Higher Education in Bangladesh

Institutions providing higher education to students can be divided into two categories the degree-awarding universities and colleges affiliated with the National University. At present, we have 45 universities that are publicly funded. Dhaka division is home to 13 public universities, among which 8 are in Dhaka City. There are 7 public universities in Chittagong division, 5 in Khulna division, 3 in Rajshahi division. Each of Mymensingh Division, Rangpur division, Sylhet division & Barisal division has two. The growths of private universities have started in Bangladesh since 1990. At present we have 97 private universities (as of April 2018). Most of the private universities are in Dhaka Division, totaling 51. There are only two international universities in Bangladesh. The colleges that provide tertiary level education are 1400 in number. These colleges are affiliated with the National University. In order to get access to higher education, a student has to have the chance to University education and preferable support from educational institutions. A large number of students pass the secondary and higher secondary level which puts pressure on higher educational institutions. Due to the limited capacity of seats, only a small number of students can get access to higher education. Again, because of poverty and an increase in educational expenses, students of the lower middle class cannot easily achieve higher education. Only about 12% (percent) students can enter the universities. More than 80% (percent) of these students have to avail seats in the N.U. affiliated colleges. Others are absorbed in public and private universities. Getting admission in a public university is the first choice of the students which provides a wide range of scope and exposure for enhancing knowledge.