Last day at College

Last day at College

Last day at College

College life a very important part of every individual’s life. The last day at college means the last class of the college. It happens to every college-going, student. It remains ever fresh to all and sundry. It is full of memories of college life.

Life is full of memories; pleasant and unpleasant. There are some memories that go a long way in life. The last day at college is a very busy day for all students. There remains nothing to be done. Such a day I had at the college. My last day in college is still green in my mind. I can never forget it. The results of the Test Examination were published. I was very busy but had the reasons to be happy as I had done well in all the subjects in the examination.

On the last day at college, I had to get a clearance certificate from the Hostel Superintendent, from the library, and from the laboratory. Records had to be hunted up. Our business took a lot of time but tempers were not lost. We also behaved amiably with all the students who were reading in the college except us.

When the busy day came to an end, I felt the sort of vacuum in mind. I passed two years of life in college. My mind seemed to be filled with many memories. With a very heavy heart, I passed the corridors with two of my classmates recollecting the incidents we realized how passionately we had come to love the old institution.

There were teachers who genuinely took an interest in us and rendered us a direct help in difficulties when we had made an approach towards them. The principal of the college in his tum seemed so forbidding from a distance, but whenever we approached him, he was prepared to listen to us all that we had to say and do something to help us. Even the rooms of the college had become an unforgettable charm of association. Truly speaking, our minds were filled with nostalgic recollections.

The last day at college plays a very important role in each and every student’s life forming the main theme of recollections of incidents that occurred in college life. The first day was a day of new experience as everything was quite known and unfamiliar. We failed to express ourselves out of plenty of recollections. The students reading the college gathered in a common hall under the direct guidance and taking care of the teachers. There remained a pin-drop silence. Nature put forth quite a recollecting appearance.

The teachers and the principal whose love and affection made us bath in it seemed to be showering over us as a divine blessing. They could not help shedding tears. We remained dumb for the day. When the parting time came, we all were sad. No wonder, we felt that we were leaving behind a precious part of ourselves. As for myself, I listened patiently to the advice and encouragement from the teachers. I resolved to follow the advice to the letters.

Each recollection began to be deeper and deeper but had no alternative way to forget it. The parting day was quite a new experience when I experienced unexpectedly. I failed to gratify them but realized that my mental situation was filled with strong fellow feelings. When I stood to address in the hall, I could hardly express myself. The past incidents and sincere association led me to backward but I did not know why. The parting period pinched the soft corner of my heart.

I still remember the last day of college and I still relish the memories of the day. The last day at college seems to be parting not only from the present world but also advancing towards the next one in the hereafter.