Job Application Letter Format for Clerk

Job Application Letter Format for Clerk

Job Application Letter Format for Clerk



The Manager,

(Company/Organization Name)


Subject: Job Application for Clerk


Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect it is to state that I had graduated myself from the reputed college of (Country Name). I scored a good GPA and excelled in my academic career with distinction from grade one. I was good in studies but due to sudden financial upheaval I had to cut down the academic path which I regret the most.

I wanted to continue my studies and applied for petty vacant jobs but recently I saw the post of clerk in the local newspaper. I am no doubt new for this job if you will hire me but I assure you that I am really good in accounts and will be able to tackle the matters with ability and wisdom. The salary package is attractive for me and the reasonable timings will spare me time to further continue my studies in the field of accountancy.

I am hopeful of getting the chance of working with you people as I heard that your prestigious company/organization valued and encouraged the young blood to invest their energies in the company/organization like yours. I had attached the prerequisite documents of my academic degrees with this application for the favorable chase. Do consider my essence in form of words scribbled in this application.

Thank you.


Yours Truly,

Name: XYZ

Date: xx-xx-xx