Bask In Your Own Personal Moonbeams with This Pre-Black Friday Savings

Bask In Your Own Personal Moonbeams with This Pre-Black Friday Savings

The Final Frontier is Space… For the time being, the Moon is the best we can do. Nonetheless, many of us know nothing about a fascinating phenomenon. Did you know, for example, that the Moon moves the earth and regulates our tides? What if a large rock hit the Earth and generated the Moon? The moon is estimated to be 4.53 billion years old, which is astonishing when you consider it!

Finally, yet importantly, the moon’s surface is actually rather black. Yes, it is completely dark, yet owing to the Sun, we see the Moonlit in all of its glory almost every night. In addition, what about those cloudy evenings when the Moon is not visible? We have the ideal option for you: the Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp.

Using NASA 3D photographs, the beautiful Moon Lamp was created to perfection. A multifunctional light and speaker promise to keep you enthralled night after night. This dimmable moonlight, with a 360-degree beam angle, promises to cast light wherever you need it, whether for lounging on the sofa or generating a little “moon” illumination. It has got you covered in any case. Capture the wonder of the moon and link it with any Bluetooth-enabled device so you can listen to music or podcasts anytime you like. Expertly constructed using a 26-hour printing process, the Moon Lamp allows you to see the Moon up close and discover for yourself just how amazing it truly is.

It is not over yet! You have three-color options to select from, ranging from white to yellow, to create the appropriate ambiance, and the lengthy battery life (30 hours) ensures that you lighted for as long as you need it. With coupon SAVE15NOV, get The Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp for $62.16.

With The Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp, you can capture that special lunar enchantment and combine it with your favorite music! Connect any phone to its Bluetooth 4.0 speaker and listen to music on the go! 

Our eagle-eyed designers painstakingly designed this lamp using the most recent high-resolution NASA moon satellite photographs. You will always have the enchanting presence of the moon wherever you are in your house thanks to dimmable and light warming features.