Agrellite: Identification and Occurrences

Agrellite: Identification and Occurrences

Agrellite (NaCa2Si4O10F) is a mineral found in Quebec, Canada. It is also known from few other areas. Agrellite displays pink fluorescence under both shortwave and longwave ultraviolet light.

It is named in honour of Stuart Olof Agrell (1913–1996).

Deposits of this mineral are most commonly found in the Kipawa complex in Canada, and less commonly in Russia and the USA. It is found in course fibrous masses and may occur with deposits of Eudialyte, Nepheline, Aegirine, Fluorite, Quartz, Zircon and occasionally other minerals.

General Information

  • Category: Inosilicates
  • Formula: NaCa2Si4O10F
  • Crystal system: Triclinic


Agrellite can be identified in the field by its color variations, such as white, grayish-white, and greenish-white. Its translucent form has {110} perfect, {110} perfect, {010} poor cleavage. This mineral has a vitreous–pearly luster, with a white streak.

The density of agrellite is 2.88 to 2.9 g/cm3, with a hardness of 5.5 – approximate to a knife blade.

  • Color: White, grayish-white, greenish-white
  • Crystal habit: Lath – shaped like a small, thin plaster lath, rectangular in shape
  • Mohs scale hardness: 5.5
  • Luster: pearly
  • Streak: white
  • Diaphaneity: translucent
  • Specific gravity: 2.88
  • Optical properties: biaxial

Occurrence and Usefulness

Agrellite occurs in pegmatite lenses and pods, and in mafic gneisses in a regionally metamorphosed agpaitic alkalic rock complex. It is often associated with minerals such as mosandrite, britholite, hiortdahlite, vlasovite, calcite, fluorite, norbergite, zircon, biotite, clinohumite, gittinsite, phlogopite, miserite, aegirine, galena, eudialyte, quartz, and miserite.

Agrellite helps to prevent writers block, alleviates anger and improves mood.

  • Agrellite stones are useful if you are a writer as they help to prevent writers block.
  • Their energy can also aid you to develop psychic gifts, and can help you to discover hidden blocks to spiritual growth.
  • They are worthwhile personal healing crystals that are also beneficial for healers to use to aid diagnosis.
  • These white stones have an excellent energy to assist you if you regularly feel angry or moody.


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