Adventure means the act of going out in search of a thrilling experience and the unknown. There is a very famous quote by Hellen Keller, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” Adventure of any kind lies in facing all the troubles and taking the risk of life after the unknown, but merely for the joy of it. An adventure is something challenging, that takes us out of our ordinary lives and forces us to try new things. The adventure needs the strength of mind, the spirit of heroism, witty, bravery, perseverance and unswerving determination. No great work can be performed without anyone of it.

The difficulty for the unknown that lies ahead is too great. We will overcome it in the long run. There is a huge impact on adventures on a person’s life. The adventurer is to overcome the difficulty whatever may it be. The spirit of adventures does not care for any danger or difficulty for a straw. Trying new things and exploring new places for adventure helps in expanding our knowledge. The spirit of adventure finds expression in a variety of ways and means. People go out mountaineering or on voyages of exploration in quest of new frontiers. That they are not afraid to sacrifice lives in the pursuit of taking the challenges. Surmounting a challenge during an adventure is a brilliant way to leave us feeling positive about ourselves.

The snow-capped the Himalayas or the ice-bound Antarctic or the wilds of Africa or the Deserts of Central Asia hold no terror for them, rather beckon them. Columbus, voyaging across the strange and unknown seas, Marco Polo to find the silk route or the aeronauts into the outer space still bear testimony to man’s eternal spirit of adventures.

The adventure has a great effect on a man’s life. It is an emotion, an emotion that is to be catered to our soul to keep it lively. It makes a man brave, hardy and of indomitable spirit and dauntless temper. It makes him the master of his destiny. It teaches him to be bold, enterprising and daring, not yet desperate. There is something of the gambler’s instinct in one who seeks the unknown; he must take chances but never foolishly rash.

The spirit of adventure is open to cultivation and has to be fostered. It is good to forget about life and death when one faces risk with courage and determination. It acts as a tonic and stimulant. It also adds zest to life. The adventure begins with running away from home. Adventure is an internal instinct that gives one stimulation to go out in quest of the unknown. Allah has created many thrilling, unknown and surprising things in the universe. All but a few can know and see them. They can conquer them.

All the adventurers possessed some extraordinary qualities which we still lack. Colombus, a normal sailor, discovered America by dint of his strong will, bravery, and a strong determination. Both Hillery and Tenzing climbed the Everest peak “by dint of perseverance, hardihood, strong will, ready wit, and brevity.