Entrepreneurship Development

Adolescent Female Micro Entrepreneurs Rural Training Workshop

Adolescent Female Micro Entrepreneurs Rural Training Workshop

Capacity building of adolescent female micro entrepreneurs:
rural beauticians training workshop

Entrepreneurship plays a vital character in ensuring a strong resource for economic expansion and it is the key to high progress of economy in a country. It is also considered as the root of our economy. With amounting economy like Bangladesh, having an aggregate adolescence population, entrepreneurs will be a key driving force to meet the needs of the industry and economy. It has the proficiency to foster growth and improve poverty. One of the major problems of entrepreneurship development in our country is the absence of the entrepreneurial skills in majority of the entrepreneurs. In line with this, BRAC University, first time in Bangladesh, came-up with an idea to found a Centre for entrepreneurship development with a promise to add to the development of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh.

Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED) started its ride in April 2011 with the view to hearten Bangladeshi entrepreneurs and provoke entrepreneurial knowledge and skill so that they can develop and grow their own businesses. CED provides a platform for new, small and average – scale enterprise through skills acquisition activities for the development and management of the enterprise. To understand the creativity better CED emphasizes on research that will contribute to entrepreneurial development in Bangladesh, advance education and skill acquisition along this line, and spread the idea of entrepreneurship.

There is no doubt that the world of work is rapidly changing. As part of an organization then, Entrepreneurship Development must be equipped to deal with the effects of the changing world of work. For them this means understanding the implications of globalization, technology changes, workforce diversity. Changing skill requirements, continuous improvement initiatives contingent workforce, decentralized work sites and employee involvement are the issue for confront.

Realizing Entrepreneurship Development need I tried to find the difference and similarities between theoretical aspects with the practical steps taken by the company.


Objectives of the Study

Broad Objective:

To know overall about the organization of “BRAC Center for Entrepreneurship Development” and also know each and every parts of the Entrepreneurship Developmentprocess of that company.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To focus on major elements of Entrepreneurship Developmentprocess.
  2. To focus on the process marketing plan development process.
  3. To focus on the updates and the better methods of modern technique.



Source of Information:

  1. Primary: The primary information collected through face to face interview and observation
  2. Secondary: The secondary information collected from website, books and some other relevant sources.

Both primary and secondary data sources will be used to generate this report. Primary data sources are observation while working in different desks. The secondary data sources are different published reports, manuals, updates and different publications of “START UP”.

Function of CED:

  • Popularize the idea of entrepreneurship in Bangladesh and help build capabilities of our entrepreneurs.
  • Address the knowledge gap and skill shortcomings that prevent entrepreneurs (in various sectors) from growing their businesses and run them effectively.
  • Develop academic curricula and introduce courses targeting entrepreneurs and students, who wish to pursue an entrepreneurial path.
  • Engage and collaborate with local and international organizations and educational institutes for improving the entrepreneurial ventures of local and foreign entrepreneurs: running international exchange programs, industry specific seminars and acting as project implementers for international donors and agencies.


BRAC Business School’s Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), and Sapien Strategy Consulting & Research Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 10 October 27, 2014 at BRAC University Campus. As a part of the MoU, CED and Sapien will launch advanced management courses for professionals, and arrange various training programs to cater to the need of the Bangladesh business professional. Mohammad RezaurRazzak, Director, CED, Associate Professor & In-Charge, BRAC Business School, BRAC University; and Mohammad Saif Noman Khan, Chairman & Chief Advisor, Sapien, Assistant Professor, Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka signed the MoU on behalf of their respective organizations. BRAC Business School’s Professor Emeritus Dr. Hafiz G. A. Siddiqi, former Vice Chancellor, North South University, and former Director, IBA, University of Dhaka; Shamim Ehsanul Haque, Senior Research Fellow, CED & Assistant Professor, BRAC Business School; and Afshana Choudhury, Program Manager, CED, were also present in the signing ceremony.

Organizing Pre-Departure Orientation Session for Bangladesh-Nepal Young Entrepreneur Exchange Program

CED has arranged a Pre-Departure Orientation Program for the delegation of Bangladesh-Nepal Young Entrepreneurs Exchange Program. The Bangladesh-NepalYoung Entrepreneur Exchange Program (BNYE) is a U.S. Department of State supported exchange program which is being managed by the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Oklahoma, USA, and the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED), BRAC University.

For this high-profile exchange program 5 young Bangladeshi entrepreneurs have been selected who are from diverse business backgrounds to visit U. S. for 5 weeks. This group will leave for U.S on October 5, 2014.

Supply Chain Management Workshop

CED in collaboration with The Experience Academy has organized a day long workshop on “Supply Chain Management: International and National Opportunities and Challenges” on September 20, 2014 at room no UB2050. Students from different universities including BRAC University participated in this workshop. Through this workshop, participants gained hands on experience on supply chain management from the reputed supply chain manager of the country. The resource persons for this workshop were FerdousSaleheen (General Manager, Meena Bazar) and Asif Touhid (Chief Procurement Officer, Grameen Phone Limited).


Keep promises

Every things that They set out are working perfectly but still some problems creates due to some unavoidable circumstances and for that they are always Entrepreneurship to help them out from those type of problem by taking necessary action.

Be inspiring

They are creative. They strive to bring energy into the thing that they do. Everything they create is very modern, fresh and creative.


They acknowledge and respect local culture. They want to be a part of local communities where ever they operate their programs through their loyalty and enthusiasm.

People of BRAC CED

The people of BRAC CED are young, dedicated and energetic. All employees are well educated at home and abroad. They know their heart that education can change the world. BRAC CED provides opportunities and recognizes the talent and energy of its employee.


Functional area of BRAC-CED

  • Strategic planning
  • Training
  • Management development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Performance management
  • Career planning / development
  • Coaching
  • Counseling’s
  • Event management
  • Talent management
  • Staff communication
  • Reward

SWOT Analysis of BRAC-CED


  • Strong Brand images to overall Customer through Advertising, Self-importance, etc.
  • Good relationship with stake holders


  • BRAC CED sometime faceproblem due to its location.
  • BRAC CED could not cover all the area with their area and others programs network which is making some dissatisfaction stake holder.


  • Continuously increasing the number of Project
  • Increasing income of population. As much they can create entrepreneur.


  • Budget restriction is one of the main threats of BRAC-CED
  • Because of the aggressiveness of the competitors and switching behavior of Entrepreneur, BRAC CEDmight lose their market share. If it is going on then it’s very difficult for the company to exist.


Entrepreneur is an important person for any organization. Entrepreneur who will lead the organization in future, so the organization should give more emphasize on selecting a person to become Entrepreneur. A person who can carry forwarded the organization in terms of development, values and ethics. Mainly the precious resource for any organization is their knowledge based efficient workers. The organizations should more cautious on this issue to ensure the quality and ethics.

At this moment the company is in growing position. But the strategies of the company will make the company “number one” Entrepreneurship Development organization Bangladesh.

BRAC CED is a very developed and effective. As a new Entrepreneurship Development organization for making the process more effective BRAC CED should analyze the recruitment and selection process of home and abroad. That can make BRAC CED perfect in making new Entrepreneur.