Colors and health – an Open Speech

Colors and health – an Open Speech

It is a known fact that colors have an impact on our health. We use colors to describe our well-being. We could be ‘in the pink of health’. However, we could be ‘off-color’ or we may be ‘feeling blue’: Sometimes, you may catch us in a black mood’.

Research has found that colors can affect how we feel emotionally. If you go to a room that is painted just black, it can lead to depression. Experts have warned that we should avoid decorating any room entirely in black, however much teenagers want to, especially during the more troublesome years. A room that is painted totally white is also depressing as white is associated with sterile environments like hospitals and bathrooms. It can make the room feel a bit cold and clinical, and the mood of the person will be low.

Research into the physiological effects of color has shown our spirit is lifted by warm colors. Red, orange, and yellow are the colors that energize and exude warmth. People just feel stimulated and better. Cool colors like blue and green are soothing and calming. Doctors often use these colors to relieve tension and stress. Blue, for instance, is associated with tranquil surroundings. Blue light is used for a calming effect in some mental hospitals. Other hospitals are now using soft green, blue, peach, and sunny yellow on walls and even sheets and gowns. These colors seem to help patients to get well quicker.

Nutritionists and medical researchers have emphasized that we should imbibe `a rainbow of colors, that is to include all colors of fruits and vegetables in our diet to stay healthy. We should consume fruits and vegetables of five different colors in each meal. This is why we are encouraged to take green vegetables, tomatoes, pumpkins. The stronger the colors of the fruits or vegetables, the more power-packed they are with natural anti-cancer nutrients and phytochemicals. Phytochemicals occur as color pigments in fruits and vegetables. They contain antioxidants to help slow the aging process and reduce the risk of many diseases. So, take your strawberries and bananas. They are excellent for our health.

So, don’t wait. Look at your room and the clothes you wear and the food you eat. Are they the right colors?