A Bus Ride – an Open Speech

A Bus Ride – an Open Speech

A Bus Ride – an Open Speech

I was waiting at the bus stop. I was going to school. As usual, the bus stop was crowded with people from all walks of life. There were office and factory workers going to their places of work. There were older women going to the market with their shopping baskets. Then, there were students like me who were on their way to school.

In another ten minutes, the bus arrived. it was already quite full but I managed to get in with the other commuters. When the door closed, I was jammed against the door of the bus. The bus was filled to the brim and there was not even much breathing space. I felt stifled and thought I would suffocate.

At the next stop, some people got off and I was able to move inward. But this made my position even more precarious as more people got on and I found myself sandwiched between two very huge men with nothing to hold on to.

As the bus stopped and moved at traffic lights, I would find myself helplessly bumping into others. I mumbled apologies whenever that happened. I could not even see where the bus was heading as my view was utterly blocked by the passengers surrounding me. But I did not worry as my school was near the bus interchange.

A few stops before the bus interchange, people started getting off the bus and there were no passengers getting on. Soon, there were only about a dozen passengers left and I even got a seat for the rest of the journey. When the bus reached the interchange, everyone got off and I slowly walked towards my school.


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