Letter to Friend describe Teacher’s Day you Celebrate

Letter to Friend describe Teacher’s Day you Celebrate

Letter to Friend describe Teacher’s Day you Celebrate

[This is a sample Letter to Friend describe Teacher’s Day you Celebrate. Suppose your school celebrated Teacher’s Day recently. Now, you are writing a letter to a friend to describe this special occasion. You can make changes as per your requirements.]

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Dear (Friends name),

In my school, we just had a celebration last week. All of us had a fabulous time. The activities on that day started at 8.00 a.m. I am here to tell you about my teacher’s day celebration which was a great experience as I celebrated it with my teachers and friends.

I and my classmates had decorated the school for teacher’s day celebration. First, we had an assembly in the school hall. The Head Prefect went up and gave a speech. He informed us about the activities for that day. This was followed by another speech by the principal who reminded students to study hard and develop good qualities. He also commended our teachers for their diligence and commitment. At the end of the speech, we clapped loudly to show our appreciation to our teachers.

We gave gifts to the teacher. For the next item, the class monitors read out the Teacher’s Day message. This was then followed by our class parties. While eating, we sang, danced and played games. Some of us presented our class teachers with presents and roses. All were very happy.

One of the best parts was when we did the mimicry of teachers. After 11 a.m., the tile matches started. Of course, this was the highlight of the day. The teachers and students played various interesting games. The games went on till 1 p.m. Not surprisingly, the students won most of the games. I enjoyed the whole day.

We all enjoyed ourselves so much that day. How about your school? Do tell me how your school celebrated Teacher’s Day in your next letter. How are you and your family? Please convey my warmest regards to them. As for my family and me, we are doing very well. No more today convey my best regards to the rest of the family members. You take care.

Your friend,

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