A Report on Social Islami Bank Limited.(Part-4)

A Report on Social Islami Bank Limited.(Part-4)

5. Employee opinion about research and development:


Figure 5: Employee opinion about research and development

Interpretation: 50% of respondents of this branch said SIBL do not introduce new product for the actual and potential customers because they don’t have R&D department and about 17% respondents found some scheme of loan product against the assets.33% respondents have no reaction about the arguments.

6. Customer Opinion about their SLBL promotional Activity:


Figure 6: Customer Opinion about their SLBL promotional activity

Interpretation: 36% respondents expressed fully dissatisfaction about the promotional program of SIBL. Opinion came from 33% respondents who are satisfied their current advertisement activity and 17% respondent who are fully satisfied too. 7% respondents were neutral about the question. 7% respondent expressed dissatisfaction about promotional activity.

7. SIBL employees are very cooperative and helpful:


Figure 7: Customer Opinion about their SIBL employee

Interpretation: SIBL is operating the business in a very expert style with energetic and well behave employees. They are very serious to fulfill customer Opinion. Again, they are very cooperative to their customers as well. They always try to help the customers at their best. Respondents 40% and 30% believe that the employees are very helpful and accommodating. On the other hand 7% (2) respondents said against it. But overall, it is a very positive sign that only 20% respondent said negative about this issue. This is very much positive for the bank.

8. Customer opinion about their attention:


Figure 8: Customer opinion about their attention

Interpretation: Despite of their fewer advertisements, they have reached to its target customers quite successfully. By the analysis almost 66% (20) respondents knew about the bank through its current client. And rest 34% respondents have seen the different media advertisements and billboards.

9. Customer opinion about SIBL place:


Figure 9: Customer opinion about SIBL place

Interpretation: 36% respondents said SIBL have good with the locations. May be this is because it is a foreign exchange and Investment based site as well as a Shariah-based bank. That’s the reason people are happy with having transaction over here. They are having class services and up to date facilities, good communication facilities. On the other hand, 54% respondents said against with this issue and 10% respondents said no comments.

10. SIBL has a very good documentation process:


Figure 10: Customer Opinion about their SIBL documentation Process

Interpretation: SIBL has very good traditional documentation process. They preserved all the banking documents in a very well and presently way. Thus those are found any time when those are needed. 16 respondents (53%) said agree with the statement. That they never seen any mistakes or faced any problems regarding the documentation process. 5 respondents (17%) give a neutral opinion. This is not positively marked but not negative as well. On the other hand 30% respondent said negative with this issue.

Findings on general banking activities:                                     

Social Islami Bank is entirely a new banking system which is adopting for a better change in social economics condition and to make the banking function dynamic.

By the construction of capital production employment opportunities Investment and strong economical structure this branch I performing major role to meet up the demand of sociality.

I.      The Clients of SIBL prefer to maintain Savings Account.

II.      Social Islami Bank Limited has very good traditional documentation process for general banking.

III.      Customers like the brand name of Social Islami Bank Ltd. And fully satisfied with this.

IV.      Customers like for the superior service.

V.      Customers like for the moderate service charge.

Major Findings on the research in client satisfaction:

1. Social Islami Bank Ltd. has very good traditional documentation process. Although they are not following any high technology or so but they having a very good record of the documents and filing system also the serial is been properly maintained too.

2. Majority of customers are an account holder of this bank because they have the opportunity to choose various types of Shariah based Accounts. In this branch customers prefer savings and current deposits and other accounts.

3. Customers like the brand name of Social Islami Bank Ltd. and fully satisfied with this.

4.  This bank charges moderate value toward the customers. Majority are found to be medium value which they are able to pay to get the product or service. Moreover credit card charge also reasonable and has some clear conditions.

5. People are satisfied about the location of this branch and this place is suitable for financial transaction.

6. Social Islami Bank Ltd.. is not creative on their exterior design. Majority of respondent said that bank is not good in terms of it’s the exterior decoration.

7. The bank is good in terms of its interior design. But there is no enough space inside the bank to move freely. GB (general banking) has such small space that it is not enough for attracting the customers.

 8. SIBL customers could known about the bank through its current clients because lack of advertisement they could not get enough information about the bank. Social Islami Bank Ltd. invests little bit for promotional program.

9. Social Islami Bank Ltd. is operating the business in a very expert style with energetic and well behave employees. They are very respectful to the Bangladesh Bank’s policies and very much serious to fulfill customer satisfaction. Again, they are very cooperative to their customers as well. They always try to help the customers at their best.

10. Social Islami Bank Ltd. is a reliable bank and provides better service to its customers.

The main objectives of the world famous and successful banking organizations are making of profit through addressing the clients time to time with new paces of service instruments. However my little experience carnal the through this internship. I had several thank discussions with the clients and officials, which has helped me to know about the findings and draw and the followings recommendations:

To make the Shariah inspection strengthens regarding all Investment of the bank.

Official at branch level should inspection strengthen regarding all Investment of the bank.

This branch provides advances towards the true entrepreneur with reconsidering conventional system of security and collateral, moreover, the whole process should be completed within an acceptable time.

Always should monitor the performance of its competitors.

Evaluate customers need from their perspective and explain logically the shortcomings.

Use of effective management information systems.

Investment decision make faster.

The management should consider revise the remuneration package in order to attract quality human resource.

SIBL is running successfully and for its good deposit performance the bank occupies 2nd position in the Investment Banking Sector. Taken all in all, it can be safely said that SIBL action program is directed towards development of an authentic participatory economy beyond market economy. The family empowerment credit program of Social Islami Bank is gaining ground at the grass root field level in Bangladesh. Family empowerment micro credit and micro enterprises program must be designed in a manner so as to make a) finance b) production c) marketing d) trading e) local specific survey and research as well as moral integrity in one package.

In SIBL approach, credit conveys the totality in life and clearly linked to social context and cultural setting in conformity with Shariah. There is a better chance in provision for social subsidy. De-secularizing credit may lead to rewriting new economics.

It is thus felt that the linking credit to social goals and assignments will have far-reaching theoretical implications for development of an alternative concept of new theories of income, output and employment. This bank expresses its sincere thanks to the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Bank for their co-operation and valuable guidance to the bank. SIBL also takes this opportunity to their valued clients, patrons, well wishers, correspondents and the shareholders for their support and patronization extended during the year under review. SIBL also records its appreciation for the services rendered by the executives and the members of the staff for the stability and growth of the bank.


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