies. Then tabulated data are complied, compared with the different samples.

1.4 Sample people:

For prepare this report we asked a series of questions to the people who are at different in age, who live in different residential area, who are earning minimum 25000 Taka in a month, who are in different in occupations and the people who live in high or middle class etc.

1.5 Instrument:

The instrument by which we try our best for completing this report is Questionnaire.

1.6 Sources of data:

To attain the objective of the study the data are collected from both primary and secondary sources.

1.6.1 Primary data:

            We have got the information or data through interview, questionnaire,        discussion etc.

            1.6.2 Secondary data:

            We have got the secondary information through reports, journals,    magazines,       newspapers, and websites, EPB, PDB etc.

1.7 Data analysis method:

After colleting the information we organize this report with the help of MS Word, MS Access and Excel etc.

1.8 Limitation:

Like all other things, our report has also some limitation. We fail to get all data, which is very essential, and assist to make our report. So it is our great lacking for gathering appropriate objective. 

This is a report of qualitative and quantitative. So it must contain all the information, in some area we can’t organize the information correctly.

This report is under taken only in some specific places. So it might be fail to provide 100 percent accurate information about location selection.

Shortage of time also a problem to collect the appropriate information for the report.

We have also financial problem for which we couldn’t collect the information.

We also couldn’t find enough computer lab facilities to organize this report.


1.9 Scope of the Study:

This research is a part of my degree requirement. As a student of Business Administration it will help us to take location selection decision because we want to be successful businessmen. So it will helpful for future for us.

This report will deal with location selection process under take by Unique Testing Company. And this survey based on interview, questionnaire system. We asked people, who are live at different places and are varied in professions, and take insider information for preparing this report.

In this modern age life is very complicated and competitive, so it is necessary for any businessman to take right decision in right time. In the question of location and marketing plan it is very important to take decision in right time. 


2.0 Introduction of the Company:

2.1 History:

Unique Testing Company (UTC) is a first growing cylinder gas Services Company equipped with a term of professional entrepreneurs having commitment to extension of highest services to its valued clients. The unique testing system enjoys the benefit of several associate services, which enhances UTC’s capabilities in terms of technical, financial and logistic support. Most of the staffs are experienced in their various fields of expertise and from a multidisciplinary group of highly skilled and dedicated to professional work force. Our company always put highest priority and importance to provide its clients with complete range of services in a comprehensive manner.

In a world where a better quality of life is becoming increasingly available to growing numbers of peoples, our company has a vision of bringing these new standers of living to the people of Bangladesh. Having been established at the time of the birth of the nation, it is appropriate that the group reaffirm its commitment to this task at the dawn of the new millennium. Our company has come of age right along with Bangladesh. From our humble beginnings in 1996, unique company has grown to become one of the largest

Unique Testing Company is a partnership business, which is, establish in 2006. It is form with 4 partners Md.Ifthakar Alam, Mr. Taufique Reza, Mr Rezaul Karimand and Mr.Hasan Mahamud. The partner’s names are. Our company mainly based on CNG cylinder testing.

2.1.1 Vision:

Vision of Unique Testing Company to improve quality of the CNG converted        vehicles in the region in general and the country in particular by offering       concerted opportunities to convert their vehicles into CNG essential for better and            comfortable to both transportation and environment. Its vision in brief could be s            tated as “Think Globally and Act Locally”.

2.1.2 Mission

Mission of Unique Testing Company is to offer such services of testing and           related functions as will be directly linked to socio-economic empowerment of the         people of the society. The company will conduct all possible activities related to    CNG testing and development of Cylinder gas services of high quality at an             affordable cost.

2.2 At a glance of unique Testing Company

2.2.1 Profile & agreement of BUSINESS:

According to Partnership business contract Act 1932.We must follow the agreements which are –

Business name:                                                           Unique Testing Company

Nature of business:                                                    Partnership Business

Services:                                                                    Cylinder gas services

Numbers of partners:                                       Four Partners (4)

Year of Establishment:                                                1996

Amount of capital                                                    TK 4900000.

Individual capital                                                      TK 700000.

Ratio of sharing profit and loss                                 Equal.

Liability                                                                         Equal

Number of employees:                                                   Ten (7)

Address:                                                                        CORPORATE OFFICE



PHONE NO-3462189


2.2.2 Describe the venture:


It is a service-oriented business. We have lunched our business activities into the market with cylinder testing and related services.

Actually, customer can taste the quality of the product and services of the company.

Our services aim to determine the needs, wants, and interest of the clients and deliver the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently that preserve the society’s being.

Size of business:

This business will serve Cylinder testing and organize as a small size business. We will cover four major area of the Dhaka city but our prospect will be whole of the CNG users. 

Office Equipment and personnel:

As a small business we launch our business few necessary type of equipments. Our main office is around 720 square feet space. We furnished office with the computer, one printer two table, fans, Air condition, chairs, and telephone and stationary items.


For our new form business we will prefer skillful and competent employees who are also experienced personnel in their own sector.

2.2.3 Authority of principals:

Board of Director:

Md.Ifthakar Alam, Mr. Taufique Reza, Mr Rezaul Karimand and Mr.Hasan Mahamud are the members of Unique testing co. They will observe the various sections activities, receiving customer complains and they will inform all others section to solve complains.

company formation


Md.Ifthakar Alam is CEO of the Cylinder testing co. he will be responsible to take any strategic decision or give permission to implement the particular strategic plan.

H.R.M .Manager:

Mr. Taufique Reza is HRM Manager of a UTC. She will identify how many employees will be needed to provide customer service efficiently and will try give services maximum output through minimum human recourses.

Finance Manager:

Mr Rezaul Karimand is the finance manager of UTC. He will handle all the money which will be needed to purchase the machineries from supplier and money which will be earn through providing services and also will handle all the financial activities.

Marketing Manager:

Mr.Hasan Mahamud is the marketing manager of UTC. She will inform consumers about our services and quality. She will visit consumers door to door to identify their needs demands through interview and inform consumers about our services and quality.

2.3 Location:

Our Company’s corporate office is located in




PHONE NO-3462189





PHONE NO-8756295



23/9, UTTARA


PHONE NO-9362785




32/4, MIRPUR.


PHONE NO-7354889


Design: Safety first, quality and low price.

Employees: There are seven employees for full time.

Type of transaction: 80% dine in, 20% take out.

2.4 Financing:

Initial financing required TK.10, 20,000 for one project. This debt will cover office spaces, office equipments, all machineries and permission of all authorities. The amount is TK.49, 00, 0000 from the partners.

2.5 Services:

The services that will be provided by GOPHER it are designed to provide customers with the benefits of convenience and the saving of time. Although the services very widely, there are standard services offered to the customer. The most efficient and economic solution will be chosen for each situation. Every cylinder got tempered approval for 3 years. After 3 years will be need to testing certificate.

2.6 Production Plan:

            2.6.1 Service provides process:

It is a service-oriented business where we tests cylinder tempered and find out       that cylinder can use for future or not. If yes how long it gives us better service         with safety.

The above dimensions are for our standard size water jackets. If your water jacket             size is not listed, please call. The Unique will be providing best service by new           technology. No dangers thing 100% safety first done by equipment and          mechanical. Just pick-up the cylinder from any vehicle by a safety carries then put             it the machine’s whole or chamber then press to the switch button if cylinder          temper less it will be enlarge or tempered keep as it is cylinder position. Then we             provided certificate.2.6.2 Physical plant:

            The working spaces (2880*4) = 11520 square feet for the UT


2.7 Manufacturing process (amount subcontracted):

Total of the manufacturing process maintain by our employees and all the raw materials will be purchased from different locality of the country and manufacture final product in our factory.

2.8 Machinery and equipment:

We have designed and build equipment capable of producing liners from either extruded tube or from plate ranging from 1.5” dia . And 3” long, up to 24” dia . And 300” long.  Wall thickness can range from 0.050” up to 0.750”, all depending on design.

Smaller liners are typically used for composite cylinders in the paintball and Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) industry and the larger sizes are used for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuel tanks for over the road transport of gasses.

Our line of Aluminum Liner manufacturing equipment covers all aspects of liner manufacturing.  This includes lubrication, deep draw, ironing, sanding, inspection, trimming, spinning, washing, heat-treat and artificial age, machining, test, etc.

We have some machinery. These are as follows:

1. Model SPT-1675 CNC Tube Spinning Machine for Aluminum Cylinders

2. Necking-In Operation

3. Model OSC-840

CNC Tube Spinning

For Steel Cylinders

4. Steel Cylinder & End Closing

5. Necking-In Machines


2.9 Distribution channels:

Distribution is our produces product how we will send to the potential customers. Since we will retail sale and whose sale system so we will have two difficult distribution channels. Firstly we cover in Dhaka city, and some nearest side of Dhaka. Next we have plan we will spread up our business in noshed and gopalgong and increase more branches. Our two distribution channels are difficult from each others. For retail sale we use B2C distribution channels. For whole sale we use B2B distributions channels. These chart as follows –




 2.9.1 Target Market: Retail Sales:

Our business mainly dependent on retail sale. Retail customer is our main   customer. The retail sale in Dhaka town is a growing at over 3% per year. Our   estimate is this plan for the retail sale in our market service area is based on an   analysis published one month ago in the local newspaper and television. Though    our business is new established business in new location, so in first year our target         is 45% retail customer in total customer.

Retail customers include several types. For our plan the most important are the       retail sale that serves as the retail customer. We provide service to our retail customers by 3 shops.

There are elements will be related with retail sale. These and their explanation as    follows-

 Needs and requirements:-

Our target retail sale is an average as dependent on reliable information as any        others business. They care more about reliable service and confidence then about          the accurate price. They don’t want to rely solely on their own expertise, so they    instead to deal with us with our promise of service and support when needed.

Our retail sale is will be much more powerful system then the average wholesale.

It’s important that we realize we won’t be selling to the price oriented retail buyers. We’ll be able to offer an attractive proposition to the service oriented and     security oriented buyers only.

 Distribution channel: –

For retail sale our organizations use B2C distributions channels. Our distribution    channels are as follows-

Communications: –

For communication with retail customers we use television media, local      newspaper and posturing, trade fair are communication method with retail     customers.

We use those method for communication our retail customers in this New Year.

2.9.2 Target Market: Wholesale:

Wholesale market includes that type of customers who will buy product from us    and sale. That product from their own shops. Though our business is new business so we assume we are able to provide our product to some wholesaler. In first year             our target to conduct our business with at least 30 wholesaler clients who buy             product from us.

Needs and Requirements:

Our target is wholesale is very dependent on reliable information. For wholesaling             we need a strong marketing information provider who inform local retailer and           impress to local retailer and impress to our product. So we appoint a marketing   representative who are young, energetic and contain enough knowledge and who     are really able to give enough information about our product, brand, quality, price etc information to the retail seller.

Distribution Channel:

For wholesale we use B2B (Business to Business) distribution channels model as   follows:


            For communication with wholesaler we use television media, local newspaper and             magazine.

We appoint a marketing representative who finds out retailer, who sends the          message about our product, quality, service and price to those retailers. Our      marketing representative also motivates them for buying product from us.


It is usually very necessary for every firm to inform potential customers about the products or services availability or to educate the customer, using advertising media. Usually television is too expensive to bear the cost for an entrepreneur. So, Unique testing company will give billboards, lip let, browser, newspapers, education fare, and internet Media.

What promotional stage we will use promotion informs the customers about the product, its quality, brand name, quantity and its availability. Promotion has four essential elements advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity. Our business organization is an established organization, so the customers know about our organization, and our product availability etc. So we have taken some plan to the customer about us. We gave advertising about our organization’s service and new location’s address in television before one month of starting business. We will be pestering in Dhaka city. We have also plan that we arrange an exhibition by our own responsibility in January. We will also used for our promotion in newspaper and magazines. In our advertising we will about us and the message which is “product quality price stability”. We budget for our promotion in TK 4, 00,000.

2.11 Market Demographics:

The profile for Unique Testing Company’s customer consists of the following geographic, demographic and behavior factors:

            2.11.1 Geographic’s:

            # Our immediate geographic target is the city of Narayangong with a population    near about 300000.

# A 20 mile geographic area is need of our services.

# The total targeted population is who have the income about 25000 in a month.

            2.11.2 Demographics:

# Individual and companies.

# High and upper middle class people.

# Business people who work close to the company.

# An income of 25000 or above.

# Tends to support higher quality service.

# Are aware about their transportation.

2.11.3 Behavior Factors:

# Enjoy high quality of services without time consuming.

# When ordering safety & environment concerns in regard to services into account.

# There is value attributed to quality servicing.

2.12 Market Needs:

Unique Testing Company’s service is providing it’s customers with a wide selection of high quality services that are unique and pleasing in offering safety and comfortable and utilize top-shelf imported parts. Unique Testing Company seeks to fulfill the following benefits that are important to their customer:

# Selection: A wide variety of prices for services.

# Accessibility: The supporter can gain access to the company with minimal waits and can choose the option of ordering schedule.

# Customer service: The patron will be impressed with the level of attention that    they receive.

# Competitive pricing: All products or services will be competitively priced            relative to comparable with other competitor prices.

2.13 Market Growth:

In 1997 the CNG converting market is established and capable to attract the customer and raised a huge amount of profit. Converting services are estimated to grow by at least 10% for the next three years. For this we want to open a new branch in Narayangong. However, this growth can be attributed to several different factors. The first factor is environment concern.

Another variable that is contributing to market growth is an increase in the number of locations our demographic is working. Over the last five years the number of location is increased of our company are 03 and our satisfied customer significantly increased. As the number of location is increased, the quality is also increased and there is a high correlation of people that take service from us. For increasing the location, we have made a little brand name and customers are also fill satisfaction for want of safety and comfort-ability.


3.1 SWOT Analysis:

The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats Unique Testing Company.

3.1.1 Strength

 @ Strong relationships with vendors that offer high-quality ingredients and fast/frequent delivery schedules. Excellent staff who are highly trained and very customer attentive.

@ Great retail space that is bright, clean, and located in an upscale show room, suburban neighborhood, or urban retail district. .

@ High customer loyalty among repeat customer.

@ High quality service offerings that exceed competitor’s offerings in quality, and price.

@ More branches.

@ Operated businesses for a long time.

3.1. 2 Weaknesses

We have a very small capital. So we will able compete with the lower price competitor. And our resources are also limited in compare to competitors.

The company can improve or eliminate the risk by:

  • To compete with the competitors in an innovative technical way.
  • Carefully analyze the economic condition of the country.
  • To improve technological and technical support of the company.
  • The company should justify the legal concern in appropriate way.
  • UTS’S name lacks brand equity.
  • A limited marketing budget to develop brand awareness.
  • The struggle to continually appear to be cutting edge.

3.1.3 Opportunities

Growing market with a significant percentage of the target market stiff not aware that Unique Testing Company’s exists.

Increasing sales opportunities in other cities.

The ability spread overhead over multiple revenue centers. Companies will be able to spread the management overhead costs among the multiple branch, decreasing the fixed costs per branch.

3.1.4 Threats

Competition from local companies that respond to Unique Testing Company’s superior offerings.

Other CNG converting Company’s found in other market in other cities.

3.2 Competitor analysis:

Bangladesh is the residence of over 150 millions of people. Although a poor country, the capital city Dhaka (15 millions) and other major cities (another 20 millions) are expanding rapidly along with diverse economics activities. So in a fixed area it is difficult to stay in the market long time without competition.

3.2.1 Market Segmentation:

We have segmented our market according to the geographical location. The provide services at a minimum rate.

The UTC have to start by latest technology system with economy is the market.       The current market ratio of this field is as follows –


3.2.2 Analysis of competitors:

So far we know there are few competitors of our product yet. But we are going to launch new branch in Nayrangong at first where we don’t face any competition yet.  Although there are many other CNG converting company exists into the market but they are not our direct competitor in all area. However we are not keeping them out of competition. There to us strongly belief that any time any new competitors may enter into the market as threat consequently, we are highly conscious about our prospective competitors. Our existing potential competitors are Navana , Rahim Afrooz etc. We are going to describe those in short.

# ( Name Omitted) : Their service is very quality full, but their price is high.

#  ( Name Omitted) :  Their service is also good, but their also has a problem of accommodation and price also little high.

3.2.3 Competitors Strategies:

Our competitor’s strategies as follows: Our competitors want to gathered more customers by advertising. Some times they offer discount strategies in various special day or ceremony. They choice those area for selling in which place are beside the exclusive industrial place and mass people society.

3.2.4 Future outlook and trend:

This business will provide testing service on a size basis to small medium and large. Service include setup /installation. Testing will be for three years with certificate and will specific service.

Our expectation within the year Unique Testing Centre will be reach the top position in the market. The Unique Testing Centre is one of the safety first testing centre in the market.

Unique Testing Company will establish on 1st July with a view to service based. The company will provide the service of Cylinder gas services. The company will provide the high class testing and converting system which will help the people to face the modern transformation.

The following factors are going to get initial focus on the system:

Business would exist for at least 10 years.

Business is planned for 3 years primarily.

Achieve 45% of total market share within the of the operation activities and then constantly achieve 5% growth in market share in the subsequent years.

Maintain 100% customer satisfaction.


4.0 Marketing Analysis

4.1 Marketing Goal:

Our Organizations marketing goals are as follows-

* To meet the growing needs of a target market defined of geography, demographics lifestyle and buyer intentions.

* To evaluate the competitive environment and continue to establish a differential advantage.

* To establish on effective and profitable marketing mix of production, price place and promotion.

4.2 Marketing Objective:

  • To achieve 5% of market share within first year (2006 – 2007) of the activities and then constantly achieve 10% growth in market share in the subsequent years.
  • To attract customers by new offering and packages.
  •  To maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

4.3 Market Definitions and Segmentation:

We can fall our market into there groups according to standard classification used by markets research companies retail market and wholesale market.

Exact definition of those market segments is not necessary for our marketing planning purpose here, general definition will suffice. We know our retail customer tend to be heavy users who want high quality product, reasonable price, well place, and pleasing environment. The wholesale customer buy product in anywhere. They don’t find pleasing environment. But they find lower product price. But he buys our product on the basis of quality. We know that our retail customers are less proficient on wears.

4.4 Positioning:

Unique Testing Company’s services will position itself as a reasonably priced, quality and upscale servicing center. Like other city’s customers who appreciate high quality service will recognize the value and unique offerings of Unique Testing Company’s service. Patrons will be individual or a company.

Unique Testing Company’s service positioning will influence their competitive frame:

Product: We are providing service. Our product line is different

1: All of this is CNG service.

2: It maintains high quality and reasonable price.

3: It provides quick and better service.

4: It contains extraordinary and new service line.

5: It accurate measurement.

We are the provider of our service. But sometimes we collect some raw materials from some local area. Our service brand name is UTC. In our new marketing plan we use this element according to our service characteristics and by using other components.

Services :  Customer service will be the priority. All employees will ensure that the customers are having the most pleasant servicing experience. All employees will go through an extensive training program and only experienced people will be hired.

 By offering a superior product, coupled with superior service, Unique Testing Company’s will excel relative to the competition.

4.5 Target Market Segment Strategy

We want to survive to provide better service to our customers. Instead we must get better at focusing on the specific market segment whose needs match our offerings. Focus on targeted is the key to our future.

Therefore, we need to focus our marketing massage and our product offering. We need to develop our message, communication and make good on it.

4.6 Use of Marketing Mix:

Marketing mix is the combination of four interrelated essential components pricing, advertising, promotion and distribution, which used to satisfy the need of a target market.

Pricing: – Price means the costs that must be paid for an item. When a producer produces a product he should determine the appropriate price of the product.  If he determines the high price the customers will not purchase it but if he determines the low price the company may fall in the loss. So the producer should consider the purchasing capacity of customer. We are strongly believed if we determine our service price is high than most of the customer cannot buy our product because it will be beyond their possibility. So we will determine our product price is reasonable according to the quality, which will be lower from our market competitor.

 Distribution: Our service will be distributed through a take out model where customers can call in their order and come to the servicing center for repairing their cars, come into the servicing center, place the take out order and wait for it to be repaired.

Advertising and promotion: We gave advertising about our organization’s service and new location’s address in television before one month of starting business. We will be pestering in Dhaka city. We have also plan that we arrange an exhibition by our own responsibility in January. We will also used for our promotion in newspaper and magazines.

Customer service: Unique Testing Company’s philosophy is that whatever needs to be done to make the customer happy must occur, even at the expense of short term profits. In the long term, this investing will pay off with a firefly loyal customer base that is extremely vocal to their friends with referrals.

 4.7 Marketing Research:

During the initial phases of the marketing plan development, several focus groups were held to gain insight into a variety of customer of the company. These focus groups provided useful insight into the decisions, and decision-making processes, of consumers.

An additional source of market research that is dynamic is a feedback mechanism based on a suggestion card system. The suggestion card system has several statements that customers are asked to rate in terms of a given scale. There are also several open-ended questions that allow the customer to freely offer constructive criticism or praise. Unique Testing Company will work hard to implement reasonable suggestions in order to improve their service offerings as well as show their commitment to the customer that their suggestions are valued.

The last source of marketing research is competitive analysis or appreciation. This company will continually support local competitors for two reasons. The first is competitive analysis and second reason is that local business owners, particularly CNG converting owners, are often part of an informal fraternal organization where they support each other’s business.

4.8 Target Market:

The market can be targeted or segmented into two target populations:

@ Individuals : People who earn 25000 or more in a month.

@Companies : The companies are also our major targeted segmentation.

Narayangong is our major market of our service. However, the population of the city, whose income level 25,000 or higher level family is our “Target Market” of our service. So in Narayangong city 40% people can be our “Target Market”.                                                                                            

 4.9 Targeting on the basis of Demographic & Geographic:

Location Analysis:

Nārāyanganj, city, southeastern Bangladesh, a port on the Lakhya River, at its confluence with the Dhaleswari River, near Dhaka. A road center and rail terminus, the city serves as the river port of Dhaka. An industrial city specializing in jute and cotton milling, Nārāyanganj also engages in rice and sugar milling, tanning, shipbuilding, engineering, iron working, and the manufacture of leather, glass, chemicals, hosiery, paper products, and matches. It trades in jute, rice, fish, and oilseeds. A noted 16th- century mosque is here, and across the Dhaleswari River is the Idrakpur Fort (1660). Population (1991) 268,952.

Political Environment:

Our countries politics is favorable for this type of business. CNG converting is growing business in present time of our country. For this business politically has no defect especially opening a new branch in Narayangong.  Government also helps the businessman of this sector. But sometimes hortal create problem for delivery order product in fixed time. Thereafter all of the above we can say that political environment is favorable for us.

Economical Environment:

Economical environment of our country and economical condition of our nation is not good. But which area we selected that areas people’s economic

Condition is well. The price of this service is reasonable, so economic environment have large impact on that. So we can say that economic condition is favorable for us.

Social Environment:

Attitude, choice and opinion of different areas people is not same. Different people choice different style. So conversion to CNG has not same demand in all of the area of our country. If anyone establishes this business in Rangpur or Saver, they can not earn more money and accurate price. But social environment is not defect for this business.

Technological Environment:

Technological environment is not 100% favorable for this business. We have lack new technology but we can not use those technologies because of high cost. We use moderate technology in this sector. All of the above we can say technological environment is not fully favorable for us.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

4.10 Service information:

 Unique Testing Company will provide the main services:


Allocated Customer

(For Each Month)

  Conversion to CNG


  Repairing Cylinder


  Re- arrangement of parts


This will be increased by year basis.

4.11 Expenses:

Unique Testing Company will always fretful about the pricing system of those services. The company robustly believes that pricing is the most decisive part of leading any short of business.



Allocated customer

(For Each Month)

Conversion to CNG

25,000 + 5,000


  Repairing Cylinder



  Re- arrangement of parts



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        4.12 Employment Details:

Unique Testing Company’s activities will be run by the following structure and salary amount. salary

Chapter- 05


5.0 Financial budget and Forecast: 

5.1 Salary Sheet:

                                                             Salary Sheet

                                                               By Month

                                                                               Year –1





5.2 Budget Amount for Every Sector:

Name of Sector Budget Amount in TK
Machinery             60,000
Equipment           400,000
 Raw-Materials             40,000
Advertising             25,000
Seminar             15,000
Salary           150,500
Sales Center Rent           210,000
Utility             25,000
Office Supplies             10,000
Cash in Bank         1600,000
Cash in Hand           260,000
Others           300,000
Total         31,00,000




5.3Sales Target for Every Month:

     Name of MonthSales Target in Tk.
January       150000
February       150000
March       200000
April       250000
May       350000
June       350000
July       350000
August       390000
September       400000
October       530000
November       540000
December       300000
Total     3960000



5.4 Expense Budget for Every Month (for sales related):

For earning sales target our cost is75% 0f the total sales revenue which is Tk.3060000. In this cost include raw materials, utility, advertising, and others sales related cost. Actually all type of cost include in that cost. The month by month expense budget as follows:

Name of MonthExpense Budget in Tk.
January               120000
February               110000
March               130000
April               200000
May               270000
June               310000
July               305000
August               360000
September               360000
October               380000
November               380000
December               280000
Total             3205000

5.5 Expected Gross Profit for Every Month:

On the total sales our return on investment is 25%. According to our sales budget of this year our expected profit is TK.755000 which 19%. This profit is calculated deduct all kind of cost. Our expected profits of every month are as follows

Name of Month   Profit in TK
January        30000
February        40000
March        70000
April        50000
May        80000
June        40000
July        45000
August        30000
September        40000
October      150000
November      160000
December        20000
Total      755000









5.6 Expense Budget by Markets:

Most of our market falls into the general category that applies to both target markets. Because much of the spending is impossible to divide into specific market categories off the budget that is specific, by the largest share falls into the wholesale business market. Because they buy huge amount of product from various organizations. But our main customers are retail customers. So we specifically  care our retail customers and also care on wholesale buyers. In our total budget we spend 70% for retail buyers and 30% for wholesale buyers.

Type of Buyer                     Budget Amount in TK

Retail Buyer                              2205000

Wholesale Buyer                       1000000

Total                                          3205000

5.7 determining the breakeven point:

Breakeven: volume of sales where the venture neither makes a profit nor incurs a loss.

By definition, breakeven is

Where, Total Revenue (TR) = Total Cost (TC)


TR = Selling Price (SP) X Quantity (Q)

And     TC = Total Fixed costs (TFC) + Total Variable Cost (TVC)

SP X Q = TFC + TVC ———————– (i)

Where, TVC = Variable Cost / Unit (VC/Unit) X Quantity (Q)

From the equation (i)

SP X Q – (VC/Unit X Q) = TFC + VC/Unit (SP X Q) = TFC X Q

Q (SP – VC/Unit) = TFC

Q = TFC / {(SP – VC)/ Unit}


Quantity (Q) = Total Fixed cost (TFC)/[Selling Cost (SP) – Variable Cost (VC)/Unit

The break even analysis

Includes that 660000 will be needed in monthly revenue the reach the break even point

Break even analysis

Break even analysis:

Monthly unites break-even                                                                             6

Monthly revenue break-even                                                                     267084


Average per-unit revenue                                                                             44514

Average per-unit Variable cost                                                                   27544

Estimated Monthly Fixed Cost                                                                     17,000

5.8 Financial Plan:

                                          Unique Testing Company

                                      Pro-forma Income Statement

                                            Three years summary.


Particulars       200720082009
Less: COGS320500049000004500000
Gross profit  75500019280001924000
Selling Expense    400007000060000
Advertising    250002000025000
Salaries  150500200000180000
Office supplies    100001800015000
 Rent  210000248000225000
Utilities    250001400012000
Insurance    500007000050000
Depreciation    200003000020000
Total operating expense  530500670000587000
Profit before taxes  22450012580001337000
Taxes (30%)    673506290066850
Net profit  15715011951001270150

Unique Testing Company

                                   Proforma Common Size Income Statement

                                                      Three Years Summary.

Particulars1st year2nd year3rd year
Less: COGS80.93%71.76%70.04%
Gross profit19.06%28.23%29.95%
Selling expense1.01%1.02%0.93%
Office supplies0.25%0.26%0.29%
Total operating expense13.39%18.42%20.81%
Profit before taxes5.67%0.92%1.04%
Net profit3.97%17.50%19.17%

 Unique Testing Company

                                                     Proforma Balance sheet


Current assets:

Cash………………………………… 1860000

Merchandise inventory………….   557150

Accounts Receivable…………………  20000

Supplies……………………………… 40000

Total current assets……………………    ………          2477150


  Fixed assets:

Equipment……………………… …   400000

Machineries………………………..          60000

Depreciation………………………     (20000)

Total fixed assets…………………..    ……………..              440000


Total assets………………………………   …        ……                   2917150


  Liabilities and owners’ equity

Current liabilities

Accounts Payable………………………..          150000

Notes payable…………………………..       210000

Total liabilities…………………………………                            360000

Owners’ equity

Md.Ifthakar Alam, capital……………………     600000

Mr. Taufique Reza, capital……………………..          600000

Mr. Rezaul Karimand, capital………………………                 600000

Mr.Hasan Mahamud, capital… ……. ………       600000

Retained Earnings………….  …….                        157150

Total owners’ equity ………………………..……                           2557150



Total liabilities & owners’ equity         ………………                     2917150




6.0 Marketing Implementation

6.1 Implementation of target:


Initially we prepare our Marketing plan for three years. In 1st year we capture 10% of the total market share and next 2 years we target 35% of the total market share.

We segment our market according to the demographic segmentation. Our main target customers are upper class and middle class. As our target customers are upper class and middle class we promote our service by give advertisement in posters, billboards and newspaper. For providing our services we use two types of distribution channels. We also provide our services by expert technician.


As the simplest level of partnership which is for small business total capital of our business Tk 4900000 and 2917150 taka invest for our new testing station. The test of amount from the capital worth TK 860000. For potential money in the business in which the ownership and control is held equally by its worker members. For make station have to need money formalities, many requirements and skillful eligibilities. Then will be get Authorized permission. We provide Authorized certificate to good and durable cylinder for three years. An average per year cylinder fees worth TK 2000 and our daily target only five cylinders.

It’s would be reach market goal. Because a unique testing center is the last technology with economy in the market. An UNIQUE TESTIUNG center says always SAFETY FIRST.

 The following milestones identify the key marketing programs. It is important to accomplish each one on time, and on budget.

MilestoneStart dataEnd dataBudgetManagerDepartment
Target               1/1/2007        2/1/2007          TK.0      H. Mahamud      Marketing

Leaflet           2/1/2007       4/1/2007            6000       H. Mahamud          Marketing


Banner ad         2/1/2007       4/1/2007         7000      H. Mahamud           Marketing


Mailing                  2/1/2007       4/1/2007         2000       H. Mahamud     Marketing


Postaring          10/3/2007       28/3/2007         5000    H. Mahamud          Marketing


Banner ad          10/8/2007      29/8/2007         5,000        H. Mahamud       Marketing




Campaign#210/10/200720/10/2007  15000H.MahamudMarketing

Totals  40000

6.2 Marketing organization

 Mr. Hasan Mahmud, the owner, is primarily responsible for marketing activities. This is addition to his other responsibility, and dose depends on some outside resources for graphic design work and activities.

6.3 Emergency planning

Difficulties and risks:

Overly aggressive and unbearable actions by  competitors.



From the above analysis and discussion we may conclude that a wide variety of product like exist in the market and the massive competition among in the making price war and in promoting their product using all kinds of promotional tools to achieves marketing objective which creates better facility and reasonable price for the target market. The government needs to be given a special attention to reduce the cost and relevant bottleneck to facilitate the GNG users need to the all segment of population.

At least we can say our marketing plan will be very competitive and if we can cover all things according to our marketing plan than we can able to earn our expected profit. Our all partners and associates are very sincere about our organization. We want survive in market by providing better service to our customers. If also there are many competitors presented in the market thereafter we believe we can survive in the market. We will forward according to our marketing plan. We will try to increase our partner’s since ness about business. Then we will take some new plan for our business.