Report On Uttara Bank Limited (Part-1)

Report On Uttara Bank Limited (Part-1)

Executive Summery

It is very much important to coincide the academic knowledge with the practical one. Keeping this view in mind, Institute of Business Studies, International Islamic University Chittagong, makes proper arrangements of practical orientations (internship) each year for the students of BBA which is a part of BBA program. This is because the academic knowledge is not sufficient enough to match with the real life situations .Mugdapara Branch for my internship program to have a practical working experience and have an understanding of the real life with a closer look. The prime objective of internship program is to introduce the learners with the practical organizational environment. So that they can turn themselves for the jobs in future and can get an opportunity to reflect their theoretical learning with real life situation. In my internship with Uttara Bank Ltd. I worked with the activities of branch banking especially general banking activities.

Bank is a financial organization, which is the lifeblood of the economy. This has the major contributor to the development process of a country. Banks keep the wheel of the economy to move forward and play a vital role for the mobilization of idle fund belongs to the people. These tasks performed by the bank in three sections, which are general banking services, loans and advances. Uttara Bank Ltd. provides all kinds of banking services like other banks. The major service area are receipt and payment of cash, clearing and remittance of bills, giving loans and advances, accounts opening, inward and outward mails, foreign exchange transactions etc.

Uttara Bank Ltd. Mugdapara Branch provides L/C facilities to its importers and exporters through establishment of correspondent relations and Nostrum Accounts with leading banks all over the world. It also performs effectively Finance and Loans, Export Import Trade Finance, Corporate Finance, Industrial Finance, Lease Finance, Commercial Loans, Project Finance, Retail Loans, Mortgage Loans, Loan against Share and Securities etc. Uttara Bank Ltd Mugdapara branch also provides the general banking service to the customer such as different categories of savings schemes, current account for business personnel etc. at the time of my work at the branch I understood the gap between the practical and theoretical knowledge. I tried my best to make the report fruitful and my all efforts will be valuable if any one bets any sort of benefit from my report.

All sort mistakes or errors or omissions made in the report will go to my side and I am wholly responsible for it.

1.1 Introduction

Banking system Occupies an important place in a nation economics banking institutions is indispensable in a modern society. It plays a pivots role in the economics development of a country and forms the core of the money market in a advance country, in recent times the banking sector of the world has been undergoing a lot of changes due to deregulation. Technological innovation, globalization etc. Bangladesh Banking sector is lagging for behind in adopting these changes. To thrive well in this changing environment, but only development of appropriate infrastructure is necessary but also infusion of professionalism in to banking service is essential. The banking sector is one of the highly regulated sectors in our country. It is governed by the rules and regulations of central bank of the country i.e. Bangladesh bank and security and Exchange commission. The bank companies are forced to comply the best accounting practices. It strictly follows international Accounting Standard (IAS) norms. It publishes to financial statement every year getting it duly audited by recognized audit firms. Every bank of our country has a division named financial Administration Division (FAD) which takes care of the accounting issues of the Bank. Most of the personnel who lead these divisions are of accounting background. Among the account based FAD personnel who know the banking operation better can contribute mere in the banks.

1.2 History Behind the Report

For Internship report each student has to prepare a report on their choice. According to this requirement, I have already completed by internship report. I know the conventional banking system. For by reporting purpose a lot of time I went IVTRA to collect necessary information. On the basis of my practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge, I have completed the report regarding “An Analysis of the Activities of General Banking Division of Uttara Bank Ltd. Moghbazar Branch” the main focus of my study is to analyze the deposit and banking system. Conventional bank is given by interest against its deposit and lend money or issue securities with fixed interest. Instead it finance in various schemes approved by council board to achieve its goal.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The main objectives of the study are to gather practical knowledge regarding banking system and operation. This practical orientation gives us a chance to coordinate out theoretical knowledge with the practical experience. The following are of objective for this practical orientated in bank.

  •       To apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field.
  •       To find out the overall features deposit scheme of UBL
  •       To fined out the overall pictures of investment of UBL.
  •       To identify strength and weakness of lending of overall banding system,
  •       To identify the problems related to investments faced by UBL and other conventional bank.

1.4 Scope of the Study

The conventional banking system is acquired by the practical knowledge of the Uttara Bank Ltd. Moghbazar Branch. They are nationally Commercial Banks, local private Commercial bank. I am working condition set up air-condition. The bank is working processed used by computer excel. I am acquiring by the knowledge observation face to face conversation. I required by the one desk to other desk. I am working conventional banking system of Uttara Bank Limited. The banking division in internship is practical report of the general banking division. The internship report of the University is an integral part of the BBA program. So it is obligatory to undertake such task by the students who desirous to complete and successfully end-up their BBA degree. This also provides an opportunity to the students to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. During the internship the teachers of the department are attached to actively and constantly guide the students. Students are required to work on a specific topic based on their theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the period of the internship program and then submit it to the teacher. That is why we have prepared this report.

1.5  Methodology of the Study

For smooth and accurate study every one have to follow some rules and regulations, the study impute were collected from two sources

(a) Primary sources

I.      Practical desk work

II.      Face to face conversation with the officer

III.      Directs observations

(b) Secondary Sources

I.      Annual Report of UBL

II.      Files & Folders

III.      Memos & Circulars

IV.      Various Publications on Bank

V.      Websites

VI.      Different circulars sent by Head office and Bangladesh Bank

There are two major methodologies of the study. Describe which are below:

Primary Sources.

There are three items of primary sources which are below:

    1. Practical Desk Work: – Any student is practical knowledge acquired by the desk to desk. I acquired practical knowledge one officer to another officer.
    2. Face to face conversation with the officer:- The internship way is the practical knowledge from the bank officer. The banker are busy all-time. So , the banker is some time learned by the practical knowledge.
    3. Direct Observation:- Direct Observation are acquiring by the knowledge. It is possible acquired by the practical knowledge.

B. Secondary Sources.

There are some secondary sources. Describe are which secondary sources:

  1. Annual Report of UBL:- The annual report of UBL are needed by the making report. The report are making by the needed by the internship of the Bachelor of Business Administration.
  2. Files and Folders:- The file and folders are needed by the internship report completed by the Bachelor of Business Administration. The file and folders are needed by the cover page forwarding loan section .
  3. Websites:- The websites are needed by the internship report by the completed by the BBA program.
  4. Different circulars sent to Head Office and Bangladesh Bank: – The diffident circulars sent to Head office of the Bangladesh Bank. At first any circular is Bangladesh bank sent to Head office message.

1.6 Limitations of the Report

There were some problems while I conducting the orientation program, a whole hearted effort was applied to conduct the orientation program and to bring a reliable and fruitful result, in spite of having the whole hearted effort, there exit some limitation which acted as a barrier to conduct the program. The limitations were…

  • Three months time is not enough for such an extensive study. It is very difficult to collect all the required information in such a short period.
  • Due to some legal obligation and business secrecy banks reluctant to provided data. For this reason, the study limits only on the available Published data and certain degree formal and informal and informal interview.
  • The Bankers are very busy with their jobs, which lead me little time to consult with.
  • Lack of experience.
  •  Learning all the banking function about credit within just two and half months was really tough.
  • Another limitation of this report is banks policy of not disclosing some data and information for obvious reason, which could be very much useful.


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