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Corruption in Bangladesh: Problems and Factors

Corruption in Bangladesh: Problems and Factors

Bangladesh become an one South Asian under developed developing country. With a territory of just 1,58,576 square k.m. area, this land has intensive pressure associated with large population growth, in comparison to the total area. As like other under developed, or developing countries, Bangladesh has to face many challenges to be able to ensure economical and financial stability but political instability. Among many other problems, corruption is on the list of major issues, which is definitely considered as the main reason for lagging behind, for such a country like Bangladesh.

It truly is almost four decades; Bangladesh has got liberated coming from Pakistan, throughout nine months of Liberation War. The birth of Bangladesh was stood on so many aspiring and motivating tactic, intentions, and promises, at the same time. The first few years following birth of Bangladesh (1971), was very troublesome, and that seemed united very regular scenario for any newly liberated country. Nevertheless the scenario had started removed more devastating when corruption had its influences in almost every branches of any federal, semi – government or maybe private sector. Development associated with Bangladesh has always experienced trouble, as corruption came jointly big and the ultimate barriers of this country.

It really is mainly the socio financial and economical structure, and the mindset in the people, which are being counted as key causes of such corruption culture, in this country. The level and intensity of corruption is now deeper by on a daily basis, which made Bangladesh because name of the best most corrupted country based on one intensive research, as well as analysis, done by Transparency International. The Government of Bangladesh provides one autonomous body on the Government, named as ACC (Anti Corruption Commission), with an make an effort to fight against the corruption problems. But the political laws, and the tendency of earning everything political, interrupt virtually any continuous operation of ACC. During the last four decades after the particular liberation, Bangladesh has skilled several democratic government, except on durable army ruling for a new several consecutive years through late 70’s to early 90’s. Every political organization appreciates the democratic system, and the mass people, as well. But it’s only the corruption, which made the roadblocks on any sustainable development and pathways.

Any developing country remains to put it briefly of budget, and this is a common scenario in World. Bangladesh isn’t a exception of this. Besides with the earning from within this country’s internal resources, dependencies within the aid and financial help from developed countries are one major key source of finance for many unique development purposes. But of which too even got compromised, when such fund providers did discovered that, funds are not utilized in a proper way as per their expectation in this case corruption occur. In this time corruption in Bangladesh adjusted so deep-rooted, that it has now being treated jointly prime obstacle for any sort of development for this Country. The main reason behind such corruption within this country is lacking proper administrative functioning in the government, and also your ‘quick get rich’ tendency, which has been formulated among the people due to the lack of patriotism.

Such a personal selfishness attitude has developed a result of the frustration which comes due to poor state level working. The future of Bangladesh will probably face serious threat, if serious and drastic measures are not likely to be taken and put in place immediately. Now Government should take necessary step also people should aware about their mind.