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Snowy Owl Spotted In Central Park for First Time in 130 Years

Snowy Owl Spotted In Central Park for First Time in 130 Years

A beautiful snowy owl spotted in Central Park, NYC, on Wednesday 2nd, the first time the species has seen since 1890. The white and brown bird attracted many visitors because of its friendship with the American purchase, Pointed furiously at the nearby Cooper’s bazaar, and generally enjoyed the attention it was getting. Harry Potter’s faithful mail-bringer sail, Hedwig, the snowy owl are not frequent visitors to this region, which lives in the northern part of the world, but they travel very long distances in various nomadic and regularly. 

These can see near the regular Queens in the sand dunes of Rockaway Beach, but the scenery in Manhattan has not seen for over a century. With bright white feathers in full disguise in the snowy landscape, the owl makes for an impressive spectacle for visitors.

Interestingly, snow-covered owls differ from most other owl species in that they hunt during the day and sleep at night for most of the year. These feed on lemmings, wolves and other small rats, and are extremely hard to find in highly enthusiastic birds. To get a glimpse of the snowy owl, it is usually advisable to bring a long-distance telescope, which requires intense patience. A stew owl in the middle of Central Park extends its stats so is quite an experience.

The Manhattan Bird Alert account posted on Twitter, ‘Yesterday’s snow and cold in our north probably encouraged this snow owl to fly south in search of better prey,’ the Manhattan Bird Alert account posted on Twitter. ‘This owl likes flat lands and beaches, so Central Park applied, including north mead, flats and sandy plains.’

Conversing with the many bird inhabitants of Central Park, the bird seemed to have the most personality. It turned out to be a solo show with the crows croaking nearby and about 100 people gathered not fully watching, showing that the owl was not going anywhere. It is important to note that when it comes to seeing snowy owls, make sure you maintain a safe distance – these are shy birds and all wildlife should enjoyed from a decent distance. Many Twitter users praised the great work done by Park Rangers, who kept the crowd out of the owl trouble.

Although not confirmed, the bird appears to be present as female due to the broad brown markings and further banding across the tail. The owl that grew up in solitude no longer seen – however, after becoming famous, the bird quickly has its own Twitter account!