Health And Fitness (Essay)

Health And Fitness (Essay)

Introduction: Health is an optimistic notion; it is not as straightforward to be safe as it sounds. Being safe and being fit are related together. Heath is used to describing a person’s more mental dimensions, and Wellness is used to describe more of a person’s physical health. People who are safe and fit really enjoy their lives very happily and peacefully. An unhealthy individual is unable to experience life to the full. He/she is unable to enjoy feeding, watching sports, or other luxuries in life. It is honestly said that health is wealth by our elders. We need to properly take care of hygiene and sanitation all around us in order to preserve good health. We need to consume safe and full meals in a timely way. Along with physical health, emotional fitness has also gained quite a lot of significance. For a person to be successful and do better for society, the maintenance of physical and mental health is very necessary.

Importance of health and fitness: The most critical element of our life is health and fitness. For any human being, there is nothing more significant than wellbeing. We are able to enjoy our lives well when we are safe and fit. We can speak to our loved ones, we can laugh, we can smile, we can fly, we can enjoy food and we can sleep well. Yet we are unable to do it properly and remain behind when our health and fitness is not up to the mark. We are unable to enjoy eating, playing sports, or watching movies. Our mood is still sour and we are unable to speak kindly to our loved ones or even to sleep properly.

The value of being safe and fit is never understood by most average people. As they never realize the benefits of it, they usually underestimate the value of good health. Our fitness and wellbeing are respected more than our money. Our elders were often focused on the health and fitness aspect, in fact. They treasure it like wealth. We need to take care of hygiene and sanitation around us in order to preserve good health and fitness at its finest all the time. Good health of both mind and body allows one to excel and enjoy life to the full extent. Strong mental health helps us believe that a healthy body provides us with physical strength and trust. Strong physical health helps us in our times of difficulty, while bad physical health is poorer and more vulnerable to diseases.

Factors that affect our Health and Fitness:

Lifestyle: The lifestyle is simply the way of life of a person, the way he or she lives. A big factor affecting our health and wellbeing is a lifestyle. If he or she spends hours sitting in front of the television and consuming unhealthy snacks like potato chips and carbonated soda, a person is bound to be lethargic.

Diet: The type of diet that a person eats may also be responsible for their wellbeing. It is clear that if all he or she consumes is fast food or junk food and does not engage in any physical activity, a person will become a victim of obesity. These foods do not supply the body with any protein. They fail to energize our systems and have an extremely detrimental effect on the functioning of our bodies.

Natural Habitat: In preserving his or her health and fitness, the location where a person lives, where he or she stays, may also play a significant role. He or she is at risk of inhaling and coming into contact with toxic chemicals and substances whether he or she lives near a processing plant or a warehouse. Often affected by noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution are people living in busy cities. The occurrence of respiratory conditions such as asthma is not unusual for people living in urban areas.

Smoking and Drinking: There is no question that a person who smokes or drinks excessively is not at all safe and fit. If a person is not able to go through the day without at least 2 to 3 cigarettes without smoking, the person is at high risk of having cancer. Tar, which decreases the flow of oxygen through our body and blood cells, is the most damaging agent found in cigarettes. Drinking alcohol can result in heart attacks and strokes very often and in large amounts. Insomnia, which can mess with our mental health, can also be induced.

Maintaining Health and Fitness:

There are various ways we can keep us healthy and fit if we follow regularly the following:

  • By taking some time out of our very hectic life, we can regularly engage in daily physical activities. For someone to keep fit, 30 to 60 minutes of exercise on a regular basis or five to six days a week is ideal.
  • For a person to remain safe and fit, healthy and clean food is very important in the right quantity and at the right time. The secret to good health is a healthy diet with high fiber, low fat, high protein, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Good sleeping patterns are very important for any person to get fit and safe. In our daily routine, we need to maintain discipline and concentrate on good sleeping habits that must begin and end at the right time. Taking eight hours of quality sleep every night strengthens our immune system and helps to avoid and enhance mood and cardiovascular diseases. Inadequate sleeping habits contribute to numerous psychiatric disorders and sleep disorders.

Impact of Exercise on our Health: Routine exercises help to strengthen our muscle strength. Exercise leads to a healthy supply of oxygen and blood flow in the body. The heart and lungs function effectively. Our bones are solid and the pain-free movement of the joints is free. We should spend at least twenty minutes a day exercising. The regular morning walk raises our level of fitness. We should stop stressful workouts at the gym. Exercise burns fat and regulates the amount of cholesterol in the body. Our body keeps healthy with various outdoor sports, such as cricket, football, volleyball, etc. Our body shape is preserved by frequent exercise.

Conclusion: For individuals of all age groups, particularly younger generations, daily physical activity and routine exercise are very important. Health and fitness bring pleasure in life and allow a person to live a life free of stress and disease. In a situation of strain, the balanced mind responds better. A person’s self-confidence is improved. The risk of cardiac failure is significantly decreased. The body could combat cancerous cells with the enhanced power of immunity. With daily exercise, the severity of the fracture is reduced.