News Letter – The Reckless Driving On The Streets

News Letter – The Reckless Driving On The Streets

NewsLetter – Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper expressing your views on the reckless driving on the streets.


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Reckless Driving

Nowadays reckless driving on the streets has become a major concern. The drivers of buses, trucks and private cars drive according to their sweet will. They hardly care for the speed limit. They do not bother the traffic rules. As a result, accidents are being taken place frequently. The recent bus accident near (Area/Place name)……. is a heart-shaking example of reckless driving. It has been reported that more than 30 people lost their lives in that accident. According to a report, more than twenty people lost their lives in road accidents daily. Reckless driving is the main cause of these accidents. Existing traffic rules are not being enforced strictly in our country because our traffic authorities are not well- equipped. On the other hand, most drivers are illiterate and hence lack knowledge of traffic rules.

So, the government should take immediate steps to make the drivers aware of traffic rules. At the same time, strict enforcement of traffic rules must be ensured. Besides, infrastructural development, as well as all logistic supports, must be ensured for our traffic authorities to curb this problem.