What is the difference between data information and knowledge

What is the difference between data information and knowledge

The words data, information, and knowledge are often used interchangeably. In fact, they are similar concepts, but with some key differences. Understanding the similarities, differences, and relationship between these concepts will highlight the unique role each plays in processing information and ultimately shed light on the value they provide.

After reading this lesson, you should be able to:

  • Compare and contrast data, information, and knowledge.
  • Describe the relationship between knowledge and power.

So, at this sequel article we are just gonna focus on the differences between data, information and knowledge. Data, at this case, is in the lowest level, the information is in the middle level, and the knowledge is on the top-level of those three things.


Data, can be defined as the raw of facts. Data can be a group of symbols, numbers, or writing. Data doesn’t really have a meaning at all on its own, it can be just description of the facts around, data is usually used as the input of the system. Then what is the information? When the data has been processed, data become information. yes, the information is the result of data processing, information is basically a framework of data which have a useful meaning for someone who read it.

Critical Analysis

To define the term Data different authors use different term but it seems to me the same. For one data is “Facts and messages” for others “A set of discrete facts”, “Not yet interpreted symbols” or “Raw facts”. Therefore in my viewpoint data can be defined as,

Data is a set of Representation of plain facts”.

To define the term Information different authors used the terms such as “Data with meaning” “meaningful messages” and “Data with relevance” very frequently. Therefore information should have a meaning in order to others to know what it is. Therefore in my viewpoint Information can be defined as,

Information is a message with meaning”

To define the term Knowledge different authors have use the conditions or terms such as “Why and how”, “Know how”, “Justified, true belief”, “Commitment and belief”, “ Truth and beliefs” and “judgments” some thing that connected with the human minds. Therefore in my viewpoint Knowledge can be defined as,

Knowledge is information processed in the mind of individual”

This knowledge is personalized information and it can be gathered through experience or study. Knowledge can be viewed in different perspective.

What is the difference between data information and knowledge