New Machine Screams at Dogs about how great they are

New Machine Screams at Dogs about how great they are

Some of us have dealt with quarantine by baking or learning new instruments.

Others have built AI-powered computers to scream praise for every dog ​​on the side. Okay that the latter probably a bit more specific. Rider Damen the “YouTube channel” Rider Cool Down “used machine learning to create a computer to compliment dogs and their owners but it happened.

Damen used a Raspberry Pi computer and camera to capture live streams of his street. He then captured the footage via YOLOv3 with this machine-learning detection model, which programmed to detect a variety of things, including people, cars, planes, traffic lights and of course – dogs. After all, he attached the set to a megaphone with a pre-recorded voice that shouted, “I like your dog, whenever a canine has passed!”

Daemon’s project is probably the healthiest (if not the healthiest) example of AI and machine learning we have. It is great to see much the field has improved and its growing potential for fun projects like this. At least it has moved away from people to create deep faxes to try to drive their kids ’rivals or self-driving cars on railway tracks using AI.

If you’ve ever wasted an afternoon (or all of 2020) looking for cute dog pictures online, you’ve already realized that the YouTube channel Ryder inspired a rider from the pen down that could create an AI-powered machine that would allow dogs to walk past their homes. Recognize walking with. In addition, automatically shout praise to their owners. The creation began automatically when Ryder found out when a dog was walking past his house because seeing a real puppy is better than just looking at a picture of a doll.

Built around a raspberry pie, the device analyzes a live feed from the Raspberry Pi camera module and uses a machine learning model (in this case the YOLOv3 model), which was trained to recognize about 80 different things, including humans, cars and dogs. When a passing pip is recognized, a fidgeting automated text-to-speech voice automatically warns the rider using an original megaphone so that no matter what they do, they can dash into the window in time to catch a glimpse.

At times when they do not actually hear the warning, the machine can corrected with a megaphone pointing to a pre-recorded play window, “I like your dog!” The message is that anyone who chooses to walk his or her puppy on the rider’s road is getting free dopamine. It is a random and slightly fragile act of compassion, but now I think we will all accept what we get.