Appropriate use of Words – an Open Speech

Appropriate use of Words – an Open Speech

Appropriate use of Words – an Open Speech

Eliza Doolittle in the musical “My Fair Lady” sang in exasperation to Professor Higgins. “Words! Words! Words! Nothing but words. Morning, noon, and night. No more words. Show me !”

Poor Eliza Doolittle! To turn Eliza Doolittle from a flower girl into a refined lady, Higgins used words to transform her and transform her, he did.

People with a literary slant usually have a way with words. They can outtalk anyone, and spin a yarn with words. not only do they have a way with words, they have a gift of the gab. There are some people where you cannot get a word in edgeways and they must have the last word. Often, they would not even eat their words. Take my word for it that he is as good as his word. the above overdose is a play on words.

In some professions, words are necessary. The lawyer needs words to demolish the witnesses and win the case. The journalist uses words to ply his trade. The honorable Members of Parliament employ words to make his stand quite clear to the opposition. Candidates who wish to be elected use words to sway listeners to their camp.

A writer of best-sellers uses paper and pen to earn millions. Once he has topped the best-seller list a number of times, he has it made. Even if his books turn out to be a flop, he is still hailed as the best writer of this century or in this part of the world.

Scriptwriters have turned books into films and churn out series after series, sequels after sequels and make the cast into household names. Famous quotes are ascribed to the characters in the films. In fact, they are the words of the scriptwriters.

However, many times words are used to inflict pain and hurt on humans. Some words can cut young children to the core. A young sensitive child would burst into tears when reprimanded too harshly. He might need tender loving words to understand the errors of his ways. The rebellious teenager needs firm words to realize that he might be put in a juvenile home if he does not change his ways.

Some people have said that a pretty face like that belonging to Helen of Troy can destroy a nation. Some people disagree and say that a thousand words can launch a thousand ships. The potency of the written word cannot be denied. Words used by leaders of nations have thrust them into anarchy or into wars. these very same words have created history and changed its course.

So how important are words? Words are important but at certain times and in certain cases. Their strength lay not in the words but in the way the words are put together and the state of mind of the listeners.

At the right time and in the right environment and to the right type of listeners, words can wreak wondrous changes.


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