Letter Format for Fee Dispensation

Letter Format for Fee Dispensation

Letter Format for Fee Dispensation


The Principal/Registrar,

College/School/Institute Name….

Subject: Request for Fee Dispensation

Respected Sir,

It is stated that, I’m a student of your School/college. My academic record in my studies is very well. I’m very much passionate student, my academic record itself is a proof and shows that I’m a keen and hardworking student and have focused on my studies for the best record of my institute. But, I’m not capable to submit my full dues and not able to support myself financially. Actually, I belonged to rural area, where education doesn’t mean a lot. As, my father is a farmer (profession), he is the only earner of our family.

I’m the elder child of my family, me all family is now depending upon my education for the better living and better education of me brothers and sisters. I’m indomitable to complete my studies and put my best for the better development of my country as well as my family. If I wouldn’t to complete my education, it would be a great loss of mine. So, I want some financial support from my collage / from your institution. I kindly request you to support me and be a part of committed decision.

I’m attaching my all required documents herewith. I shall be very thankful to you for this very kind favor to me.

Yours Obediently,


Roll No__________

Registration no….