Humour means making funs with friends, relatives, and colleagues. It is something that is funny, comical, or amusing. It is the quality that makes something laughable or amusing. So it is found that no other animals but the man in the animal kingdom have the faculty and boon of humor. It is one thing that can bind us all and generate a positive and happy environment. It is totally exclusive to man. This faculty of laughter belongs to the only man for whom he can speak. It can be found in movies and books, in-jokes, and in everyday situations of life.

Humour is the means of expressing the mind in a fine sentiment. It also relieves a man suffering from frustration, tension, heaviness, monotony, and boredom by creating a congenial, light, friendly and jovial atmosphere. Even the most difficult situations can be handled with ease if we are armored with a humorous mind and disposition. A moment of humor is like a draught of cool and a fragrant breeze in hot summer. It is the ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing or comical. It is not a joke but a rare quality of a man to laugh or smile and makes others laugh or to find this laughing reflected on the face of others.

Humour is, the one thing, which is enjoyed by all, irrespective of age, caste, gender, whatever. Nothing else can refresh, invigorate and make us energetic as humor does. One may feel embittered, disillusioned, nervous and shaky resulting in the loss of energy, enthusiasm, and interest. In such a situation a moment of humor and laughter can be a great help. It makes him forget them working as a sedative. Each one of us carries our own burden of life’s plusses and minuses. They are really unfortunate to whom it does not come easily when needed. It is the source of laughter and the catalyst of smiles.

Humour is a state of mind. Cartoonists, jokers, authors, journalists, orators, poets and comedians may live a very handsome living through making other people laugh. Life on earth may become dull, complex, difficult, mechanical, hurried, materialistic for want of humor. Humour makes comedy successful both on the stage and in the library. It is a golden key that removes all sorts of gloomy, unhappiness, anxieties, boredom evil thoughts, frustrations by making a man open-hearted, unorthodox and frank, etc.

A humorist is remembered, loved, regarded by all classes and tastes of people for they find psychological food in his dealings. His art of making funs seems to be real. His movement, attitude, manners, and things are the real sources of joy and merriment. Some people use humour to hide from their real emotions.

There are some humourists in the world. We now cite the examples only two of them. Charlie Caplin, the famous comedian, ruled over the heart of the people in the world with his fifty years’ achievement, Likewise. Hanif Sanket in Bangladesh is popular with all sections of people for his presenting the real picture of life. He presents a magazine called Etyadi monthly. He has also found an uncountable number of devotees. He is now a familiar figure even to the inhabitants of the remotest villages of Bangladesh. His main profession cannot make him popular as Etyadi can.

A humourist can inculcate the idea he has into the mind of people easily and untroubled. So cheer up, one and all, and spice up the lives of each other, with a touch of humour! Humour is a fine quality of man that remains ever fresh or green to all. It is one of the crucial aspects of our everyday life.