An Encounter with a Celebrity – An Open Speech

An Encounter with a Celebrity – An Open Speech

An Encounter with a Celebrity – An Open Speech

Like most of my friends and fellow students, I have always dreamt of an encounter with a celebrity. My favorite artist is Ning Baizura. She has a unique voice and a very likable personality. Ning Baizura is also an actress but I personally believe she is a much better singer than the former. I have many pictures of my favorite artist and I never miss any of her concerts just to catch a glimpse of her.

Two weeks ago, my friends celebrated my 17th birthday at a five-star hotel. These are my inner circle of close friends who also happen to be very rich and lavish. thus, they invited me to usher in my birthday in style with an expensive buffer lunch. I agreed as I rarely get the chance to dine at the Hilton Hotel. In fact, it was my first dining experience in that luxury hotel known to be the favorite spot of the rich and the famous.

While I was busy chatting with my friends surrounded by sumptuous food and delicacies, my friend, Sarah, tapped my hand urgently. Startled, I turned to her and she pointed at the direction of a table near a secluded corner. I almost dropped my fork. It was Ning Baizura! I was thrilled to note there were other famous celebrities at the table having drinks. My friends pestered me to approach her convincingly arguing that I would never ever get the chance of such a close encounter. I plucked up courage and approached the table very diffidently.

She flashed a smile. Gosh, she looked even more gorgeous in persona and elegantly dressed too! I smiled hesitantly. I suspect now she must have noted how nervous I was and quickly extended a handshake. I shook her smooth hands observing her beautifully manicured fingers. She had style! I sat next to her upon her invitation and she quickly ordered a glass of orange juice for me. She then proceeded to ask some questions about myself. I told her briefly about my background and the reason I was there. she grinned widely and wished me “happy birthday” before placing her hands in the bag to withdraw an expensive-looking pen. It was for me, a birthday gift, for a unique person like me she said. I was overwhelmed with emotions.

I thanked her profusely and Sarah who had quietly approached the table asked permission to have a group photograph. Ning Baizura obliged gracefully. My other friends had surrounded us by then and everybody shook hands with the great singer. After snapping a few shots, we thanked her. She was a truly humble and pleasant character. she had to rush for a work out at the gym, she said. Before she left with her friends, she handed a visitation card and told me that I can call her whenever I want. She also told me that if I am looking for a modeling career after my studies, I should get in touch with her.

I was floored and nodded happily. she waved us farewell before running towards a chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz. that must have been the happiest day of my life – catching my idol in person!


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