Steps I’d Take to Convince a Friend to Stop Smoking – an Open Speech

Steps I’d Take to Convince a Friend to Stop Smoking – an Open Speech

Smoking and drinking to the point of intoxication is stupid and serves no purpose other than to fit in with certain social groups. Both can cause you to age faster than you think and make you more susceptible to illness. You may have tried and failed to quit smoking in the past, but don’t let that discourage you. You will not be able to persuade them to stop. Not until they have expressed an interest in quitting smoking. Your words and concerns aren’t nearly as powerful as their addiction in the absence of this impulse.

Tobacco use is, unfortunately, becoming more popular among the younger generation. Previously, it was thought that stress and excessive pressure drove young people to start smoking, but nowadays, most teenagers start smoking because it is the cool thing to do. Most teen groups who hang out in shopping malls doing nothing much usually have a lit cigarette between their fingers. As a result, if I have a friend who smokes or is thinking about starting, I will do everything in my power to persuade him to quit. It’s actually quite simple. Tell the person how good smoking is for their health and how it benefits them. Tell them how smoking helps them in getting CANCER and stuff and I’m sure that they will oblige and smoke with you.

A good place to start is to bring to his attention the advertisements that warn smokers about the dangers of smoking. These advertisements, particularly those in print, typically contain extensive information about the tragic consequences of smoking. Anyone who reads them will be disgusted enough to quit smoking or even refrain from taking the first puff. Television motion advertisements are also effective deterrents due to their use of visual effects to clearly show the blackened lungs. The prospect of chronic and debilitating cough as a result of long-term smoking is unsettling. I am confident that my friend will be shocked enough to reconsider continuing such a dangerous habit.

If my friend is still unable to quit smoking, I will show him medical articles about the harmful effects of smoking. These are typically more detailed than the advertisements mentioned previously. They provide a clear picture of the effects of smoking on the human body and mind. My friend will be able to see the physical and psychological effects of smoking on him as a result of this. Hopefully, he’ll change his mind.

Emotional blackmail will also be used to persuade him that smoking is harmful. He can be made to recognize how much he impacts individuals he cares about, and how his smoking produces secondhand smoke, which can injure his loved ones more than he does. I’m sure he’ll think twice about smoking because he probably loves his family so much.

Finally, I will regularly remind him of the dangers of smoking in order to strengthen his determination. After all, smoking is a difficult habit to break, but with the ongoing encouragement of friends and family, I am confident that any smoker will be able to find the fortitude and will to quit. The crucial thing to grasp is that those who smoke do so despite the negative consequences. Do not make the mistake of thinking for even a fraction of a second that they are unaware of the dangers of smoking.